Below are spoilers to upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling and Xplosion.


Impact Wrestling

* Kiera Hogan debuts and defeated Laurel Van Ness in a non-title match when she gets distracted by Allie.

* Laurel Van Ness defeated Kiera Hogan. Post match, Van Ness attacks Hogan after but Allie makes the save and poses with the belt.

* Hania defeated Amber Nova. Rosemary attacks Hania after the match, Hania runs away.


* Rosemary defeated Amber Nova.


  • So where’s Taya?

    • Malcolm James

      She supposed to get involved in Rosemary and Hania tomorrow

  • Dean

    Glad to see Kiera debut. Haven’t seen her work and I’m curious to see what she offers but I’m glad she didn’t get signed and never used like MJ Jenkins. That was a wasted talent. Hope to see MJ in the WWE one day.

    • Love your avi!

      • Dean

        Thank you! I’m a huge Layla fan. Vanessa reminds me of Layla so I’m looking forward to watching her grow as a wrestler.

        • Yesss she’s my fave of all time and that’s why I love Vanessa now! Queen could be the next Lay hopefully.

          • DoItWithFlair™

            being the next Layla isn’t something to strive for honestly.

          • #ROSEARMY

            Layla’s underrated. Some of her wrestling in 2012 was the most solid stuff in WWE’s women’s game at that time. She could do a bit of everything, but thanks to poor timing and injuries, she barely scratched the surface as a solo competitor.

    • Ronline

      Women of Honor could always use the women if Impact won’t take her back. MJ could give them a shot and could do great things there.

      • Dean

        Would love for MJ to go to WOH or LU if the WWE don’t come calling. She’s really talented.

    • KatyaMenelli

      right! MJ Jenkins deserves to be on LU, WOH, or WWE. She was literally the total package,

    • Raekon

      Kiera is working for SHINE Wrestling for over a year now and is part of the Cutiepie Heel Stable. :)
      She is a good in ring worker and can Play her characters well too.
      Fully agree about MJ.

  • Juan

    Finally Kiera debuts! And I’m glad to see Hania continue her feud with Rosemary! Kind of funny that Sienna has been pretty much forgotten about.

    Face: Allie, Rosemary, Kiera Hogan, Amber Nova, Ava Storie

    Heel: LVN, Taya Valkyrie, Hania, Sienna, Diamante

    That’s a solid roster. Su Young is also going to join the Knockouts at this weeks tapings… I wonder what she’ll debut as? Heel or face?

    • Ronline

      Did Su say online or something? Heard nothing bout this.

    • Jj Peter


  • Omar Zaal

    Sounds exciting.

  • Ronline

    Kiera debuts! Hania still appearing! Amber Nova appearing again! (Impact really NEEDS to sign her). I’m just joping Taya shows up soon to make things even better.

    Yup, a great start to these tapings.

    Also, no mention of the 4 sided ring return and a possible partnership with Twitch?

  • Ronline

    Also, I SERIOUSLY hope we get new belts designs of all the titles by the time these tapings are done.