Tonight (Dec 2nd), former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle will wrestle in her final match against fellow WWE Alumni Victoria at Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore 36.

To help promote the event, Candice spoke with On Milwaukee to look back at her wrestling career and how she’s been training to step in the ring for the first time in eight years. Highlights of the interview below.

On training for her final match: “I did training at Knox Pro Wrestling Academy, back in L.A. That first bump … woo! That sh*t hurts. You forget. And my body forgot. I trained for a month and a half there a couple times a week. I cried every time I was there. Whether it was because I was in pain or because I missed it, or because of facing those spirits.

On her interest to become a wrestler: “I grew up on wrestling. At that time I wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I want to be a pro wrestler.’ I didn’t even know you could train to do that. So it was really funny, because for me, it came full circle. I grew up watching it every Monday night with my stepdad, Ken. This is actually part of a little talk I give: I had a Hulk Hogan doll, instead of Barbie dolls. I went to the shows. I remember high-fiving The Bushwhackers. And then I move to LA, and my agent calls me. He’s like, ‘Hey Candice, you know, WWE’s holding this first-ever Diva Search contest, and the winner will get $100,000 and a one-year contract.’ He’s like, ‘Are you interested?’ It sounded a little weird to him. I’m thinking, ‘Heck yeah, I’m interested.’ I grew up watching this. I love it. I’m athletic. And it’s being on TV. So it’s the best of both worlds. I didn’t win that contest, but then they offered me the three year contract from there.”

On first arriving to the WWE: “It was brutal. I remember I was in the locker room with Lita, who is very intimidating. I went to put my makeup on; I thought I took the worst spot in the locker room. I thought I was being respectful. I sat on the floor by a mirror. And she got up in my face, and she was like, ‘What? Do you think you can walk in here and take the best spot in the locker room?’ And I was like, ‘I’m sitting on the floor!’ I was considered the Hollywood girl. These wrestling girls, they paved the way of going to these Indie shows and training camps and putting their bodies through this for so long. And I just come from Hollywood and show up. So I get their side of it. I had to earn the wrestling respect side of it.”

How her WWE career came to an end: “We were coming back from a two-week European tour, and it was our last match in Nebraska before we got a break. It was a big match with me and Beth Phoenix, and I went up to the top rope for a spot where she was gonna hit the rope and I was gonna eat it. But my boot caught, and I nose dived. So I was knocked out, on live TV. The next thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance, and they said, ‘Your husband’s being flown in’  When you’re in a neck brace, and you’re in an ambulance, and they’re flying your husband in, it’s pretty scary. Thankfully I just had a broken collar bone and a concussion. But the hardest part is it shelved me. I worked so hard to get that spot, and that recognition from my coworkers, and from the fans. And now I’m shelved for six months. I think most wrestlers have a very relentless mentality. Somehow I had to convince (producer) Johnny Laurinaitis and the doctors there that my collarbone was not broken anymore, even though the X-rays show it was still. Somehow I weaseled my way into a match, and the first drop kick, I shattered it. But, I finished the match. I was shelved another six months. Then I was coming back, and WrestleMania was coming up, just being in overdrive. I did a Superman punch, landed on my ankle and tore two ligaments. That was the final injury where I got the call to say, ‘All right, kid. You’re done.’

Candice also discusses her famous GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial, life after WWE and growing up in Milwaukee.

You can read the full interview here.

You can watch Candice Michelle’s Final Match and post-match goodbye speech below:

Watch House of Hardcore 36 from houseofhardcore on

What did you think of the interview? What are some of your favorite Candice Michelle moments? Would you like to have seen more of Candice during her time with the WWE? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Aw loved reading this. She really paid her dues and improved to the point where fans voted her PWI’s Most improved wrestler in 2007 (to this day she’s still the only woman to have won the award).

    It’s so sad to see the injuries were the end for her because she was at her best before them. Each time she came back stronger but it looks like WWE doesn’t tolerate injury-prone wrestlers.

    I hope everything goes fine in her final match and she gets her own fairytale ending.

    • Ultra Instinct Shameronstar

      I secretly hope she decides to still do it more from time to time even tho this is her “last match”.

      • Maybe if it goes great she might change her mind!

        • Coy Castillo

          I doubt she will return to WWE or do other wrestling matches after this since she have 3 little kids to take care of, I believe this might really be her last match to be a full time Mom. I’m thinking this will be her way of thanking her fans for always supporting her in her wrestling career. :)

          • The_Shockerwave

            She has in a way returned to the WWE as she is still in good terms w/ them and frequently is Backstage alot when they hit the spot where she lives at. So If Candice wanted to come back and The McMahon’s would do it we’d see the Return of THE CANDY WRAPPER (CANDICE’S VERSION OF THE UNPRETTIER/KILLSWITCH)

          • Ultra Instinct Shameronstar

            Mmm… I have sweet tooth for some candy;)

          • I know, she said she wants this to be her real last match, a closure on her own. But who knows, maybe she gets the itch for more matches per year. Either way, she accomplished what she wanted!

  • MiguelAngl

    Candice Michelle. She was one of the most improved diva that time. She have so much potencial but the injurys….

    I hated Beth Phoenix for years. But things like that happen and they are in goodterms. Love the HOF speech.

    Love her career so far…

    • Ultra Instinct Shameronstar

      Queen proved models can be as tough as they are beautiful:D

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      • Annie

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    • KingsPromise

      omg I cried like a baby when she they first handed her the title and she dropped her head to cry. UGH queen <3

  • Summer_Slay

    COME AT ME AGAIN SAYING THAT MODELS CANT WRESTLE. Its beyond irritating and arrogant to see how fans disrespect the models/divas taking everything away from them saying that they cant wrestle and arent good only because they look better than what they are used to.
    As if the divas didnt take the same bumps, hits and bruises and didnt suffere the same injuries.
    The divas era had amazing talents like Candice, Michelle, Layla, Eve, Kelly, Melina and girls like Brooke, Taryn, Candice and The Bellas girls that everyone hated on them when they first started NOW they are living proof that you can improve as long as you keep on pushing and give 100%.

    • The_Shockerwave

      You mention all them but you forget the Greatest of the that ERA as this Woman was a Fitness Model before she was signed:

      • Summer_Slay

        I left out Trish on purpose because no one is taking anything away from her. I’ve seen comments such as Trish and Lita can botch all they want because they are legends. But if Kelly Kelly/Nikki Bella/Candice (I’ve even seen people saying McCool couldn’t wrestle) for example is to botch something people will quickly say they cant wrestle and they only got signed because of how they look.

        • jcott3

          Michelle McCool mainly had a “she’s only getting pushed because she’s dating the Undertaker” stigma, even though Jim Ross has said she didn’t get special treatment.

          Michelle could wrestle – her problem was it took a while to find a character that worked for her.

    • I agree with everything you said, but I also believe that outfit Candice is wearing in that gif was a huge mistake. I can’t believe her boobs didn’t fall off when she wrestled in that.

      • KingsPromise

        that whole outfit was a mess. All the variations of it were also a mess lmao

    • Pablo Albarrán

      The thing is that is not about beauty, and the problem was exactly that, that it was turned into an issue of being beautiful and they stop appreciating the talent that women could display in the ring and what they have to offer for really creative entertainment purposes, putting aside women that didn’t fit in their concept of beauty and forcing everyone to dress and act according to some stereotype for the sake of fan service.

    • Ev??

      I see just as much people attacking girls for being great on the ring but not being stereotypical “beautiful”

      It works both ways tbh, it annoys me that people hold both type of girls back

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I love Candice Michelle so much!! She’s my all time favorite diva. That first night she appeared on Raw promoting the DS and touching her nose wit her tongue I instantly fell in love. You can just imagine how shocked and happy I was when she got signed after losing the competition. I’ve been supporting her since day one. I cried tears of joy when she finally won the belt from Melina. I really do hope to see footage of her last match. I always wondered what would’ve happen if she didn’t get injured. How big would her star really have shined. But one thing we can always say about Candice is that she is a testament to working hard and it paying off. That lady worked her butt off to become champ. Most would think she’d be another Torrie Wilson but she proved them wrong.

  • Kara Stevens

    I miss Candice, i’m hoping she’s really not retiring for good. I’d love to see her back in the WWE. She improved so much, it’s a shame she got injured.

  • I miss Candice so much, she had so much to offer in the ring, so much potential!

  • BC

    Candice is one that makes me sad how her career ended. She’s one of my all time favorites and I believed in her from the beginning lol. Thank god she became everything I had hoped she would become! She learned to wrestle, earned respect and became the Women’s Champion. :’) If she didn’t get injured I feel like it would have gone many different ways.

    I remember all the hype surrounding her! Some people were saying she was “The New Trish Stratus” and she was over with the crowd but then that injury happened and she just never found her footing again after that. Too much time had gone by that new women got the spotlight.

    I hope she kills it tonight. ??

  • carmellsworth

    diva dirt bring back style jury !!

  • albert albie aldahawi

    My fav diva ever ??

  • NoWayHoeSay

    My 4th fave ever! So happy I got to see her live!

  • #BrieForPeace ?

    Candice is and always will be to me the most improved wrestler ever. You’re talking about someone who was seen as eye candy, a playboy model and turned into an all round wrestler that showed fire and determination with each match. That match with Beth Phoenix where she got injured was iconic. All of their matches together had that same aura that Lita vs Trish had. She is an inspiration for all women in wrestling and someone they should look up to in terms of drive, passion and the never ending will to improve. I hope this is not her last match and we can see Candice imortalize herself as one of the all time greats.

    • Moan of ‘Licia

      She’s 40 and hasn’t wrestled in close to a decade. Foh with immortalize herself as a great.

      • #BrieForPeace ?

        Idc, age isn’t a factor. Victoria has been wrestling regularly despite her age. This could be a return for her. But anyways she proved last night what I meant anyways, she always strives to do her best despite her condition. Foh with your rudeness kthxbye

  • Johnny

    Can she do one more soft core porn film? Please?

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    I remember being that little kid with horrible grammar on that lethal wow women’s wrestling board ALWAYS supporting Candice.

    That girl worked HARD. And she improved FAST. No she didn’t look as naturally athletic as some, but you can’t take any of her hard work or accomplishments away from her. She and Beth were busting their asses during a tough time for the women’s division and people took notice. That injury really did ruin it for her.

    I’ll ALWAYS support her.

    • BC

      I remember that board!!! Lol

    • Juan

      Damn! Lethal WOW, haven’t heard that name in years!! Lol I was a huge Melina mark back in the day, so I hated Candice for taking the title from her. Especially in Diva-Dirt’s early blog years…

  • Litax4

    Candice is one of my all time favourites! watching her from the diva search all the ways to winning the Women’s championship from Melina was a true heart warming moment! So sad her career ended how it did she could’ve done so much more! She sure has left her mark on the WWE and the women should have great respect for her.

  • Kiana Taylor

    Queen!!!!! Love her, anybody who would let vince old cruchy melting skin horny ass kiss them are brave as fuck in my opinion, i was so upset when she left due to injuries because she was really improving and working her ass off, had she not been injured i believe she could’ve been a multi womens champ or even divas champion, i hope she can use these bops for her match

  • Laquane Anderson

    Iconic queen.

    On a side note. I’d have decked Lita in the face. Respect is a two way street. U don’t get it because of who u are. U have to earn it. I hate that old wrestler mentality.

    • MK126

      Idk i feel like Lita was prolly ribbing her. Like really the BEST spot is sitting on the floor doing your own makeup? Lita might have just been joking to see how Candice would respond

      • NoWayHoeSay

        I work in make up and if day one new girl in my mirror il be moving her as well

        • MK126

          But understandably Lita would have someone do her makeup since she was a big name. Candice was new so she picked a spot on the floor to do her own shit. I really do feel like Lita might have just been hazing her to she if she’ll survive the lockerroom. Its not like they had problems after this moment

          • NoWayHoeSay

            Hmm lita did slap Stacey in a club

          • MK126

            Cause she was apparently flirting with Matt when they were together and Stacy just came over from that invasion storyline. Flirting with bf > sitting on floor to do one’s makeup lol

    • Winter Fresh

      The guys have it worst

  • Randall
  • Gayomi.

    bye Lita’s rude ass never did indies she barely worked in her matches she relied on the other girl

    • Winter Fresh

      Lita was in the indies prior and post WWE.

    • Randall

      Is it that serious though? Lita learned how to wrestle in Mexico…they’ve both are obviously over the issue seeing that they took pictures together post wwe.

    • Randall
      • ssilva872

        Proof that whatever minor beef they had in 2006 is long over.

        I honestly think Lita was being sarcastic (as in why are you on the floor sit down at the make up table?) because why the fuck would the best place to do make up be on the floor?

        I don’t know if they do signings together a lot but when I met them they were together

    • Wicked Emma

      You need to do your research. Lita wasn’t being rude at all.

    • AlexV

      That’s false. Lita worked all over the east coast Indies prior to wwe and did a stint at the Funkin Conservatory with Dory Funk and then ECW. She was partially trained by Leilani Kai a former WWE Champion and did a bunch of shows. Lita and Candice are friends or atleast up in good terms, otherwise in highly doubt they’d be taking as many pictures as they have together post WWE.

    • AlexV

    Love Candice. Beautiful person who embraced wrestling with hard work and a great attitude. I was saddened when injury abbreviated her career because I saw massive potential in her. But, her post-WWE life with her family pretty much shows how happy she is so good for her.

  • @@@@

    Candice Michelle was getting so good but that first injury really messed her up. When she came back, she lost her momentum of getting better in the ring.

  • KingsPromise

    Candice looks so good in this outfit yassss especially after 3 kids.

  • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

    Ahh I hope someone records it and puts the match on YouTube! If y’all find it could you hook a sister up and link me please? It’s funny because the place is only 3 hours away from me and I was gonna go but all my friends couldn’t make it ??

    • KingsPromise its on here for free sis <3

      • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

        Tysm sis. ?????? She looked so fucking good in her attire. All the bling yes KWEEEN ??????

  • KingsPromise

    Candice got me in my feelings omg

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    Candice/Beth was the best women’s feud from from the WHOLE era in between Trish/Lita and Charlotte/Sasha. It tops everything that happened in between those two time periods in my honest opinion. (not counting TNA)


      Honestly, LayCool vs Mickie and AJ vs Kaitlyn were much better in my opinion. Both were very personal and had much more memorable moments while I believe Candice and Beth lacked memorable enough moments to make their feud… stand out per day.

      • Moan of ‘Licia

        Can’t remember anything about AJ/Kaitlyn.

      • Typical Heel

        Kaitlyn vs Layla vs Eve too with that whole “Who attacked Kaitlyn?” storyline was really good too, Kaitlyn may have not been around long but she was popping during her final days in WWE

    • Moan of ‘Licia

      Beth/Melina and Mickie/LayCoolIckie were better.

    • AngelBlissRae

      Mickie and Trish Stratus say hello! Lol

  • One of my faves and the moment when she won the Women’s Championship is one of
    My favorites, i cried a river. I wish her career was longer than it Lasted.

  • Damn!

    She was one of the people who helped build Beth’s career when she was just starting in the WWE and her getting recognized by Beth during her HOF speech was really touching.

  • Tnn Crs

    Her gear last night was absolutely stunning !!
    Candice will always be one of my favorite Diva she is so inspiring. Those who say that before the 4HW there was no female wrestlers forget that women like Candice are the ones who paved the way and that they deserve all the respect for their hard work in a business that was not treating them the right way.

  • Tevin Campbell

    I use to live for Candice Michelle. It wasn’t until 2007 that I really started appreciating wrestling(my step dad was always watching it). She was the reason I went back every Monday to watch wrestling. I remember when she got injured I cried my eyes out. When she came back the first time I remember jumping for joy only for it to end so fast. The second time around I had the same feelings. This girl will forever be one of my all time favorites. I use to defend her on the WWE fans site every single day for so long. I just connected with her so much, I’m glad to see others felt the same about her.

  • GlowTime

    There’s a lot of love on here for Candice. I was never really a fan of her myself, but I respect her for improving so much and her passion for wrestling.

    ..and everyone commenting on the Lita thing and respect etc. You realise the WWE is like that as a whole with new guys right? Especially if they’re fresh in from “Hollywood” or the likes? They’re friends now, that’s all that matters.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    Candice was amazing! It’s such a shame injuries ruined her career because I 100% believe she would’ve been a multi time Women’s Champion. She’s definitely the most improved wrestler I’ve ever seen and my second favourite women’s wrestler of all time. Can’t wait to see her wrestle again!

  • Candice. The Queen of the model divas.

  • Dylan Gutierrez

    The Lita incident feels like Lita was ribbing, almost reads like a joke but it’s common knowledge they do this to all newcomers apparently.

    • ssilva872

      Yeah either a legit rib or just a sarcastic remark basically trying to get to get off the floor because nobody was forcing her to be there.

    • Umnei

      I think Candice always took it as a rib. She mentioned it in the Table for 3, no? Either way, it doesnt seem like she’s too bothered bout it, which is great when in that kind of industry :)

      • We’re only pulling this from the Table for 3 Interview right?
        Lita is the type that, yeah she might want respect in the locker room, but she wouldn’t try to scare the poor model at the time.

    • AlexV

      That’s exactly what came to mind. I think Lita was ribbing her…then again, she did throw Melina out of the women’s locker room or so I’ve read lol.

      Happy Candice got her farewell match. In would love to see pictures or even a video. Not a huge fan of her wrestling, but definitely liked her as a character.

      • Dylan Gutierrez

        The full match is on Twitch I believe. I saw it there yesterday.

        • AlexV

          Thanks! I enjoyed it. I was highly impressed by Victoria’s performance, that woman looks amazing and had me fooled about her knee! What a great heel she’s become! Candice did alright all things considered minus that horrible outfit. I’m proud of Candice overall. ?

  • Jfizzle

    Candice was my favorite so we drove 4 hours so I could see the retirement match. Some ring rust but the speech at the end was just beautiful and heartfelt. She got really emotional and the crowd was too. Worth checking out on twitch

    • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

      She looked so fucking good in her last attire. Truly one of the best wrestlers in the diva era. So much love for her.

    • KingsPromise

      I couldn’t tell from the stream, what music did she come out to?

      • Jfizzle

        It was the techno part from when her theme got the remix during her title run…so her theme song just not enough to get sued over haha

        • KingsPromise

          lmao nice!

  • Wicked Emma

    Candice is one tough girl.

  • Omar Zaal

    Her, McCool, Eve are the most improved Diva Search recruits.

    • KingsPromise

      Can’t forget Layla!

      • Omar Zaal

        I enjoyed Layla the most during the Laycool days.

    • Typical Heel

      And Layla

  • KingsPromise the reaction she gets in this match always gets me too <3

  • Moan of ‘Licia

    Even if she hadn’t gotten injured the third time around, she wouldn’t have reached her glory days. In 2007 she was this beautiful, but tough sexpot. Fast forward to late 2008-2009, the short Ruby Rose haircut, coupled with the extra pounds and sloppy wrestling skills = recipe for failure. If anything she should’ve returned looking better than ever. Melina had a successful face turn, and suddenly surpassed her in line AND they waited on her to return before taking the title off Beth Phoenix. Despite Candice being Beth’s first ever rival. Melina simply outworked Candice.

  • Typical Heel

    I miss her so much, one of my favorites, Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson are probably the only model types I ever really really liked, and I was sooo proud of her when she improved, and so sad when she got injured and had to end her career, I want her back in any commodity compacity, if she can’t be a wrestler, she could be a backstage interviewer, or manager or valet

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    So has anyone even mentioned the fact that Lita bullied her when she started lol? I wonder if the likes of Molly holly, ivory, jazz, etc bullied her, Trish, Victoria, and Torrie?

    • Lita and Trish came to WWE way before Molly and Jazz..

      • AlexV

        Molly, Lita and Trish all debuted in 2000 and Molly had worked matches with Jacqueline in 99 too prior to Lita and Trish getting signed. Molly wasn’t signed but she was technically there first. Jazz was signed in 01 and debuted a few months later. ?

        • I already knew all that but okay thanks miss.

          • AlexV

            You said wayyy before so I’m just telling you it wasn’t way before as you made it seem is all. No need to get pissy over it.

      • Angelica Marie MoNae

        Lita, Molly, and Trish all debuted the same year. Jazz came in 2001 less than a year later. My point wasn’t vets bullying rookies but “wrestlers” bullying non wrestlers because they were hired for their looks or any other reason other than actually being able to wrestle lol.

    • Carolution

      torrie got bullied by debra, sara (takers ex wife) and sable when she and stacy came in. lita was the locker room leader i mean lita was the one who threw melina out of the locker room and she had to change/get ready for matches in the bathroom.
      i think the non-wrestling girls have to prove themselves same thing the guys go through as well.

      • Angelica Marie MoNae

        So it was ok for them to bully the new girls that didn’t start as wrestlers even though they themselves didn’t start as wrestlers because it was done to them so they classify it as hazing or earning respect or learning the ropes. Bullying is bullying and it’s not ok in my book. So knowing Lita was the locker room leader encouraging and initiating bullying the new girls makes me lose a good bit of respect for her to be perfectly honest.

        • Carolution

          Where did i say such behavior was acceptable and i dont think lita’s “bullying” was even that but more of a sarcastic comment about candice being on the floor doing her make up.
          The girls/guys want people to prove themselves and thats not me okaying bullying but the people who do it are okaying that behavior.

          • Angelica Marie MoNae

            Candice said she understood she had to earn their respect and she seriously thought she picked the worst spot. If the comment was meant to be sarcastic im sure she would have mentioned it being so and that they laughed about it. And im sorry but the last part of your comment about the non wrestling girls having to prove themselves just like the men it sounded like u were defending that type of behavior because the men do it so i apologize for assuming you were defending lita in the situation.

  • Umnei

    All this time, she’s been labelled “injury prone” but this adds alot more insight to it all. She just didn’t recover… and it shows what a long way WWE has come in treating their superstars. Remember back when they said they were “independent contractors”? pfft.

    I’m glad Candice got this. She really was enjoyable to watch back then.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    My baby!! Loved seeing her improve from a Sexy eye candy diva to a true competitor. I always wondered how things would turn out if Candice hadn’t gotten injured

  • Candice Michelle and Michelle McCool were WWE’s first Diva Search success stories, and Melina is to blame for that. She gave both the girls their best matches which upped their confidence inside the ropes. A shame Candice got injured in that match with Beth. She was never the same afterwards. She was sort of like the pioneer of the whole Diva Search contestants proving themselves as wrestlers even though she was horrible after the injury.

    IMO the best DS wrestlers were Layla, Eve and McCool. The latter was terrible on the mic though. Maryse was great in 2008 but she became very average later on in her career.

  • Velveteen Banks

    Candice is still one of my favorite underdogs ever. Her matches with Beth Phoenix and her amazing two out of three falls match are among my favorite matches of all time. Her injuries ended her career, but she had a good run, plenty of spotlights and a championship to be remembered in history.

  • Carolution

    She was coming along nicely until injury after injury and then those unflattering pics of her weight gain from those injuries and she was done.
    How she convinced wwe doctors to allow her back i’ll never know since that was the end for her career and could have been a lawsuit ready to happen.