On this day in history:

January 2nd, 2003 | The wedding of Dawn Marie and Al Wilson was an event most didn’t wish to witness, not the least of which was Al’s daughter Torrie Wilson. After weeks of antagonizing Torrie while seducing her father, Dawn tied the knot with the much older gentleman, stripping both down to their underwear before they were named man and wife. The wedding went off without a hitch, aside from some disruptive chants from the crowd. Afterwards, Dawn tackled her new husband to the floor and kickstarted their marriage with a wild kiss.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • Carolution

    when torrie and dawn feuded for like 2 years straight lol. love dawn and torrie and its a shame that dawn was actually able to go but was wasted with mostly gimmick matches.

  • We need these types of feuds back. They barely try nowadays.

  • Steven5812

    Read somewhere that Dawn Marie confessed to taking steroids; which prbably explained why Al keeled over on the wedding night. :O :)