At Revolution Pro: Live at the Cockpit 25, RPW crowned their very first Women’s champion.

The tournament was announced in November 2017, consisting of eight women. The preliminary rounds included:


Deonna Purrazzo (Winner) vs Sammi Jayne

Zan Phoenix vs Zoe Lucas (Winner)


Nina Samuels vs Jinny (Winner)

Millie Mckenzie (Winner) vs Charli Evans

Jinny then defeated Millie, and Deonna defeated Zoe, making the final contest between Jinny and Deonna.

The PROGRESS graduate then took home the title in the end after inserting the Acid Rainmaker on Deonna. So it looks the Knightbridge Fashionista is the very first Revolution Pro Wrestling Women’s champion!

For those unfamiliar with Jinny, she is the first female graduate of PROGRESS Wrestling’s school ‘The Projo’.

She began her career with an extended feud with crowd favorite Pollyanna. This rivalry ended with Jinny on top. The star competed in the very first PROGRESS Women’s championship match against Toni Storm and Laura Di Matteo, in which Storm was victorious.

Her accolades so far include being the Maiden of Chaos Champion from Pro Wrestling Chaos, as well as performing at Wrestlemania Axxess in 2017.

Since making her debut, Jinny has made quite some noise, and this is only the beginning of what is bound to be a stunning career for the young talent.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited for the future of the championship? Were you in attendance? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • NOT Released Emma

    Congratulations Jinny

  • Almarpar

    I dint think ive ever seen a bad Jinny match. Shes always on point in-ring. Her character is amazing and she’s brilliant with the crowds. Big fan :D

  • Asa ?

    Good for her!

  • Charlie

    I’m glad Deonna had such a good showing, despite the loss.

  • Raekon

    Congrats to Jinny and all the talents involved!

  • Omar Zaal

    Jinny is gonna be a huge very soon.

    She entertains in every aspect of Pro Wrestling.

    • Laurie

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  • Ronline

    I can’t wait to see her and Tenille (Emma) go at it, assuming she keeps the Maiden of Chaos title through April.

    Jinny and Sofia Ari this weekend are going to kill it. There’s someone else everyone should keep their eyes on.

    • Carole

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