The next few weeks, I imagine we are going to hear the terms ‘Women’s Evolution’ quite a lot… as if we didn’t hear it enough already. Although, all of this wouldn’t have happened if there weren’t any ‘Divas’ around first. For years and years, some of these women were shoved in 2 minute battle royals, so what an amazing way to come full circle and return to the ring in a proper Royal Rumble.

One former Divas Champion that has seemingly been on the WWE’s radar is Kelly Kelly. With the WWE working closely with E! On ‘Total Divas’, Kelly’s involvement with ‘WAGS LA’ would easily be a major plus factor for her. Since leaving WWE in 2012, Kelly has embarked on more acting opportunities, but recently said in an interview with E! In October this year stating, “I always say, ‘Never say never.’ I’m only 30 and my body’s still intact. I may have a few more matches in me. You never know!”.

Also, whether you believe the drama between Maryse, Maria, Kelly Kelly and the Bella Twins or not, Kelly Kelly is the only one of that group who hasn’t made her return… so maybe her time is soon! She’s also just got divorced… so technically she’s not a WAG anymore right?

Being a bit more vocal about her return to the ring has been another former Divas Champion Kaitlyn. She has recently been tweeting about her progress in the ring and she has maintained her formidable physique. I’m sure she’ll be ready to throw out some old friends and foes out of a ring by the time January gets around!

Also taking it to the Twittersphere to show that they still mean business is former Divas and Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool. Interestingly, she has been going straight for the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair and the two have teased this potential dream match on Twitter. The record breaker Grand Slam Champion Charlotte VS the first ever Divas Champion and first ever undisputed Divas and Women’s Champion Michelle! She was very vocal on Lilian Garcia’s ‘Chasing Glory’ podcast, stating that she would love the chance to take part. Well Michelle, why not get off Twitter and try do things the traditional way – by outlasting all the other women in a Rumble to get your hands on Charlotte at WrestleMania 34!

Another Divas Champion who would easily be able to get into that ring and pick up right where they left off is Eve Torres. Despite stepping away from a wrestling ring, she still runs her Gracie Women Empowered self-defense program… which pretty much means that she’s kicking ass everyday. On Lilian’s ‘Chasing Glory’ podcast, Eve revealed that she still regularly keeps up with the programming, but she didn’t reveal any signs of participation. However, being an ambassador for the WWE and very vocal about female empowerment, taking part in the first ever Women’s Rumble would make her a logical choice to make a special appearance!

Now technically these, these two are still a part of the roster but aren’t active and are technically ‘Divas’’. Yes that’s right, Brie and Nikki Bella would be very safe bets to make grand returns at the Women’s Rumble and those would be immediately big draws! It has just been announced that they will be appearing on the RAW 25th Anniversary episode, so we can only assume that they’ll be on the road for another week and enter the Rumble!

Brie Bella retired after WrestleMania 32 and gave birth to her daughter Birdie, but has hinted her itch to return to the ring on ‘Total Divas’ and ‘Total Bellas’, while Nikki Bella took her extended break after WrestleMania 33. Their faces are still plastered across promotional posters and banners and they are guaranteed to grab a huge reaction from the crowd. With both of their spouses still fully involved with programming and Brie shedding that pregnancy weight, it’s very likely that the Bella Twins will be making an appearance at the Rumble!


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Let’s not forget about our ‘Golden Era’ Divas too! Both Victoria and Molly Holly seemingly still have strong connections with the WWE. They were both invited to the 2009 WrestleMania 25 battle royal (although less said about that, the better), they both left the company on good terms, they are annually invited to WrestleMania weekend and attend the Hall of Fame events and both seemingly in fit shape to enter the ring one more time. Victoria still wrestles occasional shows and Molly is the only WWE woman to appear in two Table of 3 segments, so both great talents should definitely be in on the WWE’s radar.

Finally, she’s not technically a ‘Diva’ per se, but was around in that era and even made her WWE in-ring debut at the Royal Rumble. Kharma (or Awesome Kong) left the WWE in 2012, popped back in TNA in 2015 and now plays a recurring role in Netflix’s GLOW TV series. She has bounced back from a rough couple of years following her WWE departure and her TNA run showed that she still has it! She took part in the 2011 Rumble, so seeing her appear in 2018 and show us what she can really do would be an amazing full circle for ‘The Awesome One’. I’m sure we would all LIVE for the stand-off between Kharma and Nia Jax!

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