On this day in history:

January 9th, 2005 | After losing her title to Lita in a high profile main event match, Trish Stratus was set on getting revenge from the “Walking Kiss of Death” at 2005’s New Year’s Revolution. The match wasn’t as explosive as their December bout, owing to the fact that Lita tore her ACL early in the match when hitting Trish with a Lous Thesz press from the ring apron. Lita battled on, but in her condition she was no match for Trish. Soon enough, a Chick Kick had her down for the count and Trish won back the Women’s Championship.

Also occurring today in history:
*1/9/11 – Madison Rayne defeats Mickie James to retain the Knockouts Title at Genesis 2011.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • Darryl lee

    This match was pretty good. Although it was hard to top their performance on raw months ago. But godamn. If Lita never got hurt, we’d probably get their long awaited match at Wrestlemania.

  • MK126

    I wonder what the finish would have been had Lita not injured herself. Obviously they knew to change the finish after Lita hit the Thesz Press and tore her ACL. Would Lita have retained her title? Would Trish win and then get have a rematch at WM?

    • Rocky1990

      For some reason, and I may be wrong, I think Trish was still supposed to win this match, become a six time champ, and then Lita would regain in a ladder match at Mania 21…at least I believe that was the rumor going around.

      • AlexV

        Lita was supposed to win and Trish would chase the title all the way to Wrestlemania with Lita winning and moving on to more programs, presumably with Mickie or Victoria, but it never happened after she was sent home.

        If you’ve ever watched WWE Rivalries, Lita and Trish talk about it and Lita says that they didn’t want the title to be dead in the water, so they decided to change the finish so Trish could carry the the title into another program instead of it fading away for 7 months Lita was out. It sucks cause it was meant to be a long match and Lita was supposed to retain .
        We will never know if the rumored ladder match was real for Wrestlemania 21. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/915de3cfe11bc13fbaa1861d249cbdb4fc6d3f09b1644e060f05cc3ee30de48e.gif

  • Alejandro

    This event was on my home town, the only WWE PPV ever hosted in Puerto Rico. This was such a bad wrap of probably one of the very best storylines in the women’s division history. Still we have to give props to Lita and Trish for being such professionals and mainting the match as long as they could.

  • TrishStratusIsQueenDiva

    Man imagine Wrestlemania 21: Trish Stratus vs Lita for the Women’Championship. Them two in their prime on that grand stage. The match didn’t even happen and my wig is snatched!

  • Like Mike

    As much as I LOVE Lita, she was definitely really sloppy in the ring. It was such a horrible time for her to get injured, she would have held more women’s titles reigns had it not been for her injuries.

    • KatyaMenelli

      so glad someone can admit.

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  • Hangga

    This match totally changed the landscape of women division at that time. I wish Lita had had done more safe move such as crossbody