Tonight on NXT, Kairi Sane takes on Peyton Royce.

Read’s preview of tonight’s show below:

Kairi Sane prepares for an iconic voyage against Peyton Royce
As Ember Moon embarks on her first reign with the NXT Women’s Title, the competition in NXT’s Women’s division continues to be red-hot tonight on WWE Network. Don’t miss out when Mae Young Classic winner Kairi Sane goes one-on-one with The Iconic Duo’s Peyton Royce, exclusively on WWE Network.

  • ???

    Tonight is full sail university taping , I wonder what’ll happen and I hope that Ember cut a promo in the ring and someone challenge her ..

    • L.S #PushBillieKay

      Probably just a filler mini feud until Takeover

  • Like Mike

    I’m hoping for a stellar match, it needs some time and both ladies need equal offence. Part of me wants to see Kairi win, but I’d also kind of like to see Peyton get a sneaky win over the MYC Victor.

  • A?.

    Too bad Peyton is losing, I don’t want another undefeated streak.


      I mean she lost at Takoever… That’s not a undefeated streak then.

      • ???

        They probably mean in single matches

  • ?too litty?

    Well in other news RiverDale is slaying the game per usual.

  • Danny?

    No Holds Barred match for Sonya & Ruby….whew work gals

  • Gerg
  • I totally thought Peyton was winning this. I thought I read a spoiler somewhere that it was confirmed to be Ember vs. Peyton for the title at TakeOver.
    I’m sorry but so many people should be able to kick out of an elbow drop. ?

  • Geo14

    Asuka 2.0 won. Surprised.

    • RadicallyRadic

      Just cause she’s Asian I’m sure… maybe I should start calling Bliss or Mandy Rose Trish 2.0, or Paige or Ruby Lita 2.0 just cause of the way they look too.

      Also kairi has actually lost a match, unlike Asukberg

      • A?.

        It’s not because she’s Asian you damn fool, it’s because of the undefeated streak. And as far as I’m concerned there’s nothing wrong with calling someone “Name 2.0”, it ain’t that deep.

        And she’s still undefeated, she didn’t get pinned in the Fatal 4 Way, and if I remember correctly Asuka lost a Battle Royal and a tag team match at a NXT live event (didn’t get pinned) so idk what you’re on about.

  • A?.

    I’m sleep.

  • Kiana Taylor

    So i just saw the nxt tapings and i won’t spoil anything just be prepared to be disappointed

    • Gerg

      lmao that gif and a yeah I am

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  • RadicallyRadic

    Sigh to Peyton losing though, and reading the spoiler for the recent tapings, not much has changed other than the very last bit, which does have me interested, unlike the rest of what is to come.


  • Exotic

    Atleast Billie didn’t take another loss.