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December 21st, 2015 | At the 2015 Slammy Awards, Nikki Bella was crowned the ‘Diva of the Year’. Nikki won the award via a fan vote conducted on the WWE App, besting the likes of Naomi, Paige, NXT call-ups Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair. Prior to that, though, presenter R-Truth mistakenly named Paige as the winner, the angle running as a reference to Steve Harvey‘s Miss Universe mix-up. In her acceptance speech, Nikki thanked every woman within the WWE, from those behind the scenes to those in front of the camera.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • This one was well-deserved and her speech was beautiful, too.

  • Darryl lee

    Wow. It’s real nice to hear her talk about all these nice things on television as a HEEL. Her dedicating her victory to all the women in wwe including NXT. (sound familiar?) and all the little girls out there. Which is funny considering she and her sister didn’t bother to do any of that 2 years before this.

    • She stopped being a heel once she got injured, so did Alicia and Brie around this time.

      • Darryl lee

        I would agree to that if brie didn’t wrestle Becky as a HEEL that same night.

        • Team BAD were the only heels then. Just that week Brie and Alicia teamed up with Charlotte and Becky

          • Darryl lee

            Just because they’re teaming up doesn’t automatically mean they’ve turned.

          • Because they didn’t, they were already faces at that time.

          • Darryl lee

            Their face turns are not official. The fans don’t consider them as faces yet. Look at batista in late ’04. He was showing resistance to triple h and ric flair. But people still saw him as a heel. Because other than a few glares to each other, he didn’t retaliate any further and continued to work for triple h and flair until the build to wrestlemania months later.

          • It doesn’t matter what people think, the turns happened a month before that and with that tag match were official.

          • Darryl lee

            It wasn’t official until Daniel Bryan retired.
            And by the way, “it doesn’t matter what people think”? Did Vince McMahon ask you to write this?

          • It was. They were not put in that tag match for no reason.
            And no, reactions don’t make someone heel or face. Crowds today are smart and look beyond the characters and cheer or boo according to what they like, not what the character is.

          • Darryl lee

            “During that time” meaning that brie officially turned face during the time where Bryan retired.
            And since when did I even imply that crowd reactions mean that someone is a heel/face?

          • I LITERALLY posted a video of Alicia and Brie being on a face team and you’re posting stuff from Wikipedia.
            You need to go and rewatch that whole period. You said fans didn’t see them as faces then, to which I responded that it doesn’t matter what they see as long as the turns are made.

          • Darryl lee

            I thought you said that crowd reactions doesn’t make them heels/faces. Talk about hypocrisy. And the first video showing heels fighting heels.
            The second video shows brie wrestling charlotte (a babyface) So. By that logic you think that fans today think Roman is a heel since he’s been getting boos on most weeks.
            Or what about the MIZ? he’s been getting mostly positive reactions week to week. Does that make him a babyface?

          • No, the video shows babyfaces wrestling heels, and babyface Brie against another face Char, who was starting a slow turn then.

            That exactly is my point. Reactions don’t make someone a heel or face. Re-read what I wrote.

          • Darryl lee

            How could you or anyone know that they’ve turned babyface? Was there a segment before this that signaled a babyface turn? No.
            Were they jumped by other heels? No.
            Did they cut babyface promos before This? Nope.
            So yeah. Brie and Alicia fox, still heels. Just because they teamed with the babyfaces on that one show doesn’t automatically make them babyfaces.

          • They don’t need to do any official turns, random turns always happen as they need them. Alicia and Paige have had plenty of those. Heels dont team up with baby faces, unless in storyline filled matches, and that match showed that.

    • Royalty ?

      AJ didn’t dedicate to all women just certain women like Tamina, Kaitlyn, Paige and all the NXT girls most of them at least. She was being extremely shady and she knew it.

      • QueenSableBomb

        Nah lol. She talked about how she redefined the definition of what a “diva” is (and she did, given the time of when she was active) and stated that she hoped that women like Bayley, Charlotte, Emma, or Paige could win the award the year after. Nothing shady, just recognizing the talent within NXT and the ones that came from it ?????

        • Royalty ?

          that was shady you know it was and everyone else does. That’s why Nikki won it the next year. It’s what she deserves! The next person in line for the throne was Nikki honey.

          • QueenSableBomb

            If you think that what AJ said was shady then maybe you don’t really know what shady means…not sure who “everyone else” is but I don’t agree that it was shady and that’s that on that ????? And I’m not even gonna comment on the second half of what you said lmao

          • Royalty ?

            Girl shut up. That’s why you don’t think it was Shady because you don’t like Nikki. SHADING THE WOMEN DIVISION TWICE8. Pipebomb and then this.

          • QueenSableBomb

            Lmao resorting to being childish and telling me to shut up just because you don’t agree with what I’m saying? Yikes. Anyways, the pipe bomb was for storyline purposes and would’ve been a great way to heat up the storyline if the other girls hadn’t gotten upset about it. And this speech wasn’t even shady. Again, you CLEARLY don’t know what shade is.

          • Royalty ?

            girl you’re literally delusional.

          • QueenSableBomb

            Again, all because I don’t agree with you? Aight sis…

  • Monkey Tennis

    You know there are moments in creative’s long, loooong line of bad decisions that you just wish there’d been someone in the room with just maybe a tiny sliver of common sense.

    And that when creative made these sort of choices (such as Santina winning at Mania; Emmalina; Ellsworth grabbing the briefcase; And of course, this particular moment of ugh), maybe that person could have spoken up and said… “No, wait a minute. That’s a genuinely terrible idea. Let’s not do that.”

    Oh, what a better world that would be!

    • Your hate for her is insane and you comparing her to all that mess is ridiculous. But hey, at least you ain’t hiding it.

  • Royalty ?

    The Bella Twins won 2 years in a row and absolutely deserved it. She worked hard all 2014 and 2015. The fans knew who to vote for her ambition is so beautiful and anything she wants she sets her mind too and do it.

    • Greg Lee

      The 2014 Diva of the Year Slammy went to AJ Lee.

      • Royalty ?


  • That was faces vs heels, no need to explain how that works. Should’ve gotten it by now.

    • Darryl lee

      Yes you do. If you don’t, you run the risk of the fans not knowing what to react and so they just sit on their hands and stay silent. And think about it. Most if not ALL of the biggest stars in wrestling has some of the best, most memorable turns in wrestling.

      • No, I said I don’t need to explain you how face vs heel match works. The crowd sure got it.

        • Darryl lee

          Of course you need to. You need to give us a reason why we should cheer for someone. Whether they got attacked by heels, or they come out cutting babyface promos. Look at the Bret Hart and steve austin double turn at wrestlemania 13. It is still to this day the best face turn for a wrestler ever. Bret, who was the babyface going into this match. Turned heel by continuing to attack Austin after he beat him in their submission match. And Austin after he got up and walked to the back, the fans wouldn’t stop chanting his name.
          That’s one of the problems in wwe today when it comes to making new stars. Most of today’s turns are so lackluster and forgettable that it’s hard to get behind them for a long period of time.

          • The whole point is that they understood who were faces and who were the heels, period. The best way to do it is to explain it all like you said but many many times the turns are random with no explanation. Either way, they get the memo when it happens.

          • Darryl lee

            How would you know? Something could happen and you could be the only one in the audience to seemingly know what’s going on while the others just shake their heads trying to figure out what just happened. There are times where people just didn’t know how to react.

          • Whoever watches the program can notice easily. Simple as that.

          • Darryl lee

            The people didn’t know how to react after tamina blatantly stole charlotte’s line a few months back. And the people went silent when AJ (the heel) got attacked by natalya, Naomi and brie Bella 4 years ago.

          • what are you talking about? Charlotte was the one who stole the line and that was awkward because they were wondering why the same line was repeated twice. AJ vs Total Divas was the other case I told you, when heel got cheered, and the faces were considered the bad ones in the storyline.

          • Darryl lee

            Charlotte said it first. Tamina said the exact same thing immediately after. And you could hear a pin drop when it happened.
            And to refer to what you said about AJ and the total divas feud in ’13. Yeah AJ got cheered while the babyfaces got booed. But the fans knew she’s a heel, They always knew that. Just like I pointed out with the miz. The fans know he’s a heel. But they cheer him anyway.

          • Tamina wouldn’t have repeated it if Charlotte didn’t steal it herself. And that’s exactly why there was no reaction, because it happened.
            And that’s exactly it, fans always know who’s a heel or face, but they always react to their wishes anyways. Sometimes it will align with their roles and sometimes it won’t.

          • Darryl lee

            I just rewatched that segment. It started with natalya calling Ellsworth “chinless” (by the way, insulting people for how they look? Yeah. Stay classy wwe) then Charlotte said to natalya: “you better shut up before I make you look like Ellsworth.” Then tamina responded by saying: “Charlotte. You need to be quiet before you start looking like Ellsworth.” Yeah. Not EXACTLY the same dialogue, but it’s pretty much a rip off of what Charlotte said.

          • we got that. but that’s what Tamina was supposed to say first, not Charlotte. Hence why Tamina was caught off guard and didn’t know what else to say.

  • Dreignz

    Nikki Bellegend, a feminist icon. 2015 was her year, until her injury. She broke her neck for that record.

  • QueenSableBomb

    Cute speech. Not a fan of hers and I don’t really remember much of what happened that year but I’m sure it was more deserved than the last time they won.

  • TheRealest #ItsBossTime

    I’m far from being a fan of hers, but this was very classy and well deserved. Good on her for having Paige stay with her and praise the women in the company. It’s just a shame she couldn’t do the same when someone else was trying to support the women..

    • Monkey Tennis

      There was nothing classy about this. I don’t mean in terms of Nikki – she just did and said what was in the script, that’s not on her.

      But that whole concept of ‘accidentally’ announcing Paige as the winner as some weak reference to an incident that a bunch of people wouldn’t have been aware of anyway was just pure, undiluted, 24 karat cringe.

      • #FlairfortheGold

        It’s funny seeing you just hating on it?

  • Mansur Jugger

    What have Nikki Bella dose after it nothing she suck

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    ALL this did was make me miss the Queen Bella. I miss this heel Nikki she was Just EVERYTHING!!!!