In honor of Paige’s WWE return last week, the latest edition of WWE Top 10 takes a look at some of Paige’s best moments throughout her WWE career.

The full list is as follows:

  • 10. Paige’s WrestleMania 31
  • 9. Paige turns heel on AJ Lee
  • 8. Paige dresses up as Summer Rae
  • 7. Paige becomes a two-time Divas Champion
  • 6. Paige vs. Emma at NXT ArRival
  • 5. Paige returns to WWE 2017
  • 4. Paige locks in the PTO on Charlotte Flair on the announcement table
  • 3. Paige becomes the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion
  • 2. Team PCB breaks up
  • 1. Paige wins the Divas Title on her main roster debut

Watch the full list below:

Do you agree with this list? What are some of your favorite Paige moments? Let us know in the comments below!