We are a little over a week from WWE’s first-ever Mixed Match Challenge, which is set to premiere next Tuesday (Jan 16th) on Facebook Watch.

Throughout all of last week, the WWE announced the first set of teams for the mini-tournament, which were as follows:

This week, the WWE are looking to finish their Superstar pairings. Today (Jan 8th), two teams representing Raw for the Mixed Match Challenge were announced.

Former NXT Women’s Champion Asuka has been paired with The Miz:

And former Divas Champion Alicia Fox has been paired with Goldust:

Update January 9th

To help determine Bayley‘s partner for the Mixed Match Challenge, the WWE initially conducted a poll asking fans who they would like her team up with between the likes of Jason Jordan, Elias and Samoa Joe.

Although, Samoa Joe was originally cast as the winner of the fan vote, it was announced by Kurt Angle via Twitter that due to an injury to his right foot on Raw Monday night, Joe will no longer be able to compete and thus runner-up, Elias will now partner with Bayley.

SmackDown has revealed two of their final three teams by first announcing the pairing of Natalya and Shinsuke Nakamura.

While Becky Lynch will join forces with Sami Zayn:

And closing out the final team for the Mixed Match Challenge is Carmella teaming up with New Day’s Big E

What are your thoughts on this latest pairing? Which team are you rooting for? Will you be tuning in for the Mixed Match Challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

  • #RiotWithRuby

    I honestly expected Asuka & Goldust to be teamed up.

  • TheDawsonOne

    So who’s the last guy for Raw, Samoa Joe or Elias?? If it’s Elias, all I’ve gotta say is “poor Bayley”…

    Waiting for the Smackdown announcements tomorrow… Hoping for Becky & Nakamura!!

    • perceval

      Samoa Joe, I’d expect.

    • John Finnie

      It was joe but kurt said on twitter hes injured so it is Elias…… poor bayley

  • Jo9834

    Weird pairings this round, but i’m interested to see how the Miz and Asuka teaming goes!.

    Alicia and Goldust was cute, almost like she really looks up to him in a veteran type of way!

  • Summer_Slay

    Why did they do queenlicia like that. Goldust of all people. This is so unfair. It shouldve been Pamela and Goldust. Bayley has 3 potential partners in Jason, Samoa Joe and that quitar man.
    So even if she gets one of them there were 2 other people left besides Goldust.


    Atleast im happy for Miz for once in my life i hope Asuka wins something.

    But this was the ideal pairing IMO:
    Nia/Enzo ->Joe

    Naomi/New Day

  • NoWayHoeSay

    What a waste of those ballons

  • Ronline

    The Miz wins.

    • NoWayHoeSay

      The miz will be taking the pin

      • Ronline

        But Asuka technically loses in that case. It’s not happening.

        • NoWayHoeSay

          She will be undefeated in singles

          • Ronline

            Doesn’t matter, she’d still lose the streak in tag matches. In big matches like Rumbles and Royals I can see her losing and still keeping the Streak. But otherwise, she won’t be losing any matches during this series.

            WWE would be legit insane for her to lose any of these matches when not even the entire world can see this series.

          • NoWayHoeSay

            Nope. They will ignore that fact and say “Asuka has never been pinned or submitted”

          • Ronline

            Then why has she not lost any triple threat or fatal 4 way matches? Her losing this challenge WON’T HAPPEN.

        • FlawlessMickie ?

          Asuka has lost in tag matches before

          • Ronline

            Outside of the WWE yes.

  • Anton

    I called Alicia Fox and Goldust straight off the bat.

    Goes to show Alicia’s minor push in to the spotlight back in November really was just for November.

    Out of all male superstars the one most likely to be eliminated first was always going to be

    Goldust. This whole tournament is becoming a little bit predictable. Which it always kind of was, when you look at the caliber of the men with the likes of Strauman, Miz, Balor and Shinske its obvious those are gonna potentially be the winners where as the likes of Goldust, Apollo, Jimmy and Rusev aren’t

    • FlawlessMickie ?

      Alicia is a jobber for the most part too. Goldust is better off than her.

  • Malcolm James

    They did Alicia Fox dirty

    • KatyaMenelli


  • NoWayHoeSay

    Finals Alexa brawn vs Charlotte bobby

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Goldust and Foxy is a great pairing! Just loads of personality from that team. I honestly don’t see them getting eliminated first. I see them sticking around to maybe the semifinals just as a way to entertain the crowd.

    Asuka and The Miz was very unexpected and very weird. These two have to be the oddest pairing. But I’m intrigued which is a good thing. I’d like to where this goes for them.

  • carmellsworth
    • Carole

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    • John Finnie

      I just peed a lil at this ??

  • Rodney Holston

    I really hope they surprise us with who wins this thing.

  • conan_kun

    Miz and Asuka vs Braun and Alexa will be funny. Miz is afraid of Braun then tag to Asuka, Alexa is afraid of Asuka then tag to Miz.

  • Diva_Fan

    I really don’t agree with any of these last few Raw Teams . I think they should have been :

    Asuka and Goldust
    Samoa and Nia
    Alicia and The Miz
    Bayley and Apollo

    • Same but too obvious so I see why not. They’re literally mixing it up lol

  • Troy Rochester

    How does this Challenge work then ? do the RAW teams face teams from RAW and vice versa for the SD teams until the final SD and RAW face each other ? OR is it just RAW vs SD teams from the start ?

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Asuka and Goldust should’ve been paired

  • Steve B

    Dear WWE, What the hell is the point of having a network if you put a show of this caliber on facebook? I hate facebook and refuse to use it.

  • My favorite team so far is Banks and Balor, Interested to see Asuka and The Miz together in the ring.
    Your forgot about Jey/Jimmy with Naomi. My dream tag team was Asuka and Shinsuke.

  • Alex

    Does anyone know if the matches in the tournament will be the usual WWE mix tag type bouts (a la men facing men & women facing women), or will they be intergender style?


  • Alejandro

    None of this teams are that interesting. Asuka and the Miz are the only team that seems to be unlikely yet exiting.

  • Kristina Buford

    I can see Mix eating the pin and Asuka kicking his head in…or Asuka/Miz wins, Mix takes the credit, and Asuka kicks his head in.

  • Kristina Buford

    Plus, I would actually love to see Bayley with Samoa Joe. Two completely different personalities together. It would awesome to see

    • John Finnie

      He won the vote but hes injured so its the singer guy & Bayley boo

  • MK126

    Looks like its Elias and Bayley since Joe got injured apparently

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      Too bad… While I think Elias and Bayley could be very good, the dynamic between Samoa Joe and Bayley could have been much better!

  • Hey @Neutral where you at? Who’s crying now? ?

  • Damn!

    1 in a trillion chance Foxy and Goldust will win this tournament

  • MK126

    Ew Shin and Nattie? Really?

    • conan_kun

      Then you want Sami or New Day with Natalya

      • MK126

        Id rather have ND with Nattie since they havent said which ND member and Nattie is really cool with Big E it would make more sense

  • So i want either Foxy and Goldust, Naomi and USO, or Charlotte and Zaddy Roode to walk away victorious.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Strange mix of heel and face teams, will this event even have an audience??

    • MK126

      It’ll happen before 205Live so I’d hope so lol

  • Justin Bebier

    Becky & Sami are just perfect together.


    • Ronline

      Cause their ginger?

      I know why really before any says, it’s called a joke.

  • Kendra

    not interested in bulls**t

  • KatyaMenelli

    alicia and goldust? shinsuke and natalya? yes please!!