WWE has taped several episodes of NXT from Full Sail. Spoilers below.


Airing December 6th:

* It’s announced that Drew McIntyre cannot compete for the title at “Takeover: Philly” and that there will be 4 qualifying matches leading to a Fatal 4 Way to determine a new #1 contender. New NXT Champion Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega are out. Zelina demands we rise for our new champion. Everyone, including the announcer, stands. Andrade says he told us all he would be champion. Andrade makes fun of Drew being hurt and says he is gone for a long time. Andrade cuts a promo in Spanish to his next contender.

* Sonya Deville defeated Ruby Riott in a No Holds Barred match. Sonya locks the ankle lock in on Ruby early, but Ruby gets to the ropes and necks Sonya on them to break the hold. Stiff strikes from Sonya. Back and forth strikes. Ruby hits a suicide dive on Sonya. Sonya catches Ruby in a gogoplata-like hold as she comes back into the ring and Ruby passes out in the hold, forcing the referee to call for the bell.

Airing December 13th:

* NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon defeated Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) in a non-title match. Ember gets the upper hand to start, and hits a dive off the top rope to the outside onto the Iconic Duo. Billie grabs her ankle getting back in the ring and Peyton applies a submission in the ropes. Ember takes control back. Nice series of reversals. Peyton gets a near fall. Ember ducks a spin kick and gets Peyton into a powerbomb position, but Peyton holds the ropes. Ember kicks Peyton’s leg out from under her and hits the Eclipse for the win. After the match Billie hits the ring and boots Ember in the face. The Iconic Duo hit their double team knee move, when Nikki Cross runs in out of the crowd for the save. Nikki spies the Women’s Title laying in the ring and teases attacking Ember, but instead runs the ropes crazily before running back out into the crowd

* NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated Fabian Aichner in a non-title match. Andrade nails a dropkick at the bell, but Fabian hits a tilt-a-whirl slam and then his springboard dive to the outside and a springboard tornado DDT. Andrade with a hard chop. Fabian hits a rough powerbomb. Fabian goes up top but Zelina distracts him. Andrade knocks him outside, throws him into the stairs, and rolls him back hit to hit El Idolo for the win.

Airing December 20th:

* Ember Moon defeated Sonya Deville to retain the NXT Women’s Title. They did not do the title match introductions, which was weird. Okay back and forth match. Some very tough looking spots for both ladies. Crowd was not into this at all following the title change. Ember hits a springboard dropkick and an absolutely brutal running elbow into the corner, then hits the Eclipse for the win. After the match, Kairi Sane‘s music hits. She comes out and signals she wants the title, when Shayna Baszler comes up behind Kairi and chokes her out on the stage while Ember looks on.


    • A?.


  • OJ Von Erich

    Bored of Peyton & Billie always losing.

    Nikki Cross doesn’t do much but the same thing again.

    Sonya seems to shoot blanks in NXT matches.

    Kairi has new music apparently, somewhat indifferent on her attack from Shayna?

    Pleased for Ember I guess.

    Hope this all translates better on TV, cause if I’m honest this doesn’t sounds overly exciting.

  • ???

    This was surprising and disappointing, I expected something way more .. why Ruby and Sonya even in NXT? Plus they should have a credibly rival for Ember, and what the hell Shayna is doing here ?

    These series of tapings didn’t do favour to anyone but Zelina , someone who isn’t even in the women’s division ..

  • A?.

    Boring and disappointing. I knew the Iconic Duo were staying there just to lose and I’m so annoyed, they deserve to be on the MR because there’s nothing left for them down there. Also, where is this leading? Another Fatal 4 Way? I’m sleep. And I’m definitely not interested in Shayna’s ugly ass, imagine picking her when you have tons of talented women like Dakota, Bianca, Rhea, Sage, Abbey, etc. I was expecting some new fresh faces and more build ups, gosh.

    • DontCareB

      Exactly! Not only the other girls from MYC but maybe this is the perfect time for them to reinvent Aliyah! She’s been almost under utilized and her gimmick does not connect with the crowd to also distinguish whether shes a face or heel. They should work on her character by now more than the other girls as shes being left out by Liv, Ruby, and the other MR callouts.. Poor Aliyah..

      Abd lol @ Shayna’s ugly ass!

      • Gato_wiska

        I think they will paid Aliyah with the Jordanian chick

      • A?.

        Agree, Aliyah has been there for so long, I remember her being in matches with Nia before she debuted, even when Alexa was in NXT. She’s getting wasted, she’s so good in the ring and they don’t care about her at all.

        • Jo9834

          Aaliyah is this generations Mickie James, someone who spent half of her career in developmental before finally getting called up. The only issue I see with Aaliyah is a inconsistent character, she probably hasn’t found herself yet so she’s being held back.

    • Jo9834

      Im guessing they will debut at the womens Royal Rumble OR post WM. I think the WWE will make them a pretty big deal considering both women look great and can go in the ring. Like Alexa, I feel like their true shine will come on the MR.

  • Issac Gore

    Ughh Shayna….

  • Issac Gore

    Im ready for Xia Li and Sage Beckett to debut.

    • DontCareB

      Xia Li ftw!

  • #FlairfortheGold

    Bye, throw the entire damn thing away.
    WHY TF ARE THE ICONIC DUO BACK TO TAKING LOSSES TO EMBER AND CO.!? IF WUBY AND SONYA WERE GOING TO CONTINUE SHOWING UP AT NXT, THEN THEY SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN CALLED UP OVER THE ICONIC DUO!!!! And SHAYNA, really?!? Over Dakota, Abby, Lacey, and Bianca, REALLY TRIPLE H?!? Throw IT ALL AWAY! The ONLY positive I see in these tapings is that MY GIRL SONYA DONE GET SOME JUSTICE FOR WHAT WUBY WIOTT did to my girl NAO last night…Serves dollar-store Paige right for messing with Queen Nao? Feel that Glow Ya Bisssshhh??

  • conan_kun

    They still feature same stars while new stars like Bianca, Dakota are not featuring.

    Did Iconic Duo wish to be part of NXT invasion instead of staying at NXT to be Ember and Kairi’s sandbag, now Mandy, Sonya, Ruby, Liv and Sarah are booked far better than them on main roster

  • #FlairfortheGold
  • ???

    Here are the reasons why I’m disappointing with these tapings ..

    1/ Why Iconic Duo still get the same bad treatment? They didn’t win the NXT Women’s title or didn’t debut in the MR , I know that “Riott squad” may improve more someday and they did good job with their roles in the MR .. but why bring them over wrestlers that are more ready and more popular than them ? But no they have to stay jobbers in NXT .

    2/ Why Sonya challenge Ember Moon for the title and work in the MR at the same time? She took opportunity and got pushed over girls like Nia and Mickie James and she ALSO took opportunity from the newest talents in NXT like Bianca , Rhea Ripley , Dakota Kai and Kairi Sane ! She should be in only one show .

  • Donny Donny ?

    Shayna was a great villian for the Mae Young Classic, but I’d rather not see her on WWE television. Hopefully she changes my mind.

  • Can we please remove Nikki Cross from the title picture? I don’t know what people see in her. I remember enjoying her stuff on the indies before WWE but every since she has been in NXT she is just cringeworthy. I swear the way she sells moves sometimes makes me question her nine years of experience.

    • #FlairfortheGold

      I’m over Nikki! Over her running in and helping a bitch out and then running before an explanation. Like really bitch

    • punisher

      Thank you!! She’s been in the title picture for a year now!! She always ends up in title matches and I’m so tired of it. Let other girls have their moment ffs

  • ?K . A . T ?

    Can NXT hurry their arses up and debut Dakota Kai.

  • Kiana Taylor
  • A few questions…

    – Why TF are Ruby and Sonya still doing NXT tapings if they’ve already debuted on the main roster??

    – Out of all the girls to push for the title, they go with Shayna Mac??

    – You’d think they’d wait to debut Shayna if the whole 4HW angle is true.

    – With Ruby gone, Imma need Shayna to job to Ember.

    – Since they’re pushing women that can’t wrestle or sell worth shit (*cough* Shayna), Imma need Bianca to step up and be the top heel.

    – The son-in-law needs his ass BEAT for not signing Mia, Piper, Toni, Jazzy, Mercedes, or Candice (hell, I would’ve even taken Lei’D Tapa over Shayna Mac); especially if he knew Vince was going to purge the NXT women’s division of its jobbers.

    … All in all, I’m just confused AF.

    • conan_kun

      Remember Sasha still doing NXT tapings when she already debuted on main roster and she’s still NXT women champ. After she lost the title to Bayley at NXT Takeover Brooklyn, she continued to do NXT tapings until NXT Takeover Respect.

      • #FlairfortheGold

        But Sasha had a purpose. She had just lost her title and was owed a rematch. Sonya and Wuby aren’t owed ??

    • KatyaMenelli

      Right. Trips needs to be dragged for not signing them. Add Renee Michelle, Ayesha Raymond, and Mia Yim to that list though.

  • This is so ugly.
    – Why are Ruby and Sonya still there and WHY is Sonya getting a title match?
    – Typical Iconic Duo. Billie doesn’t compete and Peyton loses now too. Why they didn’t call them up is beyond me.
    – Instead of developing other girls like Bianca, Lacey, Vanessa, Taynara, Abbey, Dakota… you give us 37 year old green as grass Shayna.
    – And WHY is Nikki still in the title scene? She’s had several title shots last year, I want something new.

  • I mean seriously why call up Sonya and Ruby and then still use them in a meaningful way on NXT (hardcore and title matches) while Iconic Duo, who were not called up aren’t even doing anything there. Should’ve just kept the first two on NXT and I’m still mad Nikki helped Ruby squash Iconic Duo twice and it went nowhere.

  • Hoooshi

    I get that everyone gets a send off match, but they could at least keep the main roster continuity and have Mandy with Sonya and Liv/Sarah with Ruby.

    I hope it all makes sense with backstage interviews and etc but this all sounds boring. Just when I thought we were free from one ex MMA fighter we get another. Nikki has been doing this same thing since forever and why do I think this will all lead to yet another multiwomen match at Takeover?

  • Shane Murray

    I’m really confused with these tapings.. whatever happen to the land of oppurtunity

    1. Why the heck is shayna getting pushed infront of the likes of bianca, Lacey, Vanessa, Taynara and Sage… get to the back of the line sweetness

    2. What was the purpose of Taynara attaching Nikki? So she can have one match with her then piss off?

    3. Sonya and ruby are on main roster no need for this what so ever.

    4. Peyton literally just jobbing to both Kairi and Ember. I’m so annoyed cause I know for a fact we’re gonna have Nikki and Ember vs the iconic duo as if we’ve not saw Nikki do enough saves same old used again.

    5. The mae young classic was months ago we don’t need to refresh that storyline with people jobbing to shayna and Kairi until they meet at a ppv and Kairi gets another win? So predictable.

    Literally the only thing I look forward to from nxt now is when they have battle royals because everyone is involved

    • Gerg

      I agree with all these points made. I dont feel like tuning in for NXT in next couple of weeks

  • conan_kun

    Since Johnny Gargano going to face Andrade Cien Almas for NXT title, they should let Candice LeRae make an official NXT debut at Johnny’s corner fend off Zelina this time after Zelina interferes in their last match.

    • Like Mike

      This would honestly be a great moment, she could take out Zelina and get into an altercation with Almas since she’s no stranger to inter-gender wrestling.

  • Danny?

    I don’t mind Sonya getting a title opportunity. It was just her send off from NXT something which most people get btw and we will see new stars in the new year hopefully. What does bother me is that the Iconic Duo are just gonna be treated as jobbers now it seems. Kairi is gonna go undefeated for a while it looks like which is ridiculous considering we just had that with Asuka and don’t get me started on Ember who has only lost to Asuka. Another untouchable champion…bye!!! The title scene looks to be a mess, does Ember feud with the Icons to get revenge for the attack on her, Nikki, Kairi or Shayna? These spoilers are just overall a hot fucking mess!

  • Wicked Emma

    Shayna is going to bury the women’s division.

  • Wicked Emma

    Why have Shayna take Kairi Sane?

  • -V

    first ever trans champion in 2018, way to go wwe

    • Carolution


  • So….where’s Bianca? Lacey? Hell, even Aliyah? Why are the Iconic Duo still there? Are they anchoring the women’s division down there? It looks like they’re spinning their wheels and doing a lot of jobbing to the star in NXT. I love Kairi and I’m glad to see her in the mix, but you mean to tell me WWE can’t give us Queen Candice, who wrestles circles around a lot of the women in NXT, but stick us with a one trick pony who sells as well as store clerk with Anthropophobia? No ma’am. Doesn’t make change, doesn’t make cents or dollars.