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December 6th, 2004 | Having been mocked for her troubles and labeled by Trish Stratus as the walking “Kiss of Death”, Lita was determined to get even with her on a big stage: the main event of Raw. Before the two faced each other in that main event Women’s Title match, Lita approached Trish backstage and shut her up with a kiss, “dooming” her. To her chagrin, Trish’s “Kiss of Death” theory was right: after a hard-hitting, show-stopping match that saw Lita nearly break her neck in a suicide dive, Lita defeated her and took her Women’s Title.

Also occurring today in history:
* 12/6/98 – Sable & Christian defeat Jacqueline & Marc Mero at Capital Carnage 1998.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • Danny?

    Honestly, truly….ICONIC!!!!!

  • Velveteen Banks

    One of the best matches ever in the women’s division and the absolute best rivalry of all time.

  • Perfect, and so was their booking with Lita.

    Instead of giving her the title right after she returned in September of previous year (given her popularity it wouldn’t have been a problem), they had her lose time and time again, making fans root for her even harder.

    She lost to Molly at SS, then to Victoria in the elimination 4 way, then to Victoria at Backlash, then to Trish in Bad Blood 4 way, then the pregnancy storyline started.

    There were SO many chances where she could’ve been handed the title bc of her popularity and she wasn’t. That’s what’s not special today. Women are handed titles left and right and moments don’t feel special.

    And it culminated with this match – in her hometown, against her arch rival, in the main event. 4 years in the making.

    • Like Mike

      In recent memories the most speical title wins would be Sasha’s win as well as Naomi’s at Wrestlemania. The rest of them felt rather hollow.

      • Yep. Unfortunately they ruined it with Sasha by having her win 3 more titles in under a year and then not have her successfully defend it.

    • jcott3

      Lita didn’t need to be champion to be over, and I think WWE were equal parts making sure she was 100% (it would have really stunk if she came back, won the title shortly thereafter, then got hurt again) and using her popularity to give a rub to the other girls she was facing (Molly, Victoria, …).

      And you are absolutely right that too many title changes are not a good thing.

  • Like Mike

    The original queens of main eventing. I loved this match, it had everything a wrestling match is suppose to. Tension, passion, drama, story, ring psychology, Sasha and Charlotte did these queens proud.

    • Izzy4lw

      This is what happens when a storyline is allowed to play out over time and there is proper buildup for a match. People often forget that the angle between them was building up for 8 months prior to this match; people have unfortunately become so ADD and so quick to demand instant gratification in matches that we likely won’t see a feud like this get over; Charlotte and Sasha’s feud lasted about 6 months and this entire site was howling for them to end their feud already. This is what happens if you get two equally talented character workers into the same place, have a strong story and great booking, and let the feud build to a fever pitch organically instead of shoehorning in an ending.

      • Like Mike

        I agree 100%. my only gripe about Char/Sasha was the fact that I felt they lacked a lot of storyline to their feud. It was really just matches and swapping wins back and fourth. The matches were amazing, don’t get me wrong. But I do feel like they could have done more out of the ring to push their feud along. But I think that’s an issue with a lot of WWE storylines right now. With shows like Total Divas and social media, kayfabe is basically broken all the time so the more dramatic outrageous storylines of the past are non-existent now. Not to mention going PG took a lot of the zest out of the product too.

        • Yeah and they rushed Char vs Sasha one year into their MR careers. This was 4 years after Lita and Trish debuts and everything came full circle. They didn’t do 20 matches in a row and then call it a feud, everything was built up to that point.

          • TrishStratusIsQueenDiva

            Yeahh I have to agree with you. That’s the difference between Sasha vs Charlotte and Trish vs Lita, the former really felt rushed whereas the latter was really built up through ups and downs as friends and as foes. No matter how far Trish and Lita strayed away from each other fighting other competitors and gaining championships and relationships, they always gravitated back towards each other each time as something different. Sasha vs Charlotte was just 6 months of back and forth. Now they still have time to continue their already great feud but WWE kinda burnt out what they could’ve prolonged

          • Yep they wanted to squeeze the feud into just 6 months, and a year after their debuts. It takes a lot more than that to call it historic. Trish and Lita had it!

  • TrishStratusIsQueenDiva

    Iconic! Legendary! A feud! Two of the greatest women’s wrestlers ever. Just the intensity and story of the feud alone is way better than anything these girls today are doing. We all know the wrestling wasn’t top notch but you overlooked that shit cause they were that damn good. They sold you on everything. Ugh take me back, they had my lil 8 year old ass hooked back in 04 ??

    P.S: I know my name says TrishStratusIsQueenDiva but I always give credit to the Queen of the North Lita ? she’s just my second fave lol

  • jcott3

    I think we can all agree this is one of the most important moments in the history of women’s wrestling.

    With that in mind, how many of you would be willing to give this match back to the ages IF, in its place, we got to have Trish & Lita burn the ring down in the WrestleMania 21 ladder match we never got? No, you can’t have both, though it would be nice.

    • John Finnie

      Id take the WM match as i was soooooo ready for lita & trish to burn WM to the ground with a great Wm first match.
      But i do & did love this match so much

  • Bad and Bossy

    One of the greatest Main Event’s in the history of Monday Night RAW. And one of the most iconic moments in Women’s wrestling.

  • Dropitboy

    One of the most important matches in wwe women’s history. I love everything about this match and the build to it ??