Exclusive Shelly Martinez Tell-All (Part 1): Marijuana, WWE Career, Batista


She is one of the most unique personalities in women’s wrestling. As a former WWE Diva, she was the vampiric Ariel and as a former TNA Knockout, she got in touch with her Latin roots as Salinas. But having left wrestling behind and looking forward to more acting projects, she is now simply Shelly Martinez and she’s ready to tell all!

After a whirlwind three years in the world’s top two wrestling companies, Shelly sits down with Diva Dirt‘s Tiffany for an exclusive two part interview discussing her time in WWE, TNA, her future in acting and her controversial stance on cannabis use.

In Part 1… Shelly discusses how marijuana has helped her and aims to educate fans on the positive uses it can have. She also touches upon a recent YouTube exchange with wrestler-turned-Internet personality, Damien Demento. The main focus of part one however, is dedicated to Shelly’s WWE career. Shelly talks about her relationships with Melina, Beth Phoenix, Aarol “The Idol” Stevens, working in OVW, playing Paul Burchill’s pirate wench and the evolution of the Ariel character on ECW. Then, straight from the horse’s mouth — the real story about her release and the clashes with WWE Superstar, Batista.

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Check back tomorrow for part two of the interview when Shelly dishes on the final blow-out with Batista that led to her release, her time in TNA and much more.

For more on Shelly, please visit her official website www.shellymartinez.com.

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  • rico

    Ahhh!!! Cliffhanger!!! I want more

  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/90483-steven-davison Steven_D

    I have to admit that I had negative preconceptions about her but she seems very nice. Great interview so far can’t wait for part 2, it’s certainly changed my opinion of her.

  • mpezza

    Would it be at all possible to get some sort of transcript? My speakers are bust and I’m very interested in this interview. :)

  • PedroPedroso17

    Batista is such an anti-diva figure, I have lost some respect for any girl in the wrestling industry that dates/dated him.

  • greenboimelinafan

    She seems like the sweetest girl ever. I wish her the best luck.

  • Mikas

    “I have lost some respect for any girl in the wrestling industry that dates/dated him”

    He dated Melina after his divorce in 2006 which was long before Shelly was released. He dated Kelly Kelly who was around when Shelly got released and was on the same brand, so probably thats the one she was talking about and that would indicate that she was already dating him before Shelly’s release.

    That only leaves Rosa Mendes (that we know off), whom he dated earlier this year when she just came over from FCW and probably didnt even know how Batista was yet.

    And dont forget that for all we know Batista is a very charming guy backstage, so when you are a young diva just coming over from FCW and you arent familiar with Batista’s past it’s easy to understand you fall for a guy like that. So saying you loose respect for those divas is ridiculous.

  • PedroPedroso17

    @Mikas – Well, I will have to change my opinion a bit, BUT still, I think it’s ridiculous for a woman to date Batista AFTER what happened to Shelly, just sayin…

  • rico

    well there is rebecca dipietro

  • theregoeskitty

    cliff hanger *cue eastenders drums*

  • Goodvibes

    Great interview, Shelley has a great personality on her, really positive. I LOVE the fact that she gave props to Melina and Beth, I cant wait to hear how the whole Batista situation ended.

  • future tna knockout.

    she has got to be one of the coolest chicks ever. i can’t wait to hear about the batista situation! but some women don’t know what they are getting into when they meet him. that is because dave batista is a flirt! he flirted with my mom at a autograph signing in 2006 and i was like.. “isn’t he with Melina!?”. these girls coming from FCW are just young and don’t know about him. *sarcastic* he loves fresh meat.(: ughh, he is sick.

  • punkedemo

    She is so friendly, informative and interesting. One of my favourite divas.

    I mean this with no offense meant but I think these interviews would really benefit from some charismatic interviewers. All the staff here at Diva Dirt are great columnists but no-one really sounds comfortable in front of a mic or especially interviewing.

    Great interview with Shelly though.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie Rob

    punkedemo — No offence, but I honestly don’t care. You don’t listen to interviews to listen to the interviewer.

  • TaylorJade

    I have actually been a fan of her for a while because of how unique she is. And, now I’m even more of a fan of her because of what a genuinely nice person she seems to be. I love how she gives props to other girls and doesn’t get jealous of anyone else’s accomplishments. I can’t wait to hear the second part.

  • punkedemo

    You don’t care about the quality of the interviewers? A good interviewer is crucial in getting a good interview from the guest. It really says alot about Shelly that she was still able to be enthusiastic throughout this interview.

  • http://diva-dirt.com Tiffany

    Are you interested in volunteering your services, punkedemo? Because quite frankly, I’m still waiting for the “…and here’s my resume…” part. I may not be Jay Leno, nor would I ever dream of claiming to be. However, I had a blast interviewing Shelly, and from what she’s personally told me, she had fun as well. Thanks for the concern though, and thanks for listening. :)

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie Rob

    Thanks for the lecture, but no I don’t care. And I most certainly don’t care for people who nitpick and complain. If you don’t like it, don’t listen & don’t visit. We have never claimed to be professionally trained in broadcasting or anything else for that matter. The people who work for this site put in their free time because they have a passion for it. They provide free content for you. For someone so critical, I would love to see you go out there and do it yourself rather than bitch & moan.

    Judging from your past comments, it seems that’s all you are good at — bitching & moaning. I wonder if it’s your aim to put people’s noses out of joint with backhanded comments? Are you a troll?

    Your sense of entitlement is hilarious, anyone would think you were paying for the service…

    • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

      you go girl!! :D

  • MarBu13

    That was a very good interview. And as much as I would hate to say it, I also had some negative perceptions on Shelly and what she said really rung true and will make me second guess before I judge someone. A lot of people can learn a lot from her and I’m proud to say that I’m now a huge fan.

    AND THANK YOU MELANIE, TIFFANY and the Diva Dirt Staff! I’m sure you all already know it but the exclusive shit you give us is just amazing and is something no one is doing in terms of women’s wrestling content. So for every one Punkedemo, you have dozens and dozens of supporters who just eats this up.

  • Luis

    omfg i lover Shelly!
    great interview Tiffany =]