Whenever the name Sexy Star appears in wrestling news in 2017, it is never followed by anything good it seems.

Several months after the AAA TripleMania XXV incident with Impact Wrestling Knockout Rosemary, Sexy Star, real name Dulce Garcia, was involved in another situation where she started shooting on an opponent.

This was during a match for Lucha Libre promotion, Promociones MDA on their November 19th event. Competing under the name Dulce Sexy, Star was kicked hard in the face by opponent Diosa Quetzal. She responded by immediately getting up (no-selling the kick) and purposely hitting Quetzal with stiff punches and kicks.

Here is more information and a short video regarding the incident:

What do you all think of this news? Are you still shocked to see Sexy Star getting booking after her actions this year? Do you see her being completely blackballed from more, if not, all wrestling companies in the future? As always, let us know in the comments below!

  • RadicallyRadic


  • Danny?

    Is this bitch for real? Did she not learn her lesson last time. The other girl clearly did not mean to hit her that hard and then she just attacked the poor girl.

  • Dunk

    Well lucha libre is actually like this. It happens.

    • Dunk

      And this is still fake anyway, now that I watched the clip.

      • Dunk

        I am sorry to reply to the reply of my reply. But don’t be idiots. This is fake. She did not sell it, doesn’t mean it was not intentional not to sell it. The rest of the moves are still unnatural and not credible at all to think it is a real fight. People are blind.

        • RadicallyRadic

          I can see that she still executed a snapmare and made the cover scripted, but that doesn’t mean she still didnt shoot on a woman mid match by actually beating the heck into her.

          Like the people who attended there live said: ‘It didnt start w the kick from Diosa Quetzal, her kick was kind of a receipt for everything she took before’, and ‘That kick was rough but not “no sell and start fighting with her over it” rough.’

          • Dunk

            Still scripted, and that’s ok
            Edit: edited.

            It’s logical that after she lost her mask she is now “frustrated” and has no respect anymore. It’s still story telling. Sorry to burst the bubbles out there. If the crowd is buying it that is awesome, she is doing a great job. Calling this, expect her to have a lot more incidents like this in the next months, people getting triggered and she will collect the pay check, well deserved

          • Michael Max

            How is it well deserved after what she did to Rosemary?

          • RadicallyRadic

            Was it ‘well deserved’ when she legit popped Rosemary’s arm out of her body? Oh yeah, ‘WELL DESERVED’ I’m sure when Ayoko Hamada and Lady Shani both disliked the woman and had beef with her for ages as all of them shot on each other. WELL DESERVED when Star was one of the driving forces for Taya Valkyrie to leave AAA.

            Sorry not sorry, but this woman is NOT DESERVING of anything.

  • Dunk

    She lost her mask. She is full grown heel now.

  • Jonny

    She deserves to be blacklisted from the business.

  • Michael Max

    This fucking bitch.. shouldn’t even be getting bookings.

    • MyleneCruz

      Right!!!! I feel like a person who voted for Donald Trump but now feels stupid. Like I actually defended this trash box when she did what she did to Rosemary now look at her proving why those who defended her are clearly morons. I’m more ashamed of myself at this point.

      • Ashley

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  • Ghetto Baby


  • #RiotWithRuby

    I don’t know her.

    • RadicallyRadic

      Trying to mentally block out this bitch from your mind? I wish I could do the same…

      • #RiotWithRuby

        I want to soooo bad! How is she still getting booked??

  • Rodney Holston

    Damn she did kick the hell outta her tho, shit lol idk this isn’t really on the level of what happened with Rosemary. This kind of thing happens often.

  • She should work as something else if she’s really up for beating people up. Pro wrestling isn’t the right thing for her.

    • RadicallyRadic

      She wants to get into boxing, may as well stick to that.

  • Why is she even being booked after the first incident? Are promoters stupid?

    • Number One

      No, they just don’t care about anything other than money, and Sexy Star (regardless of her immensely unprofessional conduct) brings in a lot of the green stuff

  • Vito

    she needs to never be booked again

  • Chargod Flair #5x

    Trash next

  • Nathan

    She is so unprofessional. She shouldn’t be in any wrestling ring.

  • Cilla

    The real surprise for me is the fact that she’s still getting bookings…

  • Number One

    Seriously, what is this girl’s problem?! She’s still doing this after she broke Rosemary’s arm?! WTF?!

  • carmellsworth
    • KellyAJNaomiRoyce#Slay

      Yass bitch

  • Girl Bye like! I mean wtf is wrong with her??? FIRST, I was a legit fan of her ring-work when she staeted inside AAA but became agressive and disrespectful.

  • KellyAJNaomiRoyce#Slay

    This bitch need to to to boxing the only way she can “beat people up” is by being in a scripted match then going off script bitch I wish you would step into a boxing ring so we can see how tuff you really are. As a matter of fact come see me hoe southside Jamiaca Queens bitch we don’t play that where I came from??

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    Cunt. She’s not even that good. She was just lucky to work with men in LU that made her look good. Gail or Candice Larae would have done 100x better in her spot.

  • Jamal

    Ugh enough of her

  • -V

    They should take this bitch to a mental institution & make sure she doesn’t get near a ring again, this is a psycho!

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Why do anybody even still work wit her?

  • Tonx

    How dumb are you to do this twice???? Her career should be over.

  • AlexV

    So unprofessional, the Bob Holly or Bradshaw of women’s wrestling. I’d wanna see her try and pull something like this on Jacqueline. Jackie would humble her butt in a minute.

    • If wouldn’t even take a minute, just a clothesline

  • zac

    Unprofessional SWINE. She should be banned from pro wrestling and as long as no one books her she would be. She’s not even worth a dime. Bitch needs to learn some class. Fuck it book it. Me v Sexy Star ill whoop a bitch ass.

  • Shan

    Well, obviously Sexy Star is having issues and taking them out on her opponents in-ring. Maybe someone should check on her mental health.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    I’m telling you guys something is not right up there in her head. Something doesn’t connect.

  • jim

    Sexy star is just like HaniaHuntress, a selfish stuck up nasty witch .HaniaHuntress is a very very ugly person that she get black ball from wrestling.

    • RadicallyRadic

      What did Hania do exactly? I know she made her Impact Wrestling debut a few weeks ago at their tapings.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    I used to stan for her sooooo hard!!!!!! Please for the sake of wrestling please stop booking her!!!!!!

  • IconicTrio

    Those punches are meant to hurt, they look weak as anything lol.

    Tbf whilst I dislike what Star did, I’d like to see if the twitter user filmed the whole match or just this snippet? All we got to see was Star being kicked purposefully and haphazardly.

    She’s still a c*** though.

  • ssilva872

    She is an ugly twat.

    Stop booking her!

  • Gato_wiska

    She should go to NXt and wrestle Taynara Conti or Shayna Bazzler…..

    • RadicallyRadic

      So reward her for being a compete bitch? I understand you meant by the comment, but come on now…

      • Gato_wiska

        You didnt get the Joke? Taynara is a Gold Medalist Judoka and Shayna is an MMA fighter. they will obliterate Sexy.

        • RadicallyRadic

          I said I understood what you meant, calm yourself.

          But either way I think we can both/all agree that this bitch needs to get rekt by someone soon.

  • Jorge Hernandez Moran

    Super unprofesional if i was the other girl i would’ve beat the shit out of her right back

  • Steven5812
  • Charlie

    OMGosh! Final nail in the coffin?