With the recent influx of sexual assault and harassment allegations in Hollywood, politics, and other industries, it’s only a matter of time before the wrestling industry gets exposed.

Women have been sharing their stories with the #MeToo campaign on social media and now a former ring announcer is adding her voice.

Heather Lynn, who used to work for WWNLive promotions Shine, Evolve and FIP, took to Twitter to talk about sexual harassment that she endured during her time in the wrestling business.

She wrote:

“Oh the sexual harassment stories that could be told about the wrestling business. Some by me, I’m sure some by many others. I’ve been sexually harassed by promoters and wrestlers. Problem is no one ever believes us. Maybe one day I’ll speak up. #wrestling #sexualharassment”

“We used to have a name for hugs at a certain promotion I was at. They were called “_____-hugs” with the name of the promoter in the blank and he would give them to the girls, rubbing our lower backs and holding us real close. We all knew we were getting these hugs. 1/2?

“2/2 When the promoter found out I had a boyfriend, even though I never hid it, I just didn’t advertise it because of personal reasons, I got reprimanded for not telling the promoter even though nothing had ever happened between us, and I wasn’t used as much. #wrestling”

She went on to say: “The reason I am speaking out now is because I no longer have anything to do with the business side of wrestling and I don’t need to worry about getting or losing bookings. Yes, I should have said something sooner, but it’s also scary because wrestling is very much a “boys club”

She didn’t name her assailants but clarified that it wasn’t Gabe SapolskyDave Prazak, or Rob Naylor.

In addition to Heather’s story, Emily Read, Pro Wrestling Eve promotor shared her own reflection on sexual harassment and assault in the industry:

She wrote: “Having a nostalgic look back on my time in wrestling; like when I was training and learned not to fall asleep on the road when my friend told me in frightened whispers that she’d fallen asleep on the way back from a show & a male wrestler fingered her in her sleep.”

British indy wrestler Pollyanna also made cryptic statements on social media about her own experience with sexual assault in the industry:

“They have no issue sharing a locker room with someone who would do that,” the tweet storm begins, which seems to be referring to a past crime. Pollyanna only recently returned to wrestling after quitting in 2016. Before her retirement, she wrestled in Impact Pro Wrestling: UK, Pro Wrestling Eve, and Progress Wrestling. She was also the inaugural Plex Wrestling Women’s Champion, a title she held for 480 days.

In the past Shelly Martinez spoke up about her own experience with sexual assault in the business.

In the 1990s Sable came forward with her own allegations during a lawsuit against the WWE, citing allegations of sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions. According to court documents, “Men would routinely walk into the women’s dressing room as if by accident; men would cut holes in the walls to watch the women dressing; extras were hired as WWF regulars to expose their breasts, big nipple contests were engaged in; men regularly bragged about their sexual encounters without regard to the women present.”

The matter was settled out of court.

In addition to Sable, the first female WWE referee, Rita Chatterton also accused WWE of creating a hostile work environment for women. She accused Vince McMahon of rape on an old TV show titled “Now It Can Be Told,” with Geraldo Rivera, the old show was eventually cancelled and then Geraldo’s new show began in early to mid 90s. She again appeared on this show also and repeated the claims.

This led to a bunch of lawsuits between the McMahons and Chatterton and the matter was eventually settled.

What do you think about this? Sound off in the comments below.

  • A?.

    It’s really sad to know that women get sexually harrassed pretty much everywhere, and it’s also sad how people don’t believe them, they “encourage” you to speak up, but once you do they quickly shut you down, saying things like they want attention or they’re just gold diggers. Or when you speak up after years and they say “why didn’t you say it before?” like it’s such an easy thing to do. I hope that it stops someday and sometimes it makes me angry to see women wrestlers get slut shamed for their attires (but they’re okay with men half naked?) or for literally no reason at all.

    • ???

      The thing is , men wrestlers wear much more revealing clothes than the women yet it’s okay .

      Another thing that piss me off is that it’s okay for men to see two women kiss each other and do lesbian stuff like in the golden era but it’s gross for them to see gay stuff . I’m a woman but this piss me off .. Fuck people like them.

      • A?.

        That pisses me off too! They fetisishize lesbians but as soon as they see two men holding hands they make a huge deal about it. Most of the males who like wrestling are sexist, homophobic, racist and all the bad stuff (Not all of them though, but it’s the majority)

        • ???

          This is disgusting , I mean hell .. if you’re THAT homophobic then you shouldn’t watch lesbians either , and just like you said the majority of them are like that way and haters of women’s empowerment .. go watch Wrestlinginc site and see how hateful the people there ?

          • A?.

            I’ve seen it, and I just try to avoid the comment section, on Youtube too (which is filled with dumb kids but whatever). But yeah wrestlinginc is disgusting and I don’t understand how the owners tolerate that kind of comments, guess they feel the same way?

          • Lee Schofield

            Never met a single homophobic wrestling fan…most people aren’t homophobic.

          • A?.

            Then you have been living under a rock. And I know that, that’s why I said not all of them are.

        • chaz_brian

          As far as the homophobia, it’s very ironic that many male fans would be homophobic. It’ ironic considering wrestling the sport (it’s origins ancient greece/dudes competed naked in sports then, put the math together) and pro wrestling definitely has homo-erotic aspects. So it must be denial for such homophobic men. BTW , it doesn’t mean the male wrestlers are gay nor anything wrong with it or men who watch it, as the main part of it is entertainment and show, but there is a homo-erotic undertone aspect.

          Some say mma has that too with the close proximity of male fighters and how they get into missionary looking like fighting positions. But I still believe pro wrestling is more so because mma, dudes are really fighting and it’s brutal and trying to kill each other out there. Whereas pro wrestling is acting to fighting, but still the positions and holds and proximity while wearing speedo like attire or such.

          • A?.

            Yeah, that’s true. Guys who are homophobic and are okay with watching men half naked are just hypocrites, but then again they’re most likely closeted, so..

  • Bobby Calloway

    A girl I used to train with suffered a lot of nasty sexism that people were pretty open about. She wasn’t comfortable in her physique at one point and wrestled in a singlet while she was getting back into shape after an injury. One promoter told her to wrestle in a sports bra and hot pants, as well as taking a pay cut. When she refused, he stopped booking her and replaced her with a girl who notably had very similar features. This girl was one of the most talented wrestlers in the country (male and female included) and anyone would be crazy not to book her – but because she didn’t show more skin, she apparently wasn’t good enough for this twat. Elsewhere in other promotions she was told to keep matches short regardless of her talent.

    There was another incident at an over 18’s show years ago where a mixed tag match was booked, and the two women in it – who were also very talented and accomplished – were told not to wrestle and “just do a few lesbian spots”. I only heard that story second hand but it doesn’t surprise me.


    It’s only a matter of time before the counter-sexual culture we’re seeing in Hollywood befalls the sordid inner world of wrestling.

  • Troy Smith

    I know this is going to sound harsh but “NONE OF THIS MATTERS IF YOU DON’T NAME NAMES”. With everything going on in Hollywood right now, this is the ONE time in history where everyone will be believed. People are getting fired or stepping down, left and right. If men in the wrestling business are doing this shit, then tell us their names so we can make sure we aren’t giving money to them. It will also make sure that they are punished and no one else is victimized.

    There really is no reason to not name names. You are helping them do it to others by not naming names. And don’t pull the “no one will believe me” line. When one person comes forward, then so will the other victims.

    • MK126

      I feel that was the same mentality when Bill DeMont was head coach at FCW/NXT until there were enough claims that he resigned on his own accord. I definitely agree that with everything going on in Hollywood this would be the perfect opportunity to name your attacker/assaulter and get some justice

      • Lee Schofield


        • MK126

          Whoops lol

    • Mark?

      I agree but sometimes it’s just embarrassing to share your full story. There shouldn’t be any embarrassment on the victims end but yet there still is

      • Randi

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  • carmellsworth

    about time.. hope this continues and becomes a main stream issue,

  • Robann

    Good. I remember not even a year ago when it was announced that Ashley Massaro was suing the company for allegedly keeping quiet about her being assaulted/raped while they were away at the Tribute to the Troops in Afghanistan and she was trashed and bashed for it. I’m not really a fan of hers but it angered me when I first saw it. Let’s continue this and bring these nasty individuals down!

    • AlexV

      What!? Ashley was assaulted? God I hope not.

      • Robann

        Yup. This was allegedly back in 05/06 when she first got there. She was either allegedly assaulted by a soldier or someone in the company. Either way, she was told not to say anything at the time. Smfh

  • jim

    What go around it come back around to them.When bad people like Alexa Bliss mistreat other.Then bad thing will come back to bad people like Alexa Bliss. Bad people like alexa Bliss in wrestling. THEY SHOULDN’T MISTREAT PEOPLE. Bad people like Alexa Bliss feel it ok to mistreat people. Since bad people like Alexa Bliss in wrestling feel it ok to mistreat people. THEN BAD PEOPLE LIKE ALEXA BLISS CAN’T COMPLAIN ABOUT BAD TREATMENT COME BACK TO THEM.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Are you ok?

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I wouldn’t be surprised if plenty of women that was in the WWE would come out with some statements in the earlier days. The PG Era is when they had to cut that crap out. I really feel Kristal Marshall has more to tell about her release because things to me don’t really add up. Also Jackie Gayda as there’s been claims she’s this notorious hoe, maybe some of it was assaults she’s endured and no one believing her.

    • Lee Schofield

      Jackie was released because she fucking sucked, lol.

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        I wasn’t talking about why she was released.

    • Bobby Calloway

      Didn’t she say she felt her release was because Bobby Lashley was annoyed at some of the stuff she was being asked to do on TV and she thought they got rid of her in the hopes that he’d then find someone else on the roster?

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        I’m not too certain what it is. There’s so many different stories out there.

  • jim

    Alexa Bliss con and hustle people out of their hard earned money. Some fans dumb enough to feel it ok for Alexa Bliss con and hustle people out of their hard earned money. Because some fans dumb enough to feel ok for alexa bliss con and hustle people out of their hard earned money. ALEXA BLISS GOING KEEP ON CON AND HUSTLE PEOPLE OUT THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY.

    • #FlairfortheGold

      Stfu. Alexa has nothing to do with this you idiot

  • RadicallyRadic

    I mean its genuinely good that these women are coming out saying they were victims to these horrible acts. HOWEVER you also have to take them with a grain of salt unless we see names or if they hint names. We won’t know how serious the allegations are until they step up further with the actual names.

    But I won’t question them for saying they were victims, its not a good thing to be a victim of this type of harassment, girl or guy. Of course women get it more because the world is the worst, but it happens to everybody.

  • jim

    What go around. It come around. WHEN PEOPLE LIKE ALEXA BLISS MISTREAT PEOPLE. THEN THAT MISTREATMENT WILL COME BACK TO THEM.ALEXA Bliss con and hustle people out of their hard earned money. ALEXA Bliss should be ashamed of herself. People work hard for their money to pay rent and buy food.Alexa Bliss shouldn’t be hustling and conning money out of people. .

    • Len

      Where did you get your information? Just curious I would like to read into these claims.

  • jim

    Alexa Bliss have everything to do with this subject. IT ABOUT MISTREATING PEOPLE. Alexa Bliss mistreat people.IF BAD PEOPLE LIKE ALEXA BLISS CRY ABOUT THE PROMOTER MISTREAT THEM.Then Alexa Bliss should stop mistreat people.

  • jim

    Flairforthegold,you is a idiot.You so much retarded that you don’t know what mistreatment mean.Since alexa Bliss mistreat people.Alexa Bliss have everything to do with this subject. SINCE AKEXA BLISS MISTREAT PEOPLE. THEN ALEXA BLISS CAN’T COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT BAD MISTREATMENT COME BACK TO HER.

  • StraightUpBitch

    I get that people think it’s time to name your abusers, but think of when women have come against Vince and WWE. As someone mentioned earlier, Ashley was bashed by everyone, including some fans of this site for coming forward, and we’re the fans who are supposed to be on her side, even if her personal life is messy. Some women were reluctant to join the big lawsuit against the WWE because they know irregardless of what they say against Vince or any wrestler (like randy orton who is such a dickhead), they’ll have support and carry on as normal. However, I do think, if people finally found the courage to come forward, that WWE (and other promotions) aren’t getting away with it this time. Women and men who have been assaulted deserve justice, and if it comes to burning down whatever these disgusting men have built up, so be it. All my ladies, now let’s get in formation, and watch these perverts suffer!

  • willh

    If a woman wishes to expose a sexual predator, NOW IS THE TIME!!! Harvey Weinstein opened the flood gates and American society is believing the victims!!! SPILL THE DAMN TEA!!!