Tonight on NXT, NXT’s latest signee Shayna Baszler makes her in-ring debut.

Read‘s preview to tonight’s show below:

Shayna Baszler will make her highly anticipated in-ring debut in NXT tonight, but she has already made her bullying presence felt on the black-and-yellow brand.

Just two weeks ago, while Kairi Sane was engaged in a stare-down with NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon, The Queen of Spades blindsided the Mae Young Classic winner with a vicious chokehold.

Baszler’s talent and potential to make an impact in NXT’s Women’s division is undeniable, but there are certainly concerns about her methods so far. The dominating grappler showed no remorse while battling her way to the Mae Young Classic Finals against The Pirate Princess, and that same merciless attitude already seems to be on display in NXT.

Baszler’s presence has also been felt at the WWE Performance Center where she offered to “help” show WWE PC rookie Jessica Elaban how to put on a submission hold, only to refuse to let the distressed novice out of the move until Dakota Kai pulled her off. Then, just days later when Kai was being interviewed about facing Baszler tonight on NXT, cameras caught the bruising competitor once again applying a merciless chokehold on an unsuspecting Reina Gonzalez at the WWE PC. What type of unforgiving ruthlessness will we witness in Baszler’s NXT debut match?

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  • Neutral

    Omg that looked devastating and brutal!! Shayna is such a great heel omg

  • Michael Burmy

    Why is Dakota Kai STILL a jobber? If she’s not getting a push by a month after ‘Mania, she should ask for her release…

    • Ronline

      What do you mean STILL? She lost one match to Shayna, and didn’t look bad while doing it. How is that ‘STILL jobbing’?

      • Michael Burmy

        I think she got signed last year (same time as Ruby Riott and Abbey Laith-ANOTHER one who is long overdue to get pushed, but that’s another story).

        And yes, losing in less than a minute IS considered a squash match…Dakota deserves SO much better.