Tonight on Monday Night Raw (Dec 25th), Absolution took on the team of Bayley, Mickie James and Sasha Banks in a six-woman tag team match.

Paige started things off with Banks but after delivering a right forearm, Paige made a quick tag to Mandy Rose. Banks remained in control with a dropkick to Rose and followed up by making a tag to James, who struck Rose’s arm by flying off the top rope.

James continued to target Rose’s arm but the latter managed to break free with a knee strike to the midsection. Rose ran the ropes looking for a clothesline but James dodged it and countered with kicks and a running elbow strike.

A tag to Bayley followed, who landed a sliding elbow to Rose upon entering the ring for a two count. Back on her feet, Rose struck Bayley with a forearm and made a tag to Sonya Deville, who began to toss Bayley around via waist lock takedown.

Bayley managed to take back control after catching a knee strike and backing Deville to a corner. Bayley made a tag to Banks and the two worked together to deliver a Double Suplex on Deville. After being hit with the double knees, Deville slipped to the outside, luring Banks to follow and where she then laid Banks out with a vicious clothesline.

When Banks made her way back to the ring, she was taken to Absolution’s corner, where each member traded tags to wear The Boss down and kept her isolated. Banks finally found an opening to make a much needed tag to Bayley after tossing Rose to Paige.

A fired up Bayley threw forearms, a headlock takedown and suplex to Paige. When Paige tried to make a tag, Bayley knocked Deville off the ring apron and was able to hit the Bayley-to-Belly on Paige. Deville and Rose pulled Paige to the outside before Bayley could get the three count, which led to an outside brawl between the two teams.

Bayley tossed Paige back to the ring, where she then began to climb the top of a corner but was knocked off by Paige, who then hit the Rampaige for the win.

Keeping up with Christmas themed show elsewhere, Nia Jax found herself under the mistletoe with Enzo Amore. However, before the two could share a kiss, Alexa Bliss interrupted to pull Jax aside to discuss the upcoming Women’s Royal Rumble.

Later in evening, Bliss made an in-ring appearance to address the WWE Universe. The Raw Women’s Champion started off by reflecting on the year 2017, stating that it has been her year, noting that she started 2017 as the SmackDown Women’s Champion and will now close the year as the Raw Women’s Champion.

After recapping last week’s Women’s Royal Rumble announcement, Bliss went on to say “you’re welcome” to the WWE Universe and that she will keep an eye out to whoever emerges victorious at the Royal Rumble. This brought out Asuka who declared that she will enter the Women’s Royal Rumble, vowing to win the match and then taking Bliss down with a roundhouse kick.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Raw? Are you excited to see Asuka enter the Royal Rumble? What do you do you think will happen on next week’s show? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Jaded

    I was harsh on Mandy the first time, she’s no Eva Marie, she impressed the hell out of me tonight. With a little bit of work, I see her improving tremendously.

    • Diva_Fan

      Sonya is MUCH better in the ring imo and dosen’t get the credit she deserves she improves every match I see of her . Mandy is ok but she hasn’t done anything to impress me so far .


        I think people’s expectations are so low for Mandy that if she manages to make it through a match without botching a move or tripping over her own feet, she will get overly praised for it. The last few prospects of models WWE picked out (Eva, Dana, Alexa, Lana, Carmella) really didn’t live up to the expectation and hype the company put on them, and people are judging her according to those standards. I don’t think Mandy did bad, but she didn’t do anything memorable or impressive either. IMO, Sonya stole the match. Especially with that clothesline. But because she’s not this “girly model” she’s overlooked.

        • Seraphina Rosenhart

          I think Mandy it’s honestly hard to tell whether Mandy’s gonna be good or not. She has some great moves and on Monday we got to see a bit more of her moveset, which was nice, but I have no idea how she’s gonna be in a single’s match. Hopefully, she surprises us and is actually good.

    • Randall

      Lol what did she do that was so impressive? She’s okay at best but she did nothing in that match that was a WOW moment.

      • ???

        She had a match in NXT and she was so impressive, she needs to be in more singles matches so she can shine more!

        In those tag matches she didn’t do much tbh.

  • Mar_41

    I do not want Asuka to with the rumble

    • Jaded

      Lol, that’s like saying, you do not want Stephanie as Vince’s daughter.

      • AlexV

        Well there’s a rumor going around that it might be Rousey to enter and win, which I hope to God isn’t true. That would be a bummer, but we know how high the McMahons are on her too. Unless they go ahead with the 4Horsewomen rivalry? Then we’d have Paige vs Asuka? It seems as though we’ve all counted out Alexa making it to Wrestlemania as Champion too though? We might be wrong lol.

        • #FlairfortheGold

          Apparently The 2 other irrelevants have stopped training, so it’s seems very probable that Ronda wins and Challenges Charlotte at WM

  • Jaded

    Glad pam took the pin, it was getting tiring always seeing Mickie getting pinned, when we have pam .
    At a point Paige needs to have a direction though, how long will absolution beat Sasha, Mickie and pam before people get bored.

    • comradecena

      Why do people keep calling Bayley “Pam”? I know that’s her real name but it makes no sense

      • AlexV

        I was thinking the same lol.

      • I’m over here dying lmao

      • Neutral

        Because it makes them feel funny and cool following what everyone else says.

      • Omar Zaal

        I don’t understand why calling a talented wrestler an old White lady’s name is funny?

        • Vid Trim

          her actual name is pamela though

        • A?.

          and what does being talented have to do with ppl calling her that? it’s just banter gosh

        • Angelica Marie MoNae

          Because that talented wrestler’s name in real life is pamela lmfao. We didnt give it to her, blame her mom.

      • #FlairfortheGold

        Because she’s Pam…

      • Jo9834

        Its a love hate thing, I don’t think anyone means anything rude by it, you’ll see people online refer to their favourite stars by their actual names a lot nowadays, its almost like they know them personally which makes it quite funny.

  • Darryl lee

    Ok. She has to win the rumble match. Not rousey, not anyone else. If they pull of that stunt on NXT in January of last year. It’ll be stupid.

    Her promo on raw is exactly what it should be. Short, sweet and to the point.

    That tag match though. Why is there a need for yet another tag match between these women? Why is bayley (the most over gal in this match) eating the pin AGAIN? I know I’m asking for a lot when it comes to how wwe books it’s talent, but if they continue to ruin bayley for the second straight year would be foolish.

    • Bayley is the only one who hasn’t taken a pin since Absolution arrived until last night.

      • Darryl lee

        My bad. I guess I’m so used to seeing bayley lose on tv and the fact that she was on the highest of highs just last year to what’s happened to her now is just baffling.

        • Give it time, this break helped her regain her popularity, slow steps from now on.

          • Darryl lee

            I don’t think losing on tv constantly with little to no storytelling is going to help anyone, let alone bayley. I’d say just break her away from this absolution crap, and let her go solo. Build her back up by giving her a compelling storyline and some credible wins, just like in NXT.

          • Jaded

            Honestly pam was the only one that could take the pin. Mickie at this point has little to no credibility. Sasha has been thoroughly under utilised. How else do you get absolution over than beating the very over Pamela.

          • Darryl lee

            Very over? You think bayley has been “very over” since the year began? You compare the pops she would get before and after 2017 and you tell me. That’s the problem. Mickie, Sasha and especially bayley have been treated like dog crap throughout 2017. All those girls have very little credibility. So what does absolution have anything to gain from beating those 3 to begin with?

          • She literally hasn’t been losing, you dont seem to be watching the program. She’s won more matches than she has lost since her return. She’s getting cheers so it’s clearly working.

    • Like Mike

      Honestly, Mandy and Sonya need their singles in ring debut. See how they go on their own.

  • Vid Trim

    Pam’s slowly regaining her popularity back, good for her

    • Darryl lee

      Yup. She’s starting to get back her momentum back, then she ate the losing fall.

    • Omar Zaal

      I feel like NXT’s Dekota Kai would play Bayley’s character perfectly.

      Bayley is doing a great job but I remember when Bayley was first jobbing at NXT some DD’er mentioned how she should play a phsyco character similar to Victoria’s. That would’ve been epic.

      • Audrey

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        • Omar Zaal

          Google can get me a pipe so I can bust it over your head.

          • Mary

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      • Royalty ?

        Why do people always compare Dakota to Bayley I see no comparison what so ever.

        • MyleneCruz

          Idk how you don’t see it. I never even thought of it until today. I think Dakota could kill Bayleys role and actually offer a better moveset.

          • Looking Glass

            They’re both cutesy but Dakota has no gimmick, she was in the MYC as Dakota not ‘hugger’ or ‘WWE superfan’. They wouldn’t give her the same gimmick of someone who has proven to be a merch seller and what people have deemed the female Cena (however cringey that may be)

          • MyleneCruz

            Shut up

          • Looking Glass

            Really? You can’t have a respectable conversation so you take the juvenile option. Aside from looking a fool and invalidating your own point, it comes across juvenile.

          • MyleneCruz

            Wah wah wah should I call the wahmbulance CRY BABY!!!!

          • Looking Glass

            10/10 for originality, I’m pretty sure that was on Modern a Family like 6 years ago?

            And you’re literally the one crying because you have no point and you clearly can’t hold a conversation. Give those fingers a rest from that keyboard.

        • Omar Zaal

          They could be sisters

          • #FlairfortheGold

            Shayna is her evil twin sister….

      • Dawn

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      • Cynthia

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    I hope Asuka wins the rumble to face the champ Paige at Mania, a dream match right there;
    Six woman tag was good, Mandy and Sonya are doing finer than i first expected, nice work ladies.

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      Or she can just win the #1 contendership at Elimination Chamber and face Paige, the champ, at Mania.

  • lookwarm

    I hope this will be the last of Sasha, Mickie Bayley vs Absolution.
    Asuka winning the Rumble would totally make sense but, don’t you want any shocking factor in the Women’s RR results?

    • SteveMsh

      I totally agree, it would make sense to make Asuka the winner of the RR, but it’s too predictable! I I wanna a surprising winner, something shocking. If Asuka wins it’ll feel like ” oh yeah ok, she has to keep her undefeated streak, how original”.
      And if the rumors of Rhonda debuting at the Royal Rumble are true, I certainly don’t want her to win, it will so unfair to the other women that’s been in the WWE for far more time than her.

  • comradecena

    Asuka did a good job with her promo tonight.

  • Jo9834

    From the small amount we saw from Mandy, she’s certainly got promise, can’t wait to see her wrestle a one on one match with someone like Sasha.

    Paige needs to move onto winning the championship next, thats enough of the six woman shenanigans.

    Asuka did fine, and a great twist would be for her to go onto face Charlotte, a three month programme with her and Alexa would get old really fast.

    That clothesline from Sonya Deville and sell from Sasha was brutal!

  • conan_kun

    Since Paige returns, she pinned Sasha in single match, pinned Mickie in Tribute to the Troops, then pinned Bayley tonight.

  • conan_kun
    • Gerg

      so many questions , so little answers…tune in next in “WWE’s The Women’s Evolution isnt Forced”

  • Lorena

    My Christmas Wish came true, I got to see Alexa get her head kicked off. Thank you Asuka Clause!

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Sonya Deville is iconic! She’s improving week after week and I love her. She’s such a queen. The only boxer that I claim in WWE! Can’t wait to see her with the Raw Women’s Championship in the future.

    Did y’all hear about the Rumble rumors? They want either Ronda Rousey, Nia Jax or Asuka to win the Rumble..

    • conan_kun
      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        Duh, Sasha is a great seller. I been knew. But Sonya does good every week as well

      • Angelica Marie MoNae

        Tbh sonya actually looked liked she knockef the hell out of sasha so sasha’s selling helped but sonya’s execution looked like it hurt too so i give them both credit on that one.

      • Zeek Jones

        this gave me mad Jazz vibes!!

    • BC

      Vince would SO give it to Ronda

    • Jaded

      She came from a fighting background before WWE. It’s much easier to transition.

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        Then why Shayna wrestle…. let me shut up!

    • Neutral

      Omg yas a fellow Sonya stan, tbh she doesnt get enough recognition.

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        Exactly. They praise Mandy every other week for basically doing nothing, saying she has promise when Sonya has been doing better lately.

        • Randall

          Right I’m not sure what people see in Mandy at the moment. I would much rather see her in NXT right now. I keep forgetting about poor Sonya since they rarely put her over in matches.

      • #FlairfortheGold

        Girl I stan hard for Sonya too!! Especially because she has my sisters name as well lol

    • #FlairfortheGold
  • This was the best Mandy Rose has looked tonight.

  • Famousrockstarr

    Alexa & Mandy ???? Two of the baddest. Can’t wait for Asuka to get knocked off her throne so she can no longer say that no ones ready for her… ugh ?

    • Looking Glass

      But if she has to stop saying that she’s going to have to learn more lines!

  • #GODBless?InsaneHippy?#NaoMob

    It seem to me like although Asuka said she’ll be entering the rumble she just might beat Alexa beforehand and win the title…like Why Alexa needed to talk to Nia about the Royal Rumble if she’s the champ…idk probably just wishful thinking i would rather not have Asuka in it so it can have some type of unpredictability or have paige win the rumble so they can set up Asuka vs. Paige

    Mandy and Sonya doing good but if Paige is able to pin Sasha, Bayley, and Mickie…Why does Paige need them?

    • Raekon

      To save her after she eat a belly to bayley and similar situations.

  • morebeefplease

    This is off-topic but the cruiser weights were lookin FINE ASF tonight.

    • Omar Zaal

      Except Enzo

  • The staredown between Asuka and Alexa was so long and werid.

  • Raekon

    I REALLY hope that the rumours abour Rhonda Rousey entering and winning are not true and I really hope that Asuka and Nia are eliminated by a combined effort from the other women cause making it totally predictable by having Asuka or Nia win won’t make the rumble good but rather a lackluster.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Paige to win title next Monday

    • Randall

      I would rather see a build up then get just taking the title.

  • Nikki’s Sister

    Lmao @ the entire division fighting off Absolution 2 weeks ago only for WWE to keep booking this storyline like it never happened.

    • Like Mike

      Honestly forgot about that lmao I guess they succeeded

  • They are stalling with this Alexa reign for NO reason. Asuka should’ve had her title match right there.

    And are we gonna keep seeing Absolution vs other 3 until RR? Do something to progress the story, not the same thing again.

    • Izzy4lw

      I kinda thought they were doing with Alexa what they did with Nikki Bella- have a lot of things going on AROUND them in the end to lengthen their reigns so they could be “longest reigning” and have that little accolade stamped on their WWE Resume. The problem now is that by purposely keeping Alexa away from Absolution AND Asuka, they’ve now completely stalled the storylines on raw, since it’s obvious Paige should go for the title, as should Asuka, since both women have no effectively stamped out the rest of the division between them. That leaves only Bliss and Jax left for them to beat, but WWE doesn’t seem to want it to happen.

      • Yes especially with RR around, but Alexa already broke Charlotte’s record so idk what they are doing rn.

    • Chargod Flair #5x

      No she shouldn’t have? That would make the rr pointless

      • Asuka having random matches every week is what’s pointless. It makes no sense to hype her as a treat yet not give her a title or contenders match.

        • Chargod Flair #5x

          Atleast it gives girls like Dana and Alicia air time.

  • Hoooshi

    WWE really isn’t slick having these “I will enter the royal rumble” segments when we all know all the women will be in it. They just want more opportunities to keep reminding people of the huge favor they are doing women’s wrestling.

    Also if Alexa interrupted Nia the least they could do was have Nia with her in the ring.

    • Jaded


    • Looking Glass

      What they should be doing is holding actual qualifiers for it, that way not guaranteeing the current roster all the spots and creating tension. I mean I think all the women deserve a chance but do we really think Lana and Dana are booked to win? They’re wasted spots.

  • Glitter Bliss Banks

    Call me old fashioned, but I’m slightly bothered that WWE doesn’t give the talent atleast Christmas Day off? I personally feel they should end the year off before Christmas (December 20th-22nd) and start touring and airing again in January, They all deserve a lengthily holiday break and time at home with their families!

    I know that’s not realistic though and I know that this is a business and plans and schedule’s are put in place, I just think it’s a lot considering what they all do all year round, a holiday break would be appropriate and well deserved.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas ????

    • Mykiiey

      They’re usually off, but USA network wanted them Live this year

    • ???

      Agree! Even though I love to see them every week but I feel bad for them to not at least have a holiday and work YEARS with no holidays, it’s crazy and they’re humans just like us.. it’ll not harm WWE if they gave them one or even two weeks break!

  • Victoria&Melina19

    I’m already tired of Absolution vs Sasha, Mickie and Bayley. But what I am happy is Bayley ate the pin since enough damage has been on Mickie and Sasha lately.

    I like Alexa but she needs to lose the title asap. Like when was the last time she defended it on raw?!?! It’s getting kinda boring, just like if any other woman held the title that long without defending it people would complain.

    What I don’t understand is having the woman say they are entering the rumble when we know they all will enter…unless someone of them won’t. I actually would like to see an Asuka and Alexa match, it might not be as bad but just not at Wrestlemania. Paige vs Asuka for Mania would be good. So I think Piage should get the title before the Rumble imo

    • conan_kun

      What’s wrong is they let Alexa go over Bayley, Sasha and Mickie, leave it only Asuka left to face her but they may want to save that for certain PPV. Now they can’t go back to let Bayley, Sasha or Mickie dethrone Alexa after they lost all the matches against Absolution, plus they cannot do Paige vs Alexa in heel vs heel feud and match.

      • Victoria&Melina19

        It’s WWE fault in terms of Alexa going over the first three so quickly that she has literally no on left to face. If they are leaving asuka vs Alexa for a certain ppv then it’s most probably Mania. The champ needs to do something
        A heel vs heel could work if done properly but honestly should have had Paige return as a face

  • Summer_Slay

    Assuming there are 30 spots 20-22 (idk if they are to let the champions enter because doesnt the winner gets a title shot what would be the point of having the champions enter) are taken from the main roster girls. Leaving only 8-10 spots free for the NXT girls, MYC contestants, Returns and Debuts.

    And oh God, please dont let Floponda ruin this for the girls!

    • Neutral

      The champions wont be in, Charlotte already confirmed it in her promo when she said she would be waiting for the winner of the RR at Wrestlemania.

    • Neutral

      B*TCHHHHHHH That Queen Joy reference come throughhh!!


    That clothesline from hell was a freaking highlight! Well done by Sonya and sold by Sasha. Both newbies impressed here. Although Mandy still looks lost when it comes to her confidence and character work during her entrance and sometimes in the ring, she shows promise in the ring which is good.

    With that being said, it’s getting stale. The match was very strong tbh, I enjoyed it for what it was but it is stale. The same match every week and no clear direction for Absolution or the rest. Boring…


    The title scene needs something to work with too. I am sick and tired of Alexa, our champion, doing nothing. I thought turning Alexa face could have been a way to go having her go against Absolution yet she comes in and cut the “heelest” promo possible. Do something with her! Can’t even remember what her last match was.

    I hope the plan is to have Asuka win the Rumble because so far, they have yet to put the full focus on her and really give her work to do. That was her first time speaking on the mic on the MR and that says a lot.

    • conan_kun

      At this point, I can see they won’t let Alexa defend her title at Royal Rumble and even Elimination Chamber PPV when SD woman or Ronda wins the rumble to face Charlotte, then women Elimination Chamber match just to decide No 1 contender at Wrestlemania, this leaves Alexa without defending her title on TV for 5 months since her last TV defense is against Mickie on Oct 30 Raw. Hope I’m wrong.


        That’s a lot and I am not even sure we are actually getting the Chamber match this year. I see Asuka winning tbh and if this week wasn’t evident enough that she is the favorite, well I don’t know what they can do. I see Ronda in there but RAW is definitely taking this one with Asuka since I still think 4HW vs 4HW will happen at WM and not Charlotte vs Ronda in singles in a match where both can’t really afford to loose.

        Either ways, they have to do something because even for her, it’s not doing her any favor. I want her to be involved in an actual STORY!


        I can see Alexa not defending before or at the Royal Rumble since it’s obvious both Paige or Asuka will be the next champions and I can’t see WWE taking one of them out of the royal rumble by making them champion before. But I do think Alexa will lose her championship on a Raw after the RR. I don’t know how otherwise they’d be able to keep dragging out her reign for another two months after RR.

  • Geo14

    I like Paige but she didnt do nothing but a sextape to deserve THAT push.

  • Alejandro

    I’m not interested of watching yet another 6 woman tag-team match. I also don’t understand why WWE is doing segments announcing who’s entering to the Royal Rumble, we know they all are entering to the match. It would’ve been more interesting to see them have matches for entry numbers.

  • Randall

    Lol it’s so stupid that the women have declare themselves in the Royal rumble when I’m pretty sure all of them will be in the match. I wish they would just put Alexa in a feud right now with someone like Alicia Fox or Dana Brooke so they won’t have her just sitting around until there is a winner at the Royal Rumble. They should do an elimination chamber for the women and that’s when Bliss will drop the belt.

    As for the 6 women tag match I’m already tired of seeing this match over and over

  • Randall

    How tall is Askua? Her and Alexa seem to be the same height tonight lol

    • MK126

      Asuka is actually kind of short… I wanna say shes like 5’3 or something

  • MK126

    With the women announcing themselves in does this mean that not everyone is going to be in the match? Since were apparently only getting 20 women from what I’ve seen online I think the women announcing that they are in only confirms a small number of women from each roster will be involved


      That’s also what I thought because unless if they have a 20 women rumble match without all the member of the roster, there is no point in having some people declaring themselves as being involved in the match.

  • Looking Glass

    I hope Asuka doesn’t win the royal rumble, she really doesn’t need to. Though given the choice between her and Rousey, itd Be Asuka anyday.

    Also we’re still getting the same match for what the third or fourth week in a row? Bayley and Sasha might be okay racking up the losses but Mickie doesn’t come off great at all.

  • Callisthenes

    Like many, I am getting bored of the three on three tag matches mainly because I feel like it has been a while since I enjoyed a good long one-on-one action and would like to see what those ladies can bring given a one-on-one situation. Can’t they just follow the old Mickie-Ashley-Trish alliance vs Vince’s Devils and at least have a one on one match every now and then to showcase the ladies more? The remaining ones can just stand by the ring. I mean the one on one match between Sasha and Paige was so good and I am surprised they didn’t follow up on more one on one fresh action.

  • conan_kun

    Sasha and Mickie spending all the time brawling with Sonya and Mandy until they aware the match is over

  • Diva_Fan

    Sonya is improving every time I see her that clothesline to Sasha looked BRUTAL !

  • MickUso

    WWE is doing a good job with the Royal Rumble playing the “I’m entering the Royal Rumble match” setting but as fans, we all know most women will be in. The numbers don’t play in their favor. They need as much flesh as they can get, so it’s pretty obvious that most women are in.

    The real questions are; Are the RAW and SD!L Women’s Championships being defended? Who are going to be the contenders?

    No women should fight to qualify, they should fight to get later entrances…

    • Scotty Biscotti

      I am not sure why at least one of the women’s titles cannot be defended and have the loser of that match still be in the rumble? The guys do it. Timing would be an issue though so not sure if there would be time, However each of the main ppv’s this year have each had an extended hour added so maybe they will do that as well? Be a shame not seeing Charlotte/Alexa not doing anything. time will tell I guess.

      • MickUso

        Both belts should be defended. Just like the Universal and WWE championships. US & IC can wait… the same with the tag belts.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Apparently it’s only 15 women entering the rumble anyway

  • Stef’

    Is the Rumble a RAW exclusive ? What a bummer… but hey so we know Asuka will win already right ?
    I am bored also with how unconsistant Alexa is, she really looks done, running among the other women to beat down Absolution and not having matches at all.

    • Diva_Fan

      It’s not a Raw Exclusive….

  • ???

    I don’t understand why Asuka and Naomi revealed that they will compete in the RR match while we already know that all women of Raw and Smackdown will enter it?

    Sometimes I have the feeling that they’ll do 20 women royal rumble and cut off some women of Raw and Smackdown and replace them with legends like Trish and Lita, because if both royal rumble matches are one hour then it’ll be way too long. So it’s likely that the women will get 30 minutes while the men get one hour..

    With them cutting off some women of Raw and SDL and replace them with legends, that way the RR will be more interesting and have more time to add title matches like the Raw & SD tag team titles. I don’t want this to happen, I really want 30 women RR match but if they’ll go with 20 women then this is the only way to make things interesting.

    • Looking Glass

      Knowing our luck they’ll do a MORE TO COME WHEN WE RETURN gig and come back from commercial to reveal that almost everyone has been eliminated.

      • ???

        PPV don’t have commercials!

        • Looking Glass

          Oh then there’s some hope!

    • Danny?

      I’d rather a 30 women rumble than a 20 women rumble even if it means the time between entrants needs to be cut from 1 minute 30 seconds down to just 1 minute intervals.

  • Looking Glass

    Really? Mickie and Sasha throw Sonya and Mandy into the guard rail. Stand and watch Bayley take out Paige, then continue to stand and watch as Paige pins her?….


  • NoWayHoeSay

    Off topic but I’m very surprised that Paige is allowed to do her own merch shop on insta/YouTube etc

    • hitesh khanna

      why cant she.. if the bellas can do it why not her… I think contracts between superstars that have been there for a while are a little more lenient in what they can do outside of wwe, which creating a business is fine cause many of the stars have a secondary income .

      • NoWayHoeSay

        The bellas have birdybee Paige is just shifting merch on insta, it’s different

  • Danny?

    I LIVE for Sonya, I really believe she can be something special. Her strikes always look vicious and impactful, her submission game is fantastic & she has some good grapples as well. Can’t wait to see how she evolves in 2018. Plus her look & gear is on point.

  • I liked seeing how dominant Sonya was in this match. Especially when she was tossing Bayley around like she weighed nothing. I wanna see some singles matches next week.

  • Justin Daniel

    Current active roster raw for women’s total rumble
    4. Alexa
    Current active smackdown
    18. Naomi
    19. Sarah Logan
    20. Mattie
    21. Becky lynch

    This leaves 9 spots former talent and nxt
    22. Beth phoenix
    23. Trish
    24. Lita
    25. Nikki cross
    26. Ember
    27. Shayna
    28. Iconic
    29. Duo

    30th entrant I have no idea

    • Ultra Instinct Shameronstar

      you wouldn’t include the champions so that’s 19 Main Roster spots and 11 surprise ones

      • Justin Daniel

        True I forgot about he champs

  • Kendra

    lol asuka gonna win

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Well we have our winner of the royal rumble already yay asuka……… does the sarcasm come through?

  • TrishStratusIsQueenDiva

    Are they REALLY about to let Alexa hold the title past the Rumble? ?

  • aldo

    So Asuka is finally in the title hunt. She’s probably winning the title at WM after winning the Royal Rumble match (can’t wait for an exchange between her and Kairi or Mercedes). I still want Becky to win the match or actually end Asuka’s streak… too bad she is on SD.

  • I mean for real, we know Asuka is going to win the rumble to continue her streak or they can shock the world by eliminating her like Eva Marie’s once did.

  • Gayomi.

    great she gonna bury them all and win ugh