According to a report from Squared Circle Sirens, independent star Candice LeRae has signed with the WWE and will arrive at the Performance Center in the next few weeks after passing her medical testing.

LeRae is best known for her intergender wrestling on the independent scene and as one half of the World’s Cutest Tag Team with fellow star Joey Ryan.

LeRae took part in last summer’s Mae Young Classic tournament, where she placed in the quarter-finals before being defeated by Shayna Baszler. She also made an NXT appearance during a battle royale and at the most recent NXT tapings, competed in a dark match against Vanessa Borne.

Are you excited to see Candice LeRae in WWE? How would you book her debut? Which other Mae Young Classic competitors would you like to see WWE sign? Let us know in the comments below!

  • #RiotWithRuby

    She honestly needs to skip NXT and go straight to the main roster. She’s likable, she’s well-known, and is more than ready.

    • Bad and Bossy


    • Maddox

      Its okay for her to do so but not Ronda Rousey?

      • C Mack

        I mean…Candice is a wrestler

      • #RiotWithRuby


    • Like Mike

      I think she needs it, it will give her a chance to understand the “WWE Style” and develop more of what she will be in WWE/NXT as opposed to on the indies she mostly fights men, which likely won’t be happening in WWE.

    • wysna

      As much as I would like to agree, I think that–based on her performance at the MYC–she needs to. I don’t know her but it seems like Candice is more at home wrestling men than she is wrestling women. She needs to know more about the WWE style before she gets thrown into the ring with the company’s women.

    • wysna

      On that note, I think that the only woman who should skip NXT is Mercedes Martinez.

  • Dean

    I would have preferred Piper Niven or Toni Storm but she’s cool and I’m excited for her inevitable feud with Zelina.

    • Bad Girl Good Boy

      I’d like Toni to be signed too! And yeah maybe mixed tag match at a TakeOver?

      • Dean

        What I expect to see at the upcoming Takeover PPV is Candice neutralizing Zelina during the title match than at the Takeover before WM, I can see a mixed tag match for the NXT Title on the line which see Johnny G win it. I’d even go the extra mile and it be because Candice pinned Zelina, causing some tension between her and Cien for more depth to their pairing.

        • Bad Girl Good Boy

          Oh yeah I like it! Hasn’t been done since Kelly defending the WHC.

  • Bad Girl Good Boy

    Yasss I am so happy for her!

  • Trishlita

    Yaaay this is great news I really like her.

  • Darryl lee

    Great. God knows she deserves it. Hopefully she plays a role in Gargano’s feud with ciampa in the near future.

  • Issac Gore

    I wonder if they would bring back actual intergender matches now cause I love her matches against the men.

    • Super Mateo

      I’m all for it. Especially if it helps get them screen time.

    • Maddox

      Even a legend like Gail kim is against that so i doubt that. Dont see the fascination with that

  • Brittany Smith

    Love how they signing talents left and right to NXT acting like it’s not full enough and no one is being called up to the MR i’m happy for her but hopefully she doesn’t sit in the back like so many others being wasted

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      I think they really are going to make NXT its own Brand so I believe this is the reason no calls up have came about.

      • Super Mateo

        It pretty much is its own brand. It fits right in. The earlier in the week someone appears, the more important that person is.

      • LAFEEN

        The majority of the best Women’s matches are on NXT

      • Brittany Smith

        Well tbh it doesn’t really deserve to be it’s own brand cause then it’s gonna have to have specials monthly the wrestlers get less time to prepare for matches and then they gonna have to start going live

        • YonceLuvsDivas

          Well NXT is pretty much is its own brand. Only thing they need to do is also broadcast it on television.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    It’s about time!!! Omg I’m so happy for her! I can’t wait til she gets her WWE makeover because she is already gorgeous so they are gonna bring out her beauty even more. Now can my girls Santana Garrett and Veda Scott get a contract too?

    • Typical Heel

      Yes! I see someone else knows about the WWE makeovers… lol

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Child yes!! Hell I just want a WWE contract to get one and than quit right after lol

    • Ultra Instinct Shameronstar

      wwe makeovers should be a wwe network series. That would be interesting to see

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        That would be something cool. I’d definitely be interested in watching it.

  • Donny Donny ?

    This is good news! I feel everyone’s eagerly waiting for the eventual Zelina/Candice catfight. ? It’d be a fantastic debut for Candice as a regular NXT character and a smooth transition for Zelina to evolve from a manager to manager/occasional in-ring competitor like Melina in 2005. Win-win situation for everyone.

    • Sara morgan

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    • Mykiiey

      I’ve been waiting for that moment to happen! Especially knowing Zelina is going to get involved in the match next Saturday!

  • Charlie

    meh, very overrated.

    • Dean

      I would concur with your assessment but she has a strong following and that helps out the division and/or whatever storyline she’ll be apart of.

    • Kvngbalor

      Please stop Candice is great natural baby face exciting in the ring and has had killer matches with lots of women

    • Omar Zaal

      Describe overrated


      Having seen her work, I also think that she is extremely overrated but she’s still a good talent. She’s nowhere near the top wrestlers of the company like some claim her to be essentially due to her work with men but she’s a good talent and a natural babyface. I think she makes up for a good addition to NXT.

    • Kessa Kez

      thanks for this. gail is in my top 5 women of all time and this shoot makes me love and respect her so much more

      • Charlie

        YW! :)

    • jxs_

      Never saw this interview with them. Seems like a must watch.

  • Mr. Giem

    OMG! I’m so happy for her right now. She arrives right in time for the Andrade vs. Gargano feud. Just imagine her colliding with Zelina at the Takeover.

    She definitely deserved this a long time ago. I hope everything works out well for her.


    Would love to see Mercedes Martinez signed and given a big push!

    • conan_kun
      • TheDawsonOne

        Savoy is SHIMMER Champion, any reunion will have to wait.

        • Gato_wiska

          I heard Shayna might team up with Zeda and Xia Li. Shayna is of Chinese lineage.

          • Ken Lushh

            I’m here for this!

  • Kvngbalor

    My fav female indy wrestler has FINALLY signed it took them forever and bless her heart it’s her dream shes turned down everywhere and anywhere else she felt would prevent her from making it here

  • conan_kun

    Hopefully she debuts at Takeover Philly to aid Gargano, lead him winning NXT title. And also avenge against Shayna

    • Maddox

      Ciampa vs Gargano is the bigger picture so this is likely not going to happen

  • Omar Zaal

    She’s gonna be huge!!!!

    I hope Jinny gets signed.

    • Dana Del Rey

      (No shade at all) who is jinny? Never heard of her before

      • Omar Zaal

        Lmao at your (No shade at all) ???

        Jinny is a British wrestler with great Ring skills/mic skills(her best/character Check out her stuff on Youtube.
        She’s the best on the mic because of the way she be roasting others looks/fashion ?
        The day she makes it to WWE the Diva Dirt readers are gonna go nuts for her.

        • Dana Del Rey

          Wow, she’s really good, she should change her looks asap. I can’t take her serious when she is wrestling on grandma pajamas lol

          • Omar Zaal

            Her recent attires are good.

  • Kendra

    ABOUT TIME!!!!!

  • Congrats but WHAT does Santana have to do to get a contract? She’s a total package, don’t know what they’re waiting for.

    • conan_kun

      HHH keeps obsessed with wanting Ronda to WWE and focus on overpushing Shayna while not giving current NXT women a storyline in the division, because HHH is favored on UFC Horsewomen now, he even originally planned to let Shayna win MYC.

    • Kessa Kez

      santana vs charlotte at Wrestlemania is my dream match. :)

  • gjo22

    I love her. She’s great! Strange though since she just got a t shirt range at Hit Topic with Joey Ryan and he would never be accepted into WWE with his current gimmick (or ever really). I wonder what will go on with that. She is great and admittantly better with men but she’s a great face character and I think she’s got enough skills to succeed.

  • ???

    Great! Now please WWE don’t mess her up, she’s too great to be wasted!

  • Yeah! Finally a dream come true, have seen a lot of matches and has tons of talent.

  • Ronline


    I’d be down for a Candice/Shayna title feud down the line, especially with how their MYC match ended.

  • Bad and Bossy

    I fell in love with Candice since I saw her in SHIMMER, she’s a natural babyface. I loved her !!!! WWE had been wasting time not signing her immediately after the MMC

  • Dana Del Rey

    God has a name and it’s leRae! Can’t wait to see Candice Vs. Sasha

  • Dana Del Rey

    I’m just waiting to see Toni, Tessa, Piper and Santana signing with WWE too

  • ?K . A . T ?

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! this makes me so happy!!!!!!

  • Nicola Byrne

    YES!!!! Now hoping for Mercedes Martinez, Piper Niven and Toni Storm to sign!!

  • TheDawsonOne

    Took long enough to sign her. Been waiting for her to sign for 3 God-forsaken years now!!

    Anyway, I’m hyped af to see her in WWE/NXT. ?

  • MK126

    If they don’t have her debut at TO:Philly it’ll really be a missed opportunity to really build a feud between her and Zelina. She doesn’t need to be in the title picture right away and side feuds are what is missing from the NXT women’s division. If and when Shayna wins the title let Candice be her first feud and build off from their encounter at the MYC

  • BC

    Omg have her walk out and walk down the ramp and help her husband win the title. That’d be epic lol. Then this can set up a feud between Zelina and Candice too.

    Hope Piper, Toni, Mercedes or Mia is next. ?

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Yasss! I want to see Zelina and Candice brawl at Takeover. Zelina attacks Johnny while Andrade distracts the ref and then Candice comes out to fight off Zelina. I’d also love to see Zelina vs Candice at Takeover. ICONIC

  • Coy Castillo

    I just hope WWE change her in-ring name as we already had Candice as a wwe diva before..