Women’s wrestling is booming around the world and the days of the WWE only signing models has changed drastically, meaning that doors are once open for women that probably never had the ‘look’. From the ‘enhancement talent’ used in NXT, to the talent used in this year’s Mae Young Classic, the WWE has access to some of the best Indy workers in the business. What better way to give these women a stage by giving them a chance to take part in the Rumble.

Candice LeRae is immediately a name that springs to mind. A crowd favourite in the Nae Young Classic, her character was pivotal in putting over Baszler’s character. LeRae has been used in NXT tapings over the last couple of months, she is married to highly respected NXT talent Johnny Gargano and has been very vocal about her dream to work in WWE. Maybe the Rumble can bring her one step closer to that WWE contract?

Similarly, Mercedes Martinez has also worked in NXT and was a semi-finalist in the Mae Young Classic. With long-time friend Sara Del Rey probably producing backstage and working with the women for this Rumble match, it may be a nice gesture to give the 16 year veteran another chance on a much bigger stage.

To go down the route of more Indy talents that seem to be on the WWE radar from their participation at the Mae Young Classic then Toni Storm, Viper, Mia Yim and Alpha Female would all make amazing surprise entrants too. Each of those women were booked considerably well in the tournament and you can’t help but think development contracts were within their grasps. What better way to give them another chance to prove themselves, but adding that fresh untapped talent to the Rumble match.

Let’s not forget about the international factor too: Scottish, Australian, Korean and German representatives will do well for WWE business.

We can also put Serena Deeb as another possible entrant in this category. Despite being a former member of the Straight Edge Society, Serena never really got to show the WWE Universe what she was about… that was until last year’s Mae Young Classic. As ever, rumours are swirling following sightings of her at Pittsburgh, where WWE holds its medical checks. With the WWE giving her a chance to finally showcase herself at the mAE Young Classic, maybe they will do the same thing again and give her another shot at the Rumble? I mean, can you imagine the pop she’d get if they came out to the old SES entrance theme?

Finally if there is a surprise Indy star who could make an appearance… then I wouldn’t past the WWE bringing back Leva Bates AKA Blue Pants! #WeWantBluePants

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