After leaving WWE in 2014, Kaitlyn will be making her long-awaited return to the squared circle in 2018!

As announced by Coastal Championship Wrestling, the former Divas champion (aka Celeste Bonin) will be making her return on February the 10th at Coral Springs.

CCW made the announcement on their Facebook page:

The last time we saw Celeste in the ring was in a match against then Divas champion AJ Lee on Main Event, which she had lost.

Kaitlyn held the Divas championship once throughout her four year WWE career for a total of 153 days. She won the title from Eve Torres at the RAW 20th Anniversary Special in 2013, and lost it to AJ Lee at Payback that same year.

Bonin will be making her wrestling return in the main event of CCW, making it the first time women will be main eventing the show.

Tickets for the CCW event can be purchased here.

Will you be attending? What are your thoughts on this announcement? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Ghetto Baby

    Good for her. Her story of recovery is very inspirational

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Girl what the hell? The title of this article is very misleading….. I’m thinking she’s returning to WWE and it’s just some low budget Indie show. Child let me know when she coming back to the E and not this!

    • L.S #PushBillieKay


    • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!


    • ???

      TBH it got me too but it said she returns to “the ring” not particularly in WWE lol.

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        That part I get but they could’ve been specific for us slow folks lol.

        • ???

          Yes! It got me thinking that it talks about her return on WWE just like when they talked about Mickie James’s return before 2017 started!

          Most people don’t care about indie shows lol.

  • She can stay there.

    • YonceLuvsDivas


    • Number One

      WWE needs her

      • Brittany Smith


      • Kvngbalor

        To do what?

    • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

      Sister what are you doing? Smh

  • Guilherme Soares

    Royal Rumble expectations are over! :(

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      It’ll be February 10th so she’ll still be able to appear in the Rumble beforehand.

      • Guilherme Soares

        i mean return to WWE…

  • John Finnie

    I dont underatand why the indies are using the “womens revolution” as they have been breaking barriers for women on the indies for years…just stop jumping on the bandwagon.
    When i read she was returning my first thought was the WWE then my second was WHY go back there look at the way Mickie James have been treated & shes one of thee most decorated women in WWE history any women comming back needs to see 5he way Mickies been booked & if they want to just make money then go for it BUT if they want to be the top it aint happening


      Some indies promotions have no personality or creativity whatsoever, so they must copy everything a major league does. Very unfortunate, but it is what it is.

      • Raekon

        They named it that way because it will be the first time women will main event on this Promotion. From what it seems it will be Kaitlyn vs Rachael Ellering.

    • ???

      Definitely agree, it’s sad to see Mickie been treated that way and she’s just as great as Trish Stratus and she was 6x champion while Trish was 7x so there’s no difference. Now Mickie been used as low card.

      Kaitlyn didn’t even get that great treatment especially after losing the Divas title to AJ Lee, remember when Victoria and Melina were relevant in their first years? But all of sudden that changed in their last years..

      Long story short if Kaitlyn returned she’ll only be there to put over talents.

      • Joseph

        You can’t be on top forever, Mickie role is fine in WWE and i don’t she really cares what she does in WWE. Its more about her kid then her.

  • Ollie Roche

    Cheers to the most boring diva of all time.

    • Number One

      You mean Alicia Fox?


    Thank God she’s not coming to WWE.

  • Shakaib Iftikhar

    She is looking like a pornstar

  • I’m really happy more and more former WWE wrestlers are starting to work on the indie scene. Hopefully she won’t come back to WWE, because honestly I don’t think there’s any place for there there. The new girls are superior than her in the ring, but she still has a big fan base and a great personality, so hopefully she will have some cute moments on the indies (assuming it’s not just one night only).

  • Jaded

    Keep her there.
    She won NXT 2010 ,which was totally undeserved.
    Got many opportunities she didn’t deserve despite being below average in the ring.
    And took her tails and ran as soon as she was placed in the back burner and other women started getting pushed.
    Talk about lack of passion

    • I think she was good in the ring but other than that I agree with everything else.

    • Summer_Slay

      She wanst below average in the ring for sure. She could put a solid match. And she has proven it multiple times. Aslo there was a rumor that she had heat with Stephanie and thats why she left. She also wanted to focus on her clothing line and relationship.

      • Jaded

        She didn’t have any heat with Stephanie.
        Stephanie was interrupted backstage by a worker and used it in a storyline that involved Katelyn.
        In WWE you are not always on top, Naomi was one of the most Ill treated NXT call up, but she persevered ,today she’s mile ahead of Katelyn and will soon equal AJ’s title.

        • Merlyn

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      • Nicola Byrne

        She was below average! she only put on one solid match and was carried by AJ Lee.

        • Summer_Slay

          She had solid matches with Eve, Layla, Tamina, Alicia and Summer lets not.

          • Fransisca

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          • Audrey

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    • ssilva872

      This x100.

      If she steals a spot from someone (basically any former woman) more deserving in the RR I will be annoyed af.

    • Number One

      Thank God no one with intelligence agrees with you

    • Raekon

      First of all she and AJ wanted to do more but weren’t allowed, she got heat backstage twice because she did spots “divas” weren’t supposed to do like AJ hitting her face on the sink backstage and a hard bump she took at the Barrikade. Then her and tamina had a hard hitting match with several outside spots, spots with the steel stairs, Apron, Barrikade in a houseshow that People loved, yet when they had the Championship match on tv everything was cut out and they just went through the “Diva motions” for like 3 minutes before the Championship match ended. She had Passion for Wrestling but hated being held back like many other women hated. So when the time came for her to get married she decided to leave and AJ btw did the same later. At least Kaitlyn comes back to Wrestling while AJ entirely quit it. As about her NXT win: She did deserve it, she had the most Charisma and Played her role perfectly so People rooted for her to win. Naomi and AJ were better in the ring but Naomi lacked Charisma at that time and AJ acted like a 12 years old Teenager.

      • Jaded

        Naomi won basically every competition on that show. Katelyn only won because Vince wanted her to win

        • C Mack


        • Jorge Hernandez Moran

          Actually Vince never liked Kaitlyn as one of his divas cause of her muscle

      • Joseph

        Don’t you mean a 13 Year old Teenager?

    • MickUso

      I disagree with your opinion. Kaithlyn went from a women with barely any training to a wrestler. She learned the hard way on the road and very quick. She was pushed because she knew how to become a next level superstar. She separated herself from the rest with her looks, attire and moves. She left because the direction of her character wasn’t going anywhere. Her passion for the sport showed when she took the challenge of learning on the road, when she took the time to study and see what she needed to do to become the top women. She knows her worth and for that reason left but she was also facing tons of personal situations. The fact that WWE still have good relationships with her speaks highly about her.


    She was somewhat a good wrestler and had the luck to be involved in two good feuds in her WWE career, but that’s pretty much everything she’s done. Her title reign flopped hard and she had no personality at all, she has no place in today’s roster as everyone can bring something to the table. But good luck in this new chapter of your life, Celeste,

  • Summer_Slay



      I remember that match! It was a lovely one I have to say. They worked well together.

    • KingsPromise

      This was low key a good match. I loved Summer’s gear here, much more than her usual one.

    • Neutral

      I remember how surprised I was with how cute their chemistry was, I was like Yaaaasd Queen come taroughhhh!!!

  • Danny?

    Good for Kaitlyn but she can stay well away from the WWE so I don’t need to see her.

  • TeamAJ

    I was thinking whole time she coming back to WWE

  • ?too litty?

    I’m in tears. She is literally an inspiration to me. I met her when she won NXT season 3 at WrestleMania Axcess which her and Naomi were my top two during the season that I liked. I remember I just had missed her signing and she was about to leave but then I started dancing doing the running man which she did in the dancing competition of season 3 the debut episode. She told them she had to get a picture with me which she did. She was like “what pose do you wanna do?” After we said hello and stuff, I was near tears with my like 10 year old self. I randomly did her signature taunt before she had ever it done it and shortly after she started using so probably a coincidence but ?????. I lit love her and adore her. She is truly an inspiration to me. I’m so proud of how established she became by the time she was champion and how much she improved. I hope we see more improvement upon her return. Her spear is the best female spear in the business and definitely top ten overall, always looked devastating.

  • jbrizzy

    She looks great! I’mma just leave it at that

  • Royalty ?

    I thought she was coming back to wwe. She’s not needed there but she’s still very young in her career and could easily go back if they allow her too.

  • ThePeaceVibe.

    Honestly I never understood the hype about Kaitlyn.. if there ever was any. I could randomly be asked to name all of the womens/divas champions and she would be the one I would forget.

  • saul de la efe

    AJ and kaitlyn at the rumble could be cool…. impossible, but cool

  • Jamie Byrd

    I wish she could be in the rumble. I would love for her to “accidentally” JBL who was suppose to win the rumble over the top rope on to the floor and see everyone reaction too it I know that wrong but it would be funny as hell

  • Like Mike

    I really disliked Caitlyn at first on nxt season 3, but she really grew on me during nxt redemption. I think she was charismatic and goofy, and real, which is hard to come by sometimes. She was never a ring general, but she grew on me as a character and I loved her feud with AJ. In the early goings it was one of the best feuds in a long time.

  • Chargod Flair #5x

    A queen

  • BC

    Good for her. Hope all goes well lol.

    Hope WWE doesn’t pick her back up though. I became a fan of her because I loved her work with AJ. But after that… Went back to not really caring for her. Idk. To me… She doesn’t bring anything special! Plus there are so many women already who are above her/have more potential in the charisma/skills department.

  • Glitter Bliss Banks

    Any return is a good one! Glad to see returning to the industry, I personally always hated the “Kaitlyn” name, I don’t know why but I just didn’t think it did her justice, I think just being called “Celeste” would be cool and unique…like something out of mortal kombat!

  • Jtiera
  • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

    Not at some basic folks coming for Kaitlyn.

  • txistedbliss

    2 words. Royal Rumble.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Keep it

  • Kyle

    I think an indie is just what she needs to show me that she has some passion I’ve called her out on before. She had a good feud with AJ Lee, and I respected her performances and ability to do her job — this could cancel out some of my suspicions.

  • willh

    This title is misleading. I thought they were gonna say she’s entering the Royal Rumble or something. Lowkey pissed.

  • QueenSableBomb

    Lmao here I was thinking ol girl was coming thru for the royal rumble or something. Lemme know when she comes back to the WWE

  • Good for her and in her era love her work, but keep it away from WWE.

  • Typical Heel

    I thought this meant it was established that she’d be joining the royal rumble ???

  • Neutral

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS QUEEEN WOOOORK!! OMG I´m so pumped a queen, a legend, a star an icon, Kaitlyn aka Celeste Bonin I´m so living for this, queen of returns and queen of indies, I´m screaming so hard at some people trying to come for her even tho some of theirs are so below her even tho I´m mentioning no names…but anyways queen of overcoming obstacles and following her MANY dreams and passions!!

  • ralfikh

    Atleast she return. 1 of my fav. I hope she will use spear as her finisher. Cz not many women can make a spear look so impactful

  • Raekon

    Great to see her go back into Wrestling! I hope she does well and improves more as also gets more bookings and appears maybe in SHINE, SHIMMER or WOH. Would be great to have her all of sudden appear in the rumble and eliminate a few before she get’s eliminated but I highly doubt they will do that. Still very happy for her! :)

  • LIGHTSOUT | @MFckinLightsOut×1024/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2014/10/29/789/n/1922283/7d7e77e34653fd24_totaldivas-ariane/i/How-Pick-Your-Nose-Stealth.gif

    • AngelBlissRae

      Hey hoe

      • LIGHTSOUT | @MFckinLightsOut


  • GlowTime

    I love that she’s coming back, and even more so that she’s doing it on the indies as opposed to straight back in the E!
    Im sure she will be back on our Tv’s soon w/ WWE but I’m proud of her for going this way about it! ??

  • Nikki’s Sister

    Had me worried she was gonna be back in WWE. Anyway she can stay wherever she is.

  • TheDawsonOne

    Well, color me excited. I really liked Kaitlyn back in the day, happy to see her give wrestling one more try.

    Now, if Taylor Wilde could ever return to the ring one day…

  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    I really like Kaitlyn but the irony of her working the indies is aboslutely hilarious after she shaded the Knockouts in an interview (back when the Knockouts were miles ahead of the divas)

  • wish it was wwe and maybe she will be a surprise in the womens rumble match

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Literally looks nothing like her. Never liked her

    • Neutral

      Aww too bad :)

  • #BrieForPeace ?

    Can’t wait until all you fakes stan Kaitlyn when she returns to the E xoxo to the haters

  • Nathan

    Makes me sad reading the comments. I always liked Kaitlyn and would love her back in WWE

  • MickUso

    This lady can be one of the surprise returns of Royal Rumble, she is still young and I’ll love to see her mix it up with the division today. Back then she gave me good intense matches between her and AJ Lee and Eve. So I don’t mind having her around. She’s good in my book.