Your Two Cents is our interactive feature where we ask for the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers.

This week, we’re asking this: With the new year here, what is your one wish and one prediction for women’s wrestling in 2018?

We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

  • @chefemmittMiss Elizabeth gets induced in the WWE Hall of Fame
  • Hisham Drain: Wish: Michelle McCool entering the rumble. Predicrion: Carmella winning smackdown championship
  • @IAmTheBoschManI predict the Iconic Duo Billie Kay and Peyton Royce get called up to the main roster and wish the Bella Twins would return to feud with them. I’m a huge fan of both duos, so this is a selfish wish for my entertainment. All 4 women are extremely talented!
  • Jaime Córdova: Wish: AJ Lee returns at the RR (she may be the only, not to old star, who could make a huge pop)
    Prediction: Bianca Belair will steal one TakeOver
  • @JassieBOfficialWish: Women’s wrestling as a whole gets more respect (from fans and people booking the matches). It’s 2018 and people still treat/ talk about the women’s matches like it’s nothing. Prediction: Carmella cash in on either Raw or SD women’s champion.
  • @kjsandwich_15: I wish Sasha Banks could get a decent title reign but my prediction is Asuka or Bayley being champion by next years end.
  • @Lumpyspace8888: Wish: Naomi becomes the first ever three time SmackDown Women’s Champion. Prediction: Nia Jax will go on to win the Royal Rumble match and go on to WrestleMania.
  • Nikolas Dombkowski: Wish: Better booking more in-depth women’s storylines
    Prediction: Asuka’s streak ends
  • @selfsuccess01: Wish: A steady storyline for a 1 v 1 match at a Wrestlemania for one of the Women’s titles. Prediction: Mandy Rose becomes a breakout star.
  • @TheDANAmicDiva: Wish: Dana Brooke becomes a Women’s Title caliber. Prediction: Dana Brooke will gain a slot for (either SmackDown or Raw’s) Women’s title.

And now we turn it over to you…

Give us your two cents! What are some of your predictions and wishes for women’s wrestling in 2018?

  • Darryl lee

    My predictions for 2018:
    Asuka wins the royal rumble, go on to Wrestlemania 34 and wins the womens title.
    Absolution breaks up.
    Carmella cashes in her #MITB briefcase and wins the SD womens championship.

    My wants:
    Sasha banks FINALLY turns heel.
    Asuka turns heel during the summer of 2018.
    Becky faces Charlotte for the SD womens championship at wrestlemania 34.
    Bayley getting better treatment. If Dave meltzer’s reports about WWE giving up on bayley is true. (God I hope not)

    • conan_kun

      If WWE really have given up on Bayley, she should be in the same situation as Dana and Alicia, barely appear on Raw. Why does they still put Bayley on Raw every week and WWE Shop still wasting efforts to release more merch for Bayley.

  • Randall

    “Mandy Rose becomes a breakout star” IMO she needs to go back to NXT to redevelop her character.

    • NOT Released Emma

      Um no Mandy isn’t bad on the main roster.

      • Randall

        Lmao…ok? ?

        • NOT Released Emma

          True story

  • ???

    My predictions :
    – Rounda Rousey or Asuka winning the first ever women’s royal rumble and then win the title at Wrestlemania.
    – Iconic Duo debut at RR.
    – The Bella Twins will return at RR.
    – The Raw women’s division will get ladders match in Money In The Bank PPV.
    – Carmella will successfully cash in and become the new Smackdown women’s champion.
    – Nikki Cross will debut in the MR.

    My wishes:
    – Trish Stratus wins the women’s royal rumble and challenge Charlotte for the Smackdown women’s championship at Wrestlemania and wins her 8th title reign.
    – Need strong and intense storylines and not just all about “Women’s revolution” or ‘Making history” and yaay we did it and that all we need more than that.
    – Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Lita, Victoria to return at RR.
    – Sasha Banks heel turn and to have good memorable reign.
    – Bianca Belair to shine in 2018 and have more matches.
    – Need strong booking like how Smackdown was in 2016/early 2017.

    • NoWayHoeSay

      Omg no no no at Trish winning

      • ???

        Just like the guys from the past who can come back and win multiple titles so can the past girls. One more title reign for Trish and then let her retire won’t end the world.

        • NoWayHoeSay

          It will end the world. Sasha needs a decent reign, Paige needs another win, Asuka has to hold the title, Trish doesn’t need anything

          • ???

            No it won’t end the world ?, they ALL can wait after Wrestlemania.

          • NoWayHoeSay

            She doesn’t need more accolades she’s already the best there’s no need to make her better

  • I wish more developed characters, better storylines and more than just history making in the division.

    I predict the opposite of my wishes.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    -Naomi becomes the longest reigning champ of the year
    -Sasha Banks turns heel
    -Kelly Kelly returns
    -Women’s Tag Titles are introduced
    -Mandy Rose wins a championship in her rookie year

    -Carmella cashes in at Mania
    -Lana turns face or reunite wit Rusev as a valet
    -Asuka wins the Raw Women’s Championship
    -Becky Lynch gets her second title reign
    -Nia Jax wins a championship
    -Alicia Fox ends up on Smackdown
    -Carmella turns face
    -The Bella’s return
    -Bianca BeLair is breakout star for NXT
    -Mandy Rose is breakout star for Raw
    -Carmella is breakout star for Smackdown
    -Charlotte turns heel
    -More annoying MMA signings ?
    -Maryse returns, Maria doesn’t
    -One of the Iconic Duo memebers will be champ
    -Vanessa Bourne slays
    -Aliyah gets released

  • Synn666

    More attention is given to womens wrestling outside the WWE bubble

    Bayley Heel turn
    Io Shirai returns to Lucha Underground
    Lufisto , Delilah Doom , Lady Shani , Shotzi Blackheart all debut for Lucha Underrground
    Taya wins the knockouts title
    Rosemary shows up LU as the one who killed Sexy Star

    • Tina

      Waiiittt they killed off Sexy Star???

      • Synn666

        Nothing confirmed but it is the expected outcome amongst fans of her character come S4.

    • Ronline

      ‘Rosemary shows up LU as the one who killed Sexy Star’
      The ultimate irony…

  • eastcoast cam

    the bellas vs the iconic duo is perfect booking. what better way for Brie to return and get them over on the main roster!

  • Tina

    So I had a dream last night that WWE had like a cruiser weight division for the Divas and the title was like a Wonder Women design and Brie was the champ?

    My wish for 2018 is for memorable moments at the Rumble and for Ronda not to win it? Also, for Sasha to finally turn on Bayley and have that iconic heel run with the title. I think it could revive Bayley’s character.

    Prediction is that Paige or Ronda wins the rumble, Iconic Duo debuts on SD, Carmella has a fun title run

  • Can’tGetNo…Stratusfaction

    – Sasha Banks heel turn
    – Iconic Duo call up
    – Better storylines across the board. We have had a captivating one in a WHILE

    – More “history” for the sake of calling it history
    – Asuka in a mania title match
    – Failed cash-in for Carmella

  • A One of a Kind Collectible

    – Sasha to turn heel heel on Bayley
    – Paige to capture Raw Women’s Championship
    – Charlotte vs Becky at Wrestlemania
    – Iconic Duo vs Bella Twins (Bella’s Retirement Match)
    – Chyna to be inducted into the HOF
    – Mickie to win a title!!!

    – Asuka wins Royal Rumble and wins the Raw Women’s Championship at Mania
    – Carmella cashes in the Tuesday after Mania
    – Nia and Foxxy moved to Smackdown following a superstar shakeup
    – Naomi and Tamina moved to Raw

  • conan_kun

    What I hope:
    – Better bookings for Raw and SD women division
    – Mickie wins title
    – Alexa takes backseat once she lost the title
    – Sasha turns heel and get decent title run
    – Asuka vs Sasha for Raw women title, Charlotte vs Becky for SD women title at Wrestlemania
    – Bayley and Sasha moves to Smackdown, then Four Horsewomen Fatal 4 Way happen at some PPV
    – Sign Candice LeRae, Mia Yim, Tessa Blanchard
    – Bianca Belair, Dakota Kai get pushed

    What (ridiculous things) will happen:
    – Ronda wins women rumble
    – Charlotte vs Ronda at Mania
    – Mandy gets huge push just because Vince favored on untalented blonde
    – Shayna Baszler wins NXT women title at Takeover Philly, then continue to get monster push, hold the title and goes undefeated in entire year

    • NOT Released Emma

      Mandy Rose is good in the ring.

      • Summer_Slay

        with her 2 moves a knee to the face and a implant buster

        • NOT Released Emma

          She has more moves than that.

          • Summer_Slay

            im yet to see them

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      • Heidi

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    • A?.

      “Untalented blonde” you doing crack now?

    • Summer_Slay

      Only posting this as a reply so more people can see “the future of the womens division”

  • Troy Smith

    WISH: Mia Yim and Marti Belle to come back to Impact. The Knockouts get their own weekly show on the Global Wrestling Network. Success for the new Impact Wrestling regime.

    Predictions: Alexa pins Asuka.

    • NOT Released Emma

      Alexa will no

      • Troy Smith

        It’s the one thing that I’d literally bet money on. Mark my words. In 2018 Alexa Bliss WILL PIN ASUKA!!!!!!

        • NOT Released Emma


          • Troy Smith

            Ok. We’ll just wait and see.

  • DoItWithFlair™

    Charlotte becomes longest reigning SD Live Women’s champion and that the WWE 4HW vs UFC 4HW happen at Wrestlemania this year.

  • NOT Released Emma

    I hope
    Mandy Rose will become a singles competitor.
    Ruby Riott wins a Smackdown Women’s Championship.
    Lana manages Rusev again

    My Prediction’s
    Asuka will be Champion
    Carmella will be Champion
    Sasha turns heel
    Alexa will turn Babyface
    Ember Moon will be the longest reigning NXT Champion
    The Iconic Duo will be on the main roster

    • conan_kun

      Ember Moon will be the longest reigning NXT Champion? No way she gonna break Asuka’s record, Shayna is very likely and all her matches are uninspiring and underwhelming like Jinder Mahal.

      • NOT Released Emma

        Ember is one of the best right now. Won’t make sense to have Ember drop the championship to Shayna.

  • willh

    I’d like Naomi to become the first ever 3x SD Women’s Champion.
    I’d like Mickie to get a title reign. It’s long overdue and well-deserved.
    I’d want Sasha to turn heel.
    Carmella cashes in MITB and wins SD women’s championship.
    AJ Lee, LayCool, Bella Twins, Beth Phoenix, Kharma make appearances at RR.

  • Jo9834

    I WISH

    – Paige gets a title run.
    – An incredible main event calibre feud between Sasha and Asuka will take place, rivalling that of Sasha/Charlotte.
    – Ember Moon debuts to end Asuka’s streak.
    – Sasha turns heel (finally)/Alexa turns face.
    – A proper ONE on ONE WM match between two women finally. (preferably Charlotte and Naomi OR Paige and Asuka).
    – Bianca BelAir wins the NXT womens championship in grand fashion.
    – Sasha VS Stephanie (Boss vs Boss match)

    My predictions

    – Carmella will cash in, but LOSE only to win the title at a later date.
    – Asuka wins the womens championship at WM or on the 25th anniversary of Raw.
    – Ember Moon will lose the title to Kairi Sane, turning heel in the process.
    – Shayna Baszler will be a focal point in the NXT womens division, bringing the quality of matches down a notch for the next year.
    – The Iconic Duo will debut on Smackdown.
    – Paige will win the title and drop it to Asuka OR win it in grand fashion at WM against Asuka.
    – We will see womens tag titles introduced, possibly with the Bella’s winning them first to feud with the Iconic duo.
    – Bianca BelAir will have some standout matches.
    – Mandy Rose will be a breakout star.
    – Nia Jax will be drafted to Smackdown where she will win the title.

  • Victoria&Melina19

    Better booking for the woman
    Naomi as a 3x SD Women’s champ
    Victoria, Kharma, Jacqueline and Molly in the rumble
    Chyna in the HOF
    A one on one matchup at Mania
    Mickie title win

    Rounda debuting
    Carmella cashing in and failing
    More of the Women’s revolution and how they are making history, just for the sake of it and publicity, but not caring enough about it to give it a better build up
    Asuka as champ
    Absolution and The Riott Squad spilting up

  • StraightUpBitch

    What I want:
    The bookers to understand Bayley can take loses and rework her so we can fall in love with Pam again (and for Pam to be an affectionate term for her as well as a ‘oh, Pam)
    Sasha to get a decent title run
    Alexa to become a mid card heel where she’d work best
    Becky and Naomi to get title reigns
    Tamina to turn face
    No fourhorseman v fourhorseman
    But another horseman fatal four way now Becky and Bayley are more established workers and they’re all face
    Heel Sasha Banks
    Heel Becky Lynch
    Aliyah getting some spotlight (I genuinely believe she could be another Bayley in NXT)
    Bianca becoming nxt women’s champ

    What we’ll get:
    NXT being dominated by Shayna whose a solid worker and could be a great heel but doesn’t deserve to dominate the division over ember, Billie, Peyton, Kairi, Nikki, Bianca
    Charlotte dropping her title in an unspectacular manner to Ronda probs which would suck
    The fourhorseman of UFC taking spots from Naomi, Asuka, Dana, Alicia, Mickie, Tamina, Carmella, Natalya
    Natalya being used poorly
    Alexa being the first women to pin Asuka and to win the next women’s MITB

    • Jorge Hernandez Moran

      If theyre gonna do that Hw vs Hw at Mania it better be on the pre show and we better still get 2 womens title matches

  • Nathan

    Carmella has a successful rein after cashing in.
    The bellas return.
    The iconic duo get called up.
    Mickie gets the recognition that she deserves.
    Different stars get pushed, Nia, Dana, Lana, Mickie to keep things fresh.
    Better storylines on Raw and SDL.
    Less Multiwomen matches.
    More teams with meaning as apposed to being thrown together randomly.
    None of the above will come true because it’s WWE. They’ll continue to push the “women’s revolution” even though they limit there girls to what they can do, storylines and time etc.

  • Wishes:
    – Alicia, Mickie and Tamina to win the titles; or any combo of the 3
    – Both Raw and SD to improve in booking (especially SD)
    – Mandy to win MITB
    – Asuka to lose her streak
    – Charlotte and Alexa to not win the title this whole year once they lose it
    – At least one women’s singles WM match
    – NXT to book women better and not just in random singles matches

    • Tina

      I’m down for Mandy winning MITB! That match should always be used to promote the younger talent

      • Yep, it should be used to propel wrestlers’ careers. It helped Carmella so another fresh talent would be great, and since Mandy is a heel, perfect choice for it.

        • Tina

          And it’s a co-brand PPV this year, so we’ll get two winners ?

  • Predictions
    – Asuka and Paige will be the only Raw champions after Alexa this whole year
    – We’ll get a singles WM match
    – Another draft will happen
    – Bellas vs Iconic will happen

  • Ronline

    Women’s Rumble appearances: Kharma, Serena Deeb, Candice LeRae, Mercedez Martinez, Toni Storm,
    Women of Honor get more attention they deserve (more matches on TV instead of just on Youtube + iPPV matches)
    Impact Knockouts bring in more women and make meaningful feuds people will remember/care about
    New Knockouts Title design (PLEASE!)
    Taeler Hendrix & Veda Scott return to either Impact or ROH
    Tenille Dashwood debuts with ROH/WOH and not Impact

  • Ronline

    First womens Elimination Chamber Match
    Women’s Rumble appearances: Michelle McCool, Beth Pheonix, Kaitlyn, Kelly Kelly, Ember Moon, Iconic Duo, Kairi Sane,
    Brandi Rhodes to become first WOH Champion (sigh)
    Paige VS Asuka for Raw Womens Title at Mania
    Ruby Riott to wins Womens Title once this year
    Carmella SUCCESSFULLY cashes in MitB
    Another draft (big or mini)

  • Jorge Hernandez Moran

    Melina Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool return to the Rumble to team up with Mickie and have a face off with the 4HW
    For the women of the “Diva Era” to get the credit they deserve
    Chyna to the HOF
    Mickie to win the Rumble
    Mickie feud with Asuka
    Mickie win the Raw title
    Foxxy move to Smackdown and win SD title from Charlotte
    Nia and Enzo become a power couple and become truly dominant in their divisions
    Nia to win the title sometime
    Alexa turn badass baby face in the same way Angelina Love did
    NO!! WWE HW vs MMA HW
    Sasha turn heel
    Mickie vs Sasha feud
    Sasha to have a decent title reign
    Bayley get over again
    Bayley to feud with Nia like Gail vs Kong
    Naomi vs Foxxy feud for SD title
    Naomi become 3x champ
    Nattie to pin Charlotte at a PPV doesnt have to be for the title
    Absolution to get more development
    The Riott Squad to split up
    Tamina to become dominent with Lana as her manager

    • Akira Tsubasa

      I always saw Lay-Cool as a combo and think Melina, Beth, Mickie e Lay-Cool as the 4HW. They “share” titles even though Michelle is the only one credit as two time Divas Champion and Layla as the last original Women’s Champion.

      • Jorge Hernandez Moran

        Yeah me too I actually count them as champs together cause it was Layla’s title when Michelle unified it and Layla also defended it
        I always count Michelle as a 3x womens champion and 2x divas champion
        And Layla as a 2x divas champ and LayCool as the last womens champions
        I love then each on their own but they were soooo right together Michelle helped Layla with ber wrestling and Layla helped Michelle with her character they were perfect for each other

        • Akira Tsubasa

          Oh ps: i’m right beside you with all this Mickie Storylines and push especially the Royal Rumble one. Mickie winnings is not like a personal option like with other wrestlers is that she is the one who most derserv. Don’t give Mickie any push is like bringing back Edge,i know he can’t but if he would by some miracle, and make him a ladder for others superstars.

    • Damn!

      3MB vs 4HW would be awesome

  • Kvngbalor

    The last one made no sense Dana becomes a women title caliber and will gain a slot at women’s title

  • Akira Tsubasa

    5 Words: Mickie James becomes top babyface <3

  • Diva_Fan


    *Bianca BelAir to be a dominate force in NXT

    *Peyton/Billie to get called up and fued eventually with returning Bella Twins

    *Naomi to get another SD title reign with her and Charlotte carrying on there one time feud when Charlotte first arrived on SD

    *Carmella to FINALLY cash in and win the title successfully

    *Nia to finally get a title reign with her and Enzo being a power couple

    *Mickie James to tie the record and get another title reign

    *Sasha to turn heel finally get a decent title reign while she also feuds with a face Bayley

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Wish for Sasha to defend a title and win.

    Predict she will lose it a week after winning it.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Also Wish Maryse and Nikki return for when Raw is in London next year so I can see them

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Also people stop crying over Mickie she was brought back as enhancement talent to get the girls over not for a career resurgence

    • she obviously wasn’t and she disagrees. she wants to be just as big as she was before, don’t believe that just because she’s a former woman brought back.

      • Ronline

        I think Naomi also acknowledged her Fan Award wins too. The award choices and other missing awards were weird though.

      • NoWayHoeSay

        She was brought back as an opponent for Asuka to defeat

  • joshua


  • Anton

    What I would really like to see is LayCool making a return at the Rumble in consecutive numbers. Alicia Fox, Tamina and Nia to win a title

  • mckenzie

    Alicia fox drafted to smack down and becoming the new smack down women’s champion!!!!!!!!!

  • What I want:
    – Ember Moon successfully defends title against Kairi Sane and Shayna separately.
    – Bianca Belair dominates the NXT lockerroom
    – Rhea Ripley, Lacey Evans, Piper Nivens, and Bianca Belair begin major buildup.
    – Ember Moon drops title to Belair.
    – Belair successfully retains in rematch and then vacates title, saying she is the EST and the “competition” bores her. She quits.
    – Tournament to decide New NXT Womens Champion begins. Ember Moon shockingly eliminated im the 1st round.
    Finals is Shayna vs Kairi Sane. Winner: Shayna
    -Shayna begins feud with all NXT women

    -Asuka defeats Alexa Bliss for the title…badly…Like a total squash before the Rumble
    -Absolution taunts Alexa for embarrassing loss and targets her; Alexa turns face. Aliyah debuts to assist Alexa
    -Mickie James wins royal rumble; huge feud with Asuka. Asuka beats Mickie at every match leading up to mania; Asuka takes her first loss at wrestlemania; Mickie ties Trish
    -RAW following mania Mickie celebrates her tying Trish and during her speech Bianca Belair debuts. Congratulating her on her accomplishments however, now the EST is on Raw and to watch her back. Feud doesn’t begin immediately as Absolution tells Belair she needs to wait her turn and to learn her place. Belair begins months-long feud with Absolution; wins and in doing so cause Absolution to split.
    -Sasha and Bayley vs Dana and Nia. Bayley accidentally causes Sasha to eat pin; Sasha finally snaps and turns heel on Bayley and they start feuding and culminating in a possible match at Wrestlemania.
    -Alicia Fox traded to Smackdown

    -Ruby Riott earns title match against Charlotte; lengthy grueling match, Riott Squad interferes, gets ejected but distraction enough for Riott to get a cheap victory. During celebration Carmella sneaks in, cashes in, and wins Championship setting up a 3 way feud between Charlotte, Riott, and Carmella for the title; Carmella retains
    -Iconic Duo debut on SDL after Royal rumble and target Becky and Naomi.
    GlowFire puts over Iconic Duo.
    -Becky traded to Raw
    -Tamina and Lana begin side feud with Sarah and Liv.
    -Elimination Chamber match: Charlotte vs Ruby vs Peyton vs Naomi vs Tamina vs Natalya
    Winner: Naomi
    -Naomi becomes 3x SDL women’s Champion, attacked next SDL by a debuting Alicia Fox. Start up feud.
    -Iconic Duo rally for tag titles for the women on the main roster. Eventually a tag tournament involving all the women including the singles champions takes place. Bella twins return for this tournament. Finals Bella Twins vs Iconic Duo.
    Inaugural WWE Womens Tag Team Champions: Iconic Duo
    -Bella Twins, Tamina, and Natalya retire
    – Ember Moon makes her debut on SDL

    • LIGHTSOUT | @MFckinLightsOut

      I honestly dont get when y’all wish on someone to retire, like…

      • Tina

        Natalya is honestly due for it. Especially since that promo that she did made it seem like she was done

      • It’s nothing to do with not liking them. I want them to retire for them. They deserve to be used better but i dont think WWE ever will. Same for Alicia Fox. I like and respect all the women. These ladies have given their all for many, many years and they all deserve a break

  • Brittany Smith

    -Charlotte and Naomi feud for SmackDown Women’s title at WM and they get to go all out
    -Naomi wins SmackDwon Women’s title and breaks her own record
    – Kelly Kelly returns
    -Becky stays face(she’s the purest of the pure so she should stay face)
    -Charlotte turns heel and feuds with Lana
    -Lana turns face
    -Sasha and Mickie win Women’s titles with rightful reigns
    -First ever Women’s elimination chamber match
    -Asuka beats Alexa in under a minute for RAW Women’s Championship
    -Paige ends Asuka’s streak
    -Alexa turns face and finally feuds with Nia Jax
    -The Iconic Duo debuts and Peyton beats Naomi for the SmackDown Women’s Title
    -Becky beats Peyton Royce for the title
    -Charlotte beats Becky then gets beat by Lana
    -Ronda Rousey beats Asuka and wins RR
    -Bianca Belair isn’t used right
    -Peyton and Billie don’t win the NXT Women’s title
    -The RR is a hot mess
    -Elimination chamber match doesn’t happen
    -Nia Jax wins the RAW Women’s championship
    -Ruby Riott wins the SmackDown Women’s title
    -Liv and Sarah become jobbers

    • FlawlessMickie ?

      hot a** trash.. I only read 8 of your bulletpoints and almost got cancer.

      • Brittany Smith

        Ok b**** it’s MY WISHES and Idgaf about what u think u always respond to me with some bull either block me or don’t respond to me at all with your trash cancerous comments I never met someone with so much hatred

        • FlawlessMickie ?

          delusional af bye

          • Malcolm James

            When i read Charlotte feud with Lana
            I almost got cancer

          • Brittany Smith

            That would help establish Lana as a face while using Charlotte’s star power to elevate somone else and the promos would be good

  • Damn!

    – Lana improves and Wins a match
    – Tamina Alicia and Mickie win championships
    – Dana Brooke gets used properly
    – Past Women return to WWE or even just for the RR (specifically Beth Michelle Melina or Aj)
    – Billie and Peyton debut
    – Tamina Natalya and Charlotte form a legacy stable
    – Carmella gets a successful cash in
    – Shayna won’t kill Bayley
    – Kairi Sane wins the NXT Womens championship
    – Sasha will get a decent title run
    – Candice LeRae and Zelina Vega start wrestling on NXT
    – Emma and Summer returns (highly unlikely but you never know)
    – Chyna gets inducted into the HOF
    – No one gets released this year

    • John Finnie

      I know Tamina,Charlotte& nattie would be better than the WC & they can be spoiled heels who all act like royalty

  • A?.

    For NXT: Way better booking, use ALL of the girls and give them proper storylines, enough of the squash matches and no follow ups.

    For the MR: Better booking as well, Mandy Rose as the next breakout star, Sasha goes to SD and turns heel, another Nao’s reign, Pam stays a jobber, oh and hopefully Ronda never signs (which is not going to happen but I can dream)

  • Jonny

    Wish – Aliyah gets an established, solid character and becomes a weekly presence on NXT TV. Girl’s great in the ring she just needs to nail down a gimmick. Heel, Michelle Pfeiffer-esque Catwoman would be cool for her to expand this whole “Cat’s Meow” thing.

  • Typical Heel

    All Wishes:
    -Ember Moon joins Raw
    -Iconic Duo joins Smackdown
    -Naomi gets another title reign
    -Carmella cashes in on Raw on Alexa and joins their roster
    -Sasha Banks turns heel and finally gets the long title reign she deserves and stays as a top heel
    -Charlotte given more high profile stuff to do, she deserves it
    -Chyna goes to the HOF
    -Melina returns to Raw full time and feuds with Sasha Banks over her comments about women from her Era (this is after Sasha Banks heel turn)
    -Mickie James being treated like the legend that she is instead of being downplayed for having a vagina
    -Nia Jax and Charlotte getting to wrestle men occasionally, we need intergender matches back

  • FlawlessMickie ?

    My wishes:
    Alexa Bliss and Charlotte become longest reigning champions with the titles they are currently holding.
    Asuka doesn’t win a title this year.
    Mickie gets a push again wins a title.
    Paige wins RR.
    All women’s elimination chamber.
    Alexa Bliss vs Paige at Wrestlemania.
    4HW vs 4HW at Wrestlemania.
    Becky Lynch gets to win the SD women’s title again.
    Carmella cashes in on Charlotte the night after WM and loses the title the next SD ppv after or even the week after.
    Charlotte and Becky Lynch feud.
    Sasha vs Asuka in a feud for the Summer of 2018 and at SummerSlam Asuka vs Sasha if Sasha loses she retires.

  • AlexV

    I’m loving the comments. I don’t like them all, but I love the passion and enthusiasm displayed! We’ve all got our wants lol.

    Here’s my little list –

    1. Women’s Royal Rumble is a HUGE Hit!
    Among many surprises (if I booked it, Ronda doesn’t win… But, she almost does, except Charlotte comes out, effectively turning heel and costing her the match due to distraction.) This sets Charlottle vs Ronda or a possible 4 Horsewomen rivalry for Mania, if not, 1 on 1.
    Also, Team Bella come out to dominate early on until team Bestie come out and we’re left with a two era takeoff. Team Bestie wins, but then we get Laycool followed by The Iconic Duo. If not Mickie comes out and goes psycho on Trish and then Lita! But if not….Eventually they’re all out minus Lita and Trish who make it to the near end until unlikely allies Sasha and Alexa team up and take them out. Spoiler, Bailey wins the Rumble as Asuka at this point looks on as Champion.

    I personally loved their Takeover match, which I believe they can top at Wrestlemania only this time, Bailey turns heel. Stephanie comes out with a chair like Vince and Austin! The Shock value alone!

    2. Women’s Tag Team Championships debut and The Iconic Duo win the titles! I’ve seen their NXT work and I would love them to be the first after the Rumble to defend at Mania against Absolution or the Squad.

    3. Wrestlemania Main Event goes to the Women. Lita and Trish present the Women’s Championship to Bailey, Sasha, Becky, or Charlotte or Paige at the end or at commentary. The show is filled with women’s matches and legends at ringside!

    4. Elimination Chamber returns and for the Women at Summerslam!

    5. Sasha turns heel and aligns with Bailey while Ember debuts to eventually fued with Asuka. WE KNOW, Alexa will be babyface and be Trish again … hopefully not but this will happen. ?

  • Steven5812

    What I’d like to see:
    My girl TARA become the next knockout inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall Of Fame.
    Awesome Kong reinstated by Impact Wrestling. (Screw you, Reby Hardy.)
    Rosemary and Allie becoming two time knockout champions.
    Nattie Neidhart finally throw up her hands at being disrespected by McMahon’s circus, ask for and get her release, eat that 90 day BS no-compete clause, and join Impact Wrestling.

  • Alex

    I would like to see –
    (1) The WWE pair the Iconic Duo with Rhea Ripley. As a trio I envision (if executed right) them being an all Australian female membered and Mean Girls themed version of the original incarnation of DX, with Peyton and Billie in the Shawn Michael and Triple-H’s leadership positions, and Rhea taking on Chyna’s role as enforcer / bodyguard. If this were to happen maybe the name of the new stable should be one of the following, “The Iconic Trio”, “The Icons”, “Iconic”, “Simply Iconic”, or “Absolutely Iconic”.
    (2) Kong in the Women’s RR match, and taken part in a future classic monster vs monster moment with Nia Jax.


  • B J

    Wish; More indepth storylines, engaging feuds, better booking for female division.

    Prediction; Carmella cashes in on the winner of the royal rumble, Asuka at Wreslmania vs Alexa Bliss to take the championship and end the Empress of Tommorow’s streak

    • Diva_Fan

      Why would she cash in of the Royal Rumble ? there not champion lol

      • B J

        Re read it bro – she will cash in on the winner of te royal rumble – ASUKA – at wrestlmania where she defeats Alexa Bliss – which means she will also end the streak. At wrestlemania. When she takes on Alexa Bliss. For the title. After she wins the rumble match. At wrestlemania. Vs Bliss. For the championship. At wrestlemania.

  • Omar Zaal

    Kharma, Tara, Michelle Mccool, Aj Lee, Eve, Trish and Lita enter the Rumble.

  • Omar Zaal

    And a 2nd MYC with new challengers

    Io Shirai – Japan

    Lei D Tapa – Tonga

    Shadia Pesiso – Jordan

    Blue Nikita – Greek

    Wesna Busic – Croatia

    Nicole Matthew – Canada

    Saraya Knight – England

    Yumi Ohka – Japan

    Jinny – England

    Session Moth – Ireland

    Laura D Matteo – Italy

    Hamada – Mexico

    • conan_kun

      Tenille Dashwood – Australia

      • Omar Zaal

        I wish.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    – A good one on one feud
    – Becky or Naomi to get the Women’s Championship back
    – Ruby Riot Championship run
    – A Sasha heel turn + decent title reign
    – Sasha/Asuka feud
    – Asuka Women’s Championship run
    – Paige Women’s Championship run
    – Dakota Kai & Bianca Belair running NXT!
    – A full blown heel Asuka
    – Peyton Royce or Billie Kay title run or feud against each other
    – Candice LeRae, Toni Storm, Santana Garrett, Piper Niven, Kay Lee Ray or Tessa Blanchard sign to NXT
    – One last title run for Mickie James

    – Bella Twins/Iconic Duo feud to retire the twins
    – Charlotte or Stephanie/Ronda feud
    – Carmella successfully cashes in
    – Either Paige, Asuka or Ronda win Women’s Rumble
    – Ronda Title run
    – Mandy Rose push
    – Shayna Bazler fast tracked through NXT similar to Kevin Owens
    – Another draft to switch around the 4HW and the likes of Dana, Alicia and Tamina
    – Alexa face turn
    – Bayley falls further down the totem pole (*sad face*)
    – Natalya retires
    – a few old faces in the Women’s Rumble.

  • ???

    I see DD want this site all about news yet they didn’t even post about Mickie James vs Dana Brooke’s match on Main Event, LOL yeah good job!

    • Omar Zaal

      It’s Gail Kim 2nd WWE run all over again.

      • ???

        Her legacy is no longer a thing..

      • Gerg

        :( but at least Mickie was able to accomplish a lot. Gail was just entering her prime

        • Omar Zaal

          I hate it when vets loose way too much.

    • Ronline

      It’s not news, it’s just a random match on Main Event.

      • ???

        They used to post main event matches in the “spoilers” section but now out of sudden they don’t do that even though they post spoilers of NXT but not main event, and it’s not once it’s TWICE.

        • Ronline

          Not once it’s twice? Don’t get what you mean there. But it’s their decision at the end of the day.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    A Sasha Banks heel turn

  • Summer_Slay

    “Jaime Córdova: Wish: AJ Lee returns at the RR (she may be the only, not to old star, who could make a huge pop)”

    • Xaos


  • Summer_Slay

    -Big returns at the RR (pref Kelly, Eve, Eva, Summer, Cameron, Laycool);
    -Eva eliminates Asuka;
    -Ronda’s debut is cancelled;

    -Mickie goes back to being the strong face she was the same one that faced Beth, Melina, Laycool and Vickie and kicked their behinds and eventually wins the Raw womens title;
    -Dana leaves titus world wide and either becomes a dominant heel or a strong face;
    -Asuka’s streak is dropped after a PPV where Mandy and Daria help PAige steal a victory;
    -Alexa, Bayley, Mandy and Daria trade pushes with Mickie, Dana, Fox and Sasha.
    -Alicia has a Jillian Hall moment and wins the Raw womens title.

    -Lana & Tamina break up;

    -Sayna is released;
    -Taynara/Nikki feud is not forgotten
    -faces: Ember, Aliyah, Dakota, Lacey, Kairi
    -heels: Peyton, Billie, Vanessa, Bianca, Sage

    -Molly Holly HOF2018

    • I’m so here for a Molly Holly HOF induction

  • My 2018 wishes;
    – Mickie James, Alicia Fox, Paige, Carmella, Tamina and Nia Jax WWE Women’s Championship reigns.
    – Peyton Royce, Nikki Cross, Kairi Sane, Lacey Evans/or/Bianca NXT Women’s championship title reigns.
    – Khama, The Bella Twins, Beth Phoenix, Victoria and Trish Stratus return to the royal rumble.
    – Singles Women’s match at WM 34.
    – Someone end the Asuka’s undefeated streak.
    – Sasha Banks turns heel.
    – Riott Squad break the stable.

    My 2018 predictions:
    – Asuka wins the royal rumble.
    – Shayna Baszler wins the NXT women’s championship.
    – Alexa and Charlotte have more reigns this year.
    – Multi-women matches at WM 34

  • If there are 10 open slots for the Rumble, my wish is for these women:

    1. Lita
    2. Trish Stratus
    3. Michelle McCool
    4. Eve Torres
    5. Nikki Bella
    6. Brie Bella
    7. Peyton Royce
    8. Billie Kay
    9. Kelly Kelly (I never liked her but the reaction would be exciting)
    10. Ronda Rousey (to piss everyone off)
    *To be clear, I don’t think Rousey will actually win– nor should she. Something this epic should be awarded to a hard-working WWE superstar.

    The only possible entrants that may not match up are McCool, Eve, and Kelly.
    If not them, I think WWE would put in people like Nikki Cross, Jacqueline, and Beth Phoenix.