In honor of Paige’s WWE return last week, the latest edition of WWE Top 10 takes a look at some of Paige’s best moments throughout her WWE career.

The full list is as follows:

  • 10. Paige’s WrestleMania 31
  • 9. Paige turns heel on AJ Lee
  • 8. Paige dresses up as Summer Rae
  • 7. Paige becomes a two-time Divas Champion
  • 6. Paige vs. Emma at NXT ArRival
  • 5. Paige returns to WWE 2017
  • 4. Paige locks in the PTO on Charlotte Flair on the announcement table
  • 3. Paige becomes the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion
  • 2. Team PCB breaks up
  • 1. Paige wins the Divas Title on her main roster debut

Watch the full list below:

Do you agree with this list? What are some of your favorite Paige moments? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Darryl lee

    I would replace Number 4 with Number 6.
    And then replace that with Number 8.
    And then replace that with Number 10

  • OJ Von Erich

    Not really the order I would have had it, but great video nonetheless, I can’t tell you how excited I am for RAW tomorrow night, just yo see what Paige & co have in store for us.

    Also, love how you can’t have a Top 10 Paige moments without her fellow OG NXT girls Summer Rae & Emma! ?

    • Gerg

      I really wish it was Emma that brought back Paige and Summer as “We started the nxt womens revolution” then stand toe to toe agaist Ruby Tuesday and her gang of friends in the eventual Female Royal Rumble. Mandy & Sonya couldve debut another way i guess

  • StraightUpBitch

    Ya know what’s disgusting though? The comments underneath the video. Now I have never, ever slut shamed Paige because at the end of the day, it’s her body, her life and yes letting someone cum on her title was a little like ‘girl, why?’ but that’s all. She’s still so young, and she’s allowed to fuck up at times or have sex with two guys at once. You can tell she really wants WWE to notice how hard she’s trying to grow up. She’s finally done with that creep, who honestly should just leave her alone, that controlling abusive fuckwit. She’s looking better than ever and I’m so ready to see those killer kicks and knees again.


      Don’t even pay attention to them. Just a waste, really not worth it.

      • StraightUpBitch

        I know. Just a shame grown ass man have to be so vile about a young woman. Whatever, they’re just jealous because they know they’ll never get her


          Most are just kids/teenagers or immature adults anyway…

          • StraightUpBitch

            True. And we all know QWEEN Paige is gonna remind them exactly why it’s her house

        • Marshy

          How would he feel if some guy was leaving messages that it were so vile, so disgusting to his sister or even to his mom? Paige is somebody’s sister and a daughter to Ricky and Saraya Knight.

    • Donny Donny ?

      The YT comments are why I joined Diva-Dirt. I want to read fan’s true opinions on matches, storylines, individual talent, etc. I don’t want to read about how big Alexa Bliss’ booty is or read the outdated Paige sex scandal jokes.

      • StraightUpBitch

        Thank you! Same, tbf

      • wysna

        Not defending those disgusting comments but I thought they’d be a lot worse. It turns out, it’s probably just a bunch of semi-illiterate kids who don’t know any better. More pitiful than upsetting to be honest.

        • Donny Donny ?

          Well I did see a crude comment last week about Mandy Rose and her “DSLs”.

    • AlexV

      Same! Not to further get religious on the site, but, Let he who has not sinned throw the first stone, rings a bell. I love Paige! I actually met her last year a few days after she was taken off TV. I met her at a Starbucks, she told me she had taken Del Rio to the arena. I didn’t realize about her injury. This was my conversation with her more or less…
      Me:” Are you…Paige?”
      She had given the barista another name. I think it was Raya or something akin to her mom or her actual name? She stood out because she was pale and honestly, strikingly beautiful.
      Me:”Oh wow…can you hold on? I’ll be right back, just wait for me by the bar please.”
      I ran to get my phone as she waited and then we took a picture and she asked if that was alright? And I said yes because I didn’t wanna further bug her with pics, but I asked her a few things.
      Me:” There’s a show tonight!? Aren’t you gonna wrestle?”
      Paige:” No I just dropped off Del Rio, I’m going back to the hotel, still healing up from my back.”
      Me:” Oh… wow okay, feel better, thank you so much!”

      Haha I was freaking out a little as you might imagine, but she was totally friendly and laid back. Then the line started noticing so I told her where to walk out from before she got mobbed. She’s a human and she’s there to entertain us. I’m just glad they haven’t given her the Lita treatment, now that was painful to watch.

      • ssilva872

        So undeserved…

        At least the fans have wised up since then.

  • Gato_wiska

    Youtube comment section is cancer

    • KellyAJNaomiRoyce#Slay
      • ???

        That why DD is the best website for women’s wrestling ever because other assholes in any other than DD don’t appreciate the female superstars and they either bash them and say they can’t wrestle or can’t main event or either fap to them because their minds on their disgusting dicks

        • Angela

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      • Margaret

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    • wysna

      Truly; it’s almost–ALMOST–like it’s straight out of some Yahoo article.

  • KellyAJNaomiRoyce#Slay

    How is putting the pto on Charlotte a great moment? They should’ve just had the moment she pinned Charlotte when she was Women’s Champion

    • StraightUpBitch

      Yes! I’d go with the one where Natalya distracted because that match was so good, but either time would work

  • So much Hype on Paige return, she will capture the title soon enough and I’m glad for that.

  • RadicallyRadic

    Yeah the comments on the actual Youtube video… not fun. Seem people like to bring up the past a lot.

  • Randall

    It’s crazy how many comments on wwe’s Facebook and YouTube pages are bashing her about the whole porn thing. Hopefully that doesn’t tarnish her push.

    • Tunasha

      I saw that too, as long as it doesn’t come into the live events with the disrespectful chants. Sadly this issue will never go away but at least if people can go easy on her as time goes.

      • Dylan Gutierrez

        It’s pure sexism at it’s finest. They chant that Maddox and Woods are the man for banging her but she’s a “whore, slut, every ugly name” because of it. It annoys me.

        • Gerg


        • A?.

          I know right, it pisses me off.

    • ThePeaceVibe.

      I noticed that as well. It’s a shame how immature people are about it. Pretty sure we all are aware it happened. I thought people would have their “hehe” 15 year old boy moment about it and grow up/move on. It’s annoying.

  • KellyAJNaomiRoyce#Slay

    Also watching that video made me miss QueenJ

    • Greg Lee

      Almost half of Paige’s highlights involved AJ in some form or another.

  • #FlairfortheGold

    Sonya Deville was the real star on Monday night lol

  • It

    What if Ruby, Liv and Sarah are working for Paige too. Paige can say for more than a year, she saw the women create history, winning championships and becoming big stars and she feels she was robbed of those moments because of her injury, she can blame someone (Maybe Charlotte or someone else) and now she is getting revenge of everyone and got the help of 5 NXT recruits.
    Down the line when Paige becomes champion and the stable dominates both Raw and Smackdown, Mandy and the NXT recruits can turn on Paige.

    just a thought

    • KellyAJNaomiRoyce#Slay

      This better be what’s happening

    • Greg Lee

      So, a female version of the Nexus?

      • It


    • Women’s Revolution

      How could her association with the Women of Smackdown Live happen?

    • Lorena

      Paige will lose the title at Mania against Asuka, so she’ll have a decent reign before giving the title to the Empress where it belongs and will be for a long long time.

  • PeppermintButler

    Really wish she back before the SS and then be included in the team Raw. I don’t want to see her on another team angle, or atleast make them look like a team. I feel like when it comes to women’s team their so lazy, when guys gets on a team tag, trio or more they get matching attires, theme. When it’s the ladies they just look like they’re lumped together then call them a team.

  • wysna

    I love that toned purple gear on Paige. I just feel like this fits her even better than her predominantly black gear.

  • Kiana Taylor

    If only those lame asses on the comment section would LET?IT?GO? like danm it’s seriously annoying and immature how they act on there like just stop the bashing and bullying…

  • Wayne Mellon

    Welcome back, Paige. Congrats on making such an impact and keeping the “Universe” buzzing. It’s an achievement for any athlete to come back from any injury, but you have generated such a discussion since your absence. Now that she is in the fold again, can we all get beyond her past ( the photos and relations)? I think she deserves that much. She has gone through a lot in the time away and has overcome it. Now we can let her grow and blossom with this second chance at greatness. All the best, Paige in your future. I hope you reach for the stars. Continue to be the best you can be.

  • Jo9834

    Paige’s return has caused more buzz than anything the WWE tried to dish up to fans over the last month. Her return video alone has almost 2.8 million views which topples Roman’s intercontinental title win and others.

    The top ten was most probably a response to the above buzz , and rightfully so. Paige will always have that history follow her around, but in an uncanny way, its turned her into a major star and talking point, more so than when she during her first run. Her stock and drawing ability has gone up ten fold IMO.

    Aside from her return last week, her debut is my number one AND her match with Nikki Bella on Raw (the week after the Diva’s revolution picked up steam). It was the first step towards the division we have today, the match was great and I believe Nikki sights it as one of her favourites.

  • Kelly_Killer

    How could they forgot about her triple threat match with Maddox and Woods of all people.
    And that finish-er lol–adult-humor-memes-funny-memes.jpg

  • Dunk

    People focusing more on her personal private life that leaked without her consent over appreciating her accomplishments is what makes me cringe about people everytime. Keyboard warriors are awful. It’s the thing about the internet, every moron can comment and the percentage of morons over people who actually contribute for this world to be a better place is slim. I love Paige, I really don’t care about her sex videos, everybody has sex. People shouldn’t bash her for doing it, people should be ashamed for contributing on continue talking about it. Most of them must be frustrated virgins. I hope Paige gets a huge push and since day one I know she is made for great things in her career

    • RadicallyRadic

      The only thing I would have bashed her for is the images of the ‘tampered’ old NXT Womens Title belt. But like you said, that’s in the past, it has happened. People bringing it up now is like people saying, ‘THE SKY IS BLUE!!’ No shit sherlock, have you never been outside before?

      The best we can do, like you said, is try to look past her mistakes and give her encouragement for the good that she is doing/has done.

    • Marshy

      People have been having sex since the beginning of time and none of us would be here if the parents that we all may have in our lives whether they are still living or no longer with us has never met. .

  • Lorena

    I like Paige but I do not see why she should be getting this instant push. She really did a lot of bad things while being in WWE. And it was one after another, but cause she’s well known she gets an instant push that will likely lead her to a champ win over Bliss at the Rumble and a Mania encounter with Asuka. She doesn’t deserve it, I’m sorry.


      Doesn’t mean it will

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Really though her dressing up as summer was one of the top 10 moments of her career according to the wwe?

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    And her putting charlotte in the pto on the announce table was pointless and dumb, not a good moment at imo. Like why not do the rampaige or something that would actually make getting on the table useful? And is it sad that her top 4 moments imo were her and aj’s fued with the bellas at wrestlemania at #4, her nxt title win #3, her match with emma at arrival #2 and her return here in 2017 #1 lol? Tbh nothing else is memorable about her MR run they should have dipped in to her nxt run for better moments, like her fued with summer which was probably her best over all fued to date tbh.

  • Not most being from that tragedy of a feud against AJ. I wish we got her vs Emma as a feud on the MR.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Queen AJ Lee

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    I COUld add a few more but it’d be too easy ?

  • Geo14

    Her feud with Nikki was more iconic. That twin magic.