As seen on last week’s Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon announced that the WWE’S Women division will compete in the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match at the annual Royal Rumble PPV event.

Since the official announcement, there has been a wave of overwhelming emotions from the wrestling world and speculations as to whether any surprise entrants will take place.

Raw Superstar Sasha Banks recently spoke USA Today’s For the Win to discuss which legends she would like to see make an appearance at the PPV, her reaction to the news and reveals which Superstar she’d like to team up with for WWE’s upcoming Mixed Match Challenge. Highlights of the interview below.

On the Women’s Royal Rumble announcement: Yeah they didn’t tell us, they just said that Stephanie would be coming out… but I kind of figured. I don’t know, I just had that assumption that it was going to be something big, just because we were in the main event. I’m pretty smart, I like to think, so I assumed that it was going to be this huge announcement, and it was really cool because in the front row was my mom and my brother. It just made it all worth it. It made everything come full circle, how incredible this women’s division is taking off and that we just keep on breaking these barriers.

Thoughts on the women represented in such a major show: It’s huge, and incredible to see. Just in the past two years, like Stephanie said, this women’s evolution has just been taking off. I feel like every pay-per-view, the women just keep on getting opportunities and breaking down those doors and showing the world that we can do it just like the guys, you know? It’s so cool to see, and what makes me really excited is we could potentially see a singles match at WrestleMania for the women’s championship, which is my dream. I just want to have that one-on-one match at WrestleMania. So I’m praying to God that I win the Royal Rumble, but I know that the competition is going to be so hard. Hopefully we get to bring women from the past and women from NXT, because with just Raw and SmackDown we don’t have enough.

Which legends she wants to see in the first women’s Royal Rumble: Gosh, of course Trish and Lita. Beth Phoenix, Molly Holly, Jacqueline, Jazz… I mean, bring ’em all. Just to even think of the potential legends that could be in that ring with me, that’s what I’m really excited about. It’s crazy to even think. I’ve gotten to meet Trish and Lita already, and Beth Phoenix, but to be in the ring with them would be such a huge honor. I would just be like a little kid again. I feel like the guys get the opportunity to wrestle legends so much more than we do, so to have that potential is so cool.

Which Superstar she’d like to team up for the Mixed Match Challenge: That’s so hard because before I’ve had a lot of mixed challenges. I’ve had Enzo as a partner, I’ve had Roman Reigns as a partner, in NXT I had Bo Dallas as a partner. I don’t know… I love Samoa Joe, I think he’s incredible. Braun Strowman’s unstoppable. To be in the ring with a legend like Goldust… the potential is endless. I’m not sure how they’re going to pick out who’s going to be paired with who, so I’m really interested to see who I’m actually going to team up with, or even if I have a say. I might have to pick Samoa Joe, just because I like that theme song and I want to come out to that.

Resolution for 2018: Keep on breaking down the doors. I just want to wrestle and just be happy, that’s the No. 1. I want to wrestle and have fun. I want to steal the show. I want to be the face of the company. I want to main-event WrestleMania, if not this year then next year. I want to keep on striving to be the best I possibly can. I want to go down in the history books as the greatest women’s wrestler ever, but not just women’s wrestler, I just want to be the greatest superstar this company has ever seen.

Banks also discusses her historic match in Abu Dhabi, Paige‘s return to the WWE and what she does to pass the time on long flights.

You can read the full interview here.

What did you think of the interview? Would you like to see some legendary names as entrants to Women’s Royal Rumble? Who would you like to Sasha Banks team up with for WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Eric

    As the first of hopefully many women’s Royal Rumble matches, I kinda hope they just let the current roster girls do their thing this time and save the legends and surprise entrants for next year and beyond.

    • Raekon

      They confirmed that it will be a 30 women rumble though which leaves 11 spots up for grabs. Since NXT Talent only takes part when they are called up, we might get 2 spots filled by the iconic duo in case they are called up which leaves 9 spots for legends or “Special appearances” like MYC competitors (Jazzy, Mercedes, Candice and so on) or one appearance competitors from the past like Kharma, Kaitlyn or others.

      • TheMissingIconicMember

        They confirmed it? May I ask where?

        • ???

          WWE never said anything about it, it yet to be confirmed if it’s 30 or not.

      • Jorge Hernandez Moran

        I would die if Kharma comes out it be a great way to promote/tie in Glow since you know WWE wants as much mainstream notice as they can get. Anyways id prefer Miss Kia over Ronda any day

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Legend! I’d live for a Sasha vs Trish, Sasha vs Lita or Sasha vs Beth interaction in the Rumble. Honestly though, I’d live for any Sasha interaction because she’s just that great!

    • Beverly

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    • Fransisca

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    • Audrey

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  • TheRealest #ItsBossTime

    I really do love how ambitious she is.

  • Royalty ?
    • hitesh khanna

      what episode was this?

      • ssilva872

        This is clearly photoshopped lol.

        Brie’s hands/lower body are popping out of the poster board.

    • #FlairfortheGold

      Bellas queens? The 4 Hw are shaking!!!

    • Nathan

      I really miss the bellas, especially Nikki.

  • The more returns the better, I’m so excited to see who they are gonna call. Just please no Ronda.

    • TheMissingIconicMember

      Anyone but Ronda

  • ???

    Definitely misused by the WWE! That girl needs a big storyline, needs to have a relevant and long title reign, and definitely her main eventing Wrestlemania will be a MONEY!

    I really hope they’ll bring back heel NXT Sasha, the problem isn’t with her being overrated and been showcased alot the problem is that she’s misused and needs a great storyline and rivalry like with Bayley in 2015 and she WILL KILL IT and proves haters that women can main event Wrestlemania.

    Anyways, not sure if the RR will have 30 or 20? It really needs to be 30 women because more legends will return which is better, and please DO NOT let Rounda wins this because the WWE women really REALLY need this one.. at least do not let her win the “first ever” women’s RR.

  • OJ Von Erich

    I would actually really enjoy a Sasha vs LEGEND (Gail Kim/Trish Stratus) feud as she can deliver.

    • Sasha vs. Gail would be crazy!!!

      • OJ Von Erich

        Wouldn’t it just!

  • Darryl lee

    I really hope they don’t do the original 30 person format for the rumble. That just means more filler spots. I’ve no problem with bring back some old faces. But don’t go overboard there.

    • Diva_Fan

      Why not ? It should be 30 just like the Men’s imo !

      • Darryl lee

        Did you not read? It just means that they’re just filling spots. We don’t need all these extra filler in the rumble.

        • Diva_Fan

          I can read perfectly fine thanks . I don’t see the problem with fillers at all . And tbh there won’t be much fillers . If it’s 30 then they will most likely use all the Wome. roster apart from the champs , then some people from NXT which is good exposure/opportunity for them . And then some people returning/ making a comeback which is not a bad thing at all !

          • Darryl lee

            You don’t need too many people. And besides, you run the risk of the crowd not reacting to some of the NXT call-ups. There’s barely 20 female superstars on the main roster. Not everyone should get a chance to be in the rumble.
            Look at last year’s rumble with the men. There’s tons of filler spots with people who have no buisness being in the rumble.

          • Diva_Fan

            You really think the crowd reacts to every single person in the Male Royal Rumble ? because they don’t !

          • Darryl lee

            So what makes you Think they’ll react to some of the female talent? You don’t need that many call-ups or surprise entrances from ex-wrestlers.

          • Diva_Fan

            Well it’s berm confirmed at 30 Women on RAW so yeah … lol end of discussion

          • Darryl lee

            Those guys are just setting up for trouble.

  • Danny?

    I really wanna see a Victoria return in the rumble because she does not get the recognition that she deserves tbh. I’d also love to see Gail in the rumble but that’s defos not happening.

  • Kvngbalor

    Read Victoria name on other sites was included in who she wanted in Match

    • Zeek Jones

      sad wwe don’t acknowledge her at all

  • ???

    Here’s how 30 Women Royal will fit:

    We can have 2 RR with 30 competitors each one, including 2 championship matches (Universal championship match and AJ Styles vs ?? for the world heavy weight championship)

    BUT if WWE decided to include more matches then this will greatly decrease the chance of the women to have 30 entrants, sadly ;(

  • Gabriel S.

    Still not gonna report on Kaitlyn’s return to wrestling at Coastal Championship Wrestling on February?

    Ok then.

    • John Finnie

      Its been reported on here from last sat lol

      • Gabriel S.

        You mean the one where she “supposedly” could have been Sister Abigail? Or the one about her YouTube vid where she talked about her dilemmas?

        Unless Diva Dirt buried the story on another headline (which just shows bias), I have no choice but to feel really bad for the site that is supposed to tackle the women’s wrestling stories because most of the general wrestling sites (male and female wrestler) have already reported on this.

  • Cabbyhighs
    • ssilva872

      Would love that but I am pretty sure she never dropped the lawsuit so it would be very unlikely.

    • Zeek Jones

      man my all time favorite I would live for this!

  • Sasha ortiz

    Okkkkkk….off topic but I was watching the royal rumble where Orton, Rhodes & the million dollar son form this legacy faction while in the rumble and I got to thinking- wouldn’t it be cool to turn Charlotte heel because her face run isn’t cutting it for me, let’s be honest….not that great as a face, align her with Natalya, Tamina, and if the rumors are true about Tess joining wwe throw her in as well. Have them be this dominant faction where they think they’re the best because they’re legacy daughters. Name them the legacy sorority or something that has legacy in it. Then have someone who the story can be that they’ve been working hard to get where they are at or win ideally I would have Candance and have Charlotte feud with her about how she doesn’t deserve the championship because she is a nobody while she is a legacy- daughter of one of the greatest wrestlers.

    Just had to share this. I think it would make for great entertainment

  • AlexV

    I admire her ambition and drive to keep proving herself to be the best ever. I would love all those legends including Victoria to make surprise appearances at the Royal Rumble. ?