The WWE have announced via Twitter that at Clash of Champions, Charlotte Flair will defend the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Natalya.

As seen on last week’s episode of SmackDown Live (Nov 21st), Natalya was in midst of her SmackDown Women’s Title rematch against Charlotte Flair which abruptly ended without a winner when The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan) made their main roster debut by interfering in the match.

Watch the announcement below:

WWE’s Clash of Champions airs live on Sunday December 17th at 8 PM ET on the WWE Network.

Are you excited for this match?

  • Troy Rochester

    Ruby I reckon will be added to this match at some point after pinning Charlotte this week !

  • Diva_Fan

    Someone better be added to this damn match I don’t wanna see Charlotte vs Nattie for the 1000th time !

    • KellyAJNaomiRoyce#Slay

      Me too even if it has to be Ruby Riott

      • jxs_

        Ruby Tuesday

    • Wicked Emma

      The Riott Squad will interfere.

    • jim


      • Diva_Fan

        Charlotte and Sasha’s matches were amazing though . Natties and Charlotte’s are very hit and miss and the past few ones have been quite frankly boring.

        • Jo9834

          I totally agree Charlotte and Sasha are this era’s Trish and Lita for me, whenever their in the ring its magic.

    • Randi

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    • Jo9834

      I totally agree, part of what made Attitude Era (Sable, Trish, Chyna and Lita) and Ruthless Agression Era (Michelle, Melina, Mickie, Beth) so good was the fact that they rarely rehashed feuds and matches much as they do today. PPV’s were MUST SEE, as you would be excited to see how two new performers would mesh and interact within the ring.

      Nattie deserves a tonne of respect, I totally appreciate her contributions to the division but she seriously stinks up the title scene whenever she’s in it. Im sorry I love her personality but her matches have not changed in ten years!

  • Their matches have been falling flat for me, I don’t want to see them go at it again, I feel like Nattie is regressing in the ring.

    • Number One

      Good thing no one agrees

      • Good thing, or life wouldn’t have variety, now would it?

        • Number One

          Actually, it’s a good thing no one agrees with you because if we all did, we’d all be wrong

          • Oh you’re one of those types that like looking for fights.

          • Number One

            Nope, just correcting those who need to be corrected

          • Well, opinions are subjective, so there’s nothing to correct if that’s how I feel, so you can save your holier than thou attitude.

          • Number One

            Well, seeing how your sentiment is one no one agrees with, it needed to be corrected

          • And it mattered or matters to you why? Because you’re probably some petty little internet troll with keyboard courage who needs to be gassed up by going after people.

          • Number One

            Nope, I’m just someone who states facts and is knowledgeable regarding women’s wrestling

    • Tunasha

      I guess we have seen them go a it way too many times already, it feels repetitive and with the same outcome: Nattie loses. They have great chemistry but we have seen it all already.

  • A?.

    No, I’m not excited, unless something interesting happens. They always do the same things in their matches, chops and powerbombs.

  • RadicallyRadic

    Ruby better be added to it. She can take all the crazy bumps and make things SO MUCH BETTER than Flair VS Hart number 23872334143.

    • Nikki’s Sister

      Well I’ve noticed that Riott Squad have been getting featured on WWE’s social media accounts more than Absolution this week so maybe she might be.

  • Nikki’s Sister

    I mean no one asked for this but ok.

    • Number One

      Speak for yourself

    • KellyAJNaomiRoyce#Slay

      I mean if you did ask for this match you must like seeing the same moves performed over and over and over and over and over again like they do with their matches

    • Wicked Emma

      I speak for myself.

  • DayOneISH!

    I can see Riott being added to the match with Natalya taking the pin fall leaving Riott still looking strong in the process.

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Honestly, we knew Natalya was going to get another rematch. And i for one just wished they would do a steel cage for US watching on tv. I’m so bummed i didn’t get to see the one they did at Starcade.

    • E-Force

      They had a boring match at Starcade, you can find it on YouTube

  • ???

    Well at least better than 6 woman tag team match for the million time right ? We got championship match !

    BUT I do hope this is the end of their feud , we need two people who can hang in the ring and have the mic skills too , I don’t need dead matches that has no life in it , we need entertainment!

    Give us Charlotte vs Naomi already! Damn I’ll be okay with Ruby too ..

  • txistedbliss

    Some people want Ruby added to the title match but I could easily see Carmella, Tamina & Lana vs Riott Squad instead

    • Diva_Fan

      That’s not gonna happen especially not a PPV .

  • Kiana Taylor

    I can’t believe im saying this but ruby needs to be in this match as well im over nattie vs charlotte at this point

    • KellyAJNaomiRoyce#Slay

      Everyone is

      • Wicked Emma

        Not everybody

        • Seraphina Rosenhart

          Did you really want another Charlotte vs Natalya match? it’s been kinda hit and miss with these two, and honestly, Nattie’s character is really boring.

          • Wicked Emma

            Just because some of y’all have a problem with it. Doesn’t mean everybody has to have a problem with it.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I think the Riot Squad would somehow be involved.

  • Wicked Emma

    The Riott Squad will interfere again.

  • Parasite

    Nattie wins and Carmella cashes in ?

  • Callisthenes

    Praying that Riot squad attacked Natalya this coming week and effectively putting her out in action for the next few weeks. This will cause Ruby to replace Natalya’s spot against Charlotte. When Natalya returns few weeks later, this will allow her to complete her face turn.

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      Why would they turn her face after they had her walk out of the tag match? Makes zero sense..

  • AsaHole ?

    Ruby added to this match sounds interesting. Hell, I’d allow Limp Orphan participate just to take attention away from Naggie.

  • TheRealest #ItsBossTime

    Nattie just needs to…not.

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    Should be in a cage since they worked a cage match at Starcade. Hope Charlotte moves on to Ruby or Becky next. I was really hoping they would have pulled a big swerve at Survivor Series by having Carmella cash in on Alexa. It would have solved so many problems. Asuka could have squashed her for the belt, and we wouldn’t have her hovering over Charlotte on Smackdown. Under no circumstances (no matter how unclean/dirty the win may be) should she ever beat Charlotte. Charlotte has lost enough star power already by playing house in the Smackdown “everyone is equal” division for the last 7 months..

    • conan_kun

      Right now Charlotte may not lose the title at least until Wrestlemania 34 if they plan for Charlotte defends her title against Ronda Rousey at Mania, unless Charlotte loses the title to Carmella then wins back again.

      • GOD STRATUS•

        Making her the best booked Babyface champion in what at least a few years ?

    • Organization XIII

      Charlotte hasn’t lost any star power. She’s still a big name/major draw

    • Chargod Flair #5x

      Ikr it could work too in this storyline. To keep the Riott Squad from interfering in the match.

    • Jo9834

      Im so glad someone else see’s how much Smackdowns equal style booking for the women has dulled Charlottes star power ever so slightly. The crowd still loves her regardless, a true testament to her talent and pedigree.

      Carmella should ONLY ever really beat Alexa, Liv Morgan OR Renee Young at this point. She’s not horrible in the ring by any means, she’s just not a physical threat. Are we supposed to believe her super kick has the same gravitas as someone like Tamina who’s in the same division and double her size?, her bronco buster belongs in 1999 and she does more damage to the ropes than her opponent, and lastly when she goes up top to do a move, she looks like she’s going to die and so nervous. I flip the channel seriously,

  • AlexV

    I’m guessing Riott might interfere and then somehow Carmella gets involved and cashes in?
    Maybe they should bring in Shaul Guerrero and add her into the Riot Squad Too! Random ideas, but I’m down for new storylines.

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      Raquel vs Charlotte would be a feud! Guerrero vs Flair… iconic.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    Didn’t Charlotte beat Nattie clean at Starrcade?

    • ssilva872

      She did.. They should have shown that on the WWE Network to finish the feud.

      • ?K . A . T ?

        100% agree!

  • conan_kun

    Ruby pinned Charlotte, yet did not earn title match. See if Ruby get added into title match later instead of just doing Charlotte vs Natalya.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Please not again

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Nattie is guaranteed a one on one rematch for the title so if someone else is added to the match and charlotte retains then we are just prolonging another nattie vs charlotte match. Its unfortunate that natties remaining time in the spotlight is being over shadowed by the riot squad debut. I really wish they would have waited to debut.

  • It

    Just what I wanted

  • Char retains, Riott squad beats her up, Carmella cashes in.

  • ???

    My prediction is Ruby will pin Charlotte in the upcoming weeks and then she’ll be added to the championship match making it triple threat, Natalya will eat the pin so Ruby will look strong !

  • ???

    But I do hope that Carmella will cash in and Riott squad will help her and she join them .. but later they betray her and Ruby will take the title from her !

  • MK126

    This is only slightly better than the rumored 6 women tag. Im hoping that Mella cashes in and we have the riott squad in action in some form

  • Chargod Flair #5x

    Nattie vs Charlotte has become so underwhelming; they really overkill this feud any chance they get. I don’t think Carmella will cash in. Charlotte will be champion until Wrestlemania….. now since Charlotte is champion everyone’s prediction will be Carmella cashing in at the end of every SD women’s title match.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Ugh. I remember when I used to be excited for a Charlotte vs Natalya match now I’m just tired of it. I don’t care for this match at all. Carmella might as well cash in now. She can walk into 2018 as the champion.

    • Chargod Flair #5x

      That’s honestly stupid, how is Carmella as champion gonna help? What she should do is have a Seth Rollins-like cash in at Mania and win it there. When will Sasha have a reign that lasts longer than two weeks? Oop.

      • GOD STRATUS•

        Don’t Make this about Sasha. This about your girl let her have her moment … Even if it is on repeat.

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        “That’s honestly stupid, how is Carmella as champion gonna help?”
        goes on to say she should cash in at the biggest stage of them all – WrestleMania…

        It’s not going to help at all but she obviously has to cash in and I want to see a cash in, what dont you understand? Where did Sasha come from? I never even mentioned Sasha… people love to talk about Sasha fans but y’all have her name in y’all mouth more than the Sasha fans. It’s tragic. She’s had 3 reigns already that lasted more than 2 weeks so nice try, smartass. Do me a favor and don’t reply to me anymore. Take care.

  • Organization XIII

    We’ve had Nattie vs Charlotte 2x this year & y’all are “tired of seeing them.” What is happening here? lol

    • Danny?

      It’ll be the 5th time we’ll see them square off this year and the 4th time for the title so I get it but I don’t see this staying the match. I think people may be added to the match.

      • Organization XIII

        5th time one on one in 2017? I don’t think so. But either way, whether one on one or a triple threat I’m fine with either of them

      • Organization XIII

        I just checked it was 4x 1v1 but I don’t count that match that ended in a draw when Riott Squad attacked so 3

        • Danny?

          I’m not particularly bothered either I’m just glad it’s not that tag match that was rumoured to happen.

          • Organization XIII

            Smackdown don’t need anymore tag matches for a good 6 months lol

  • Danny?

    I’m just glad we have a title match after that rumour of a 6 women tag match. Although I don’t see this being the match that actually takes place. I could see Ruby, Liv, Sarah, Becky or Naomi being added or a couple of them getting added to the match.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Who asked for this? ?

    • Gerg

      i thought it was gonna be another triple threat match with Ruby added. I mean the other titles matches so far are triple threat

  • Litax4

    I feel like Ruby will be added, she did pin Charlotte, therefore isn’t she number one contender? Nattie has that rematch clause also I guess

  • Gayomi.

    anyways Nattie deserves to win Charlotte is the most boring,overpushed and overrated turd that i have ever seen

  • Ew!!! Nooo, please add Ruby and make her win the title or maybe it’s too soon but she deserve it… or maybe Charlotte retaining after thah Liv and Sarah interfer, making at the end Carmella cashing-in.


    Finality, please. Charlotte needs fresh meat and Nattie needs to keep at the green screen soundbytes.