As we approach the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble, rumors and speculations have been flying as to which 30 women will be included in the match.

As of this writing (Jan 11th), 17 women have been confirmed for the Women’s Royal Rumble:

An additional report from PWInsider (via Squared Circle Sirens) suggests that Paige may not be medically cleared in time to compete at the Rumble. Paige suffered an injury at a house show last month and has not competed in the ring since.

Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke are currently the only women (outside Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair) to have not announced their entrants to the Rumble.

Today Dana threw her hat into the ring though saying she deserves a spot in the Rumble.

According to PWInsider, two former Women’s Champions have been contacted to take part in the match.

Molly Holly has agreed to compete at the Rumble and will mark her first match with the WWE since last competing in Battle Royal at WrestleMania 25. She has appeared on two episodes of WWE’s Table for Three.

Michelle McCool has only been in talks with the WWE about making a possible return. Her final match with the company was back in 2011 at Extreme Rules where she defeated by Layla.

Fans have also speculated that a number of NXT Women could also be featured in the Rumble. According to the Wrestling Observer (via 411Mania), NXT talents have been told that several women on their roster will be in the Royal Rumble match and that as many as nine are being considered.

Today, Triple H also confirmed his dinner meeting with Ronda Rousey and had this to say about the chance of her making an appearance at the Royal Rumble:

“We have nothing to announce at this time. But she’s a huge fan of what we do and she’s incredibly interested in what we do and the opportunities that lie there. We’re fans of hers and incredibly interested in what those opportunities could be with us. But there’s a lot of things to walk through. We’re talking. We’re having conversations.”

What are your thoughts on all the recent speculations surrounding the Women’s Royal Rumble? Which NXT Superstars would you like to see be featured? Who are you most excited to see at the Rumble? Let us know in the comments below!

  • K. W. M.

    I beg you dear god, please please please let Billie and Peyton or at least one of them be in. I don’t care if it is a one night only main roster thing, just give me this one thing as they get overlooked so much in others. (but wait, it will be Ember, Nikki and Baszler and thats it from NXT; i know my luck :( ) :/

  • Mathew Do

    Ronda is a Joke Because of TMZ

  • Like Mike

    If there are 9 women of NXT being considered who do we think the nine would be? I’d guess..

    1. Billie
    2. Peyton
    3. Nikki Cross
    4. Ember Moon
    5. Bianca Belair
    6. Shayna (Unfortunately)
    7. Kairi Sane
    8. Candice
    9. Lacey Evans

    • MK126

      Billie, Peyton and Nikki id say are the only 3 guaranteed people from NXT to be in the match. If Ruby wasn’t called up I’d say that the 4 of them would have been in given that they made their video game debuts this year. Ember could be in but I wouldn’t complain if she wasn’t. Not that I don’t like her shes already a women’s champ and NXT talent don’t compete at WM anyway since they have their own TakeOver event the night before

    • Jaded

      Ember will be there for sure, they will need a high flying woman to thrill the audience.

    • Royalty ?

      Take Candice out Vanessa is a NXT original and has a profile so does Aliyah.

  • Jorge Hernandez Moran

    Mickie is already in Michelle is almost in now I just need Melina and Beth and i can die peacefully

    • sleeper11

      I don’t want the diva era putting over these new girls. We already know Mickie isn’t gonna win or come close, so I’d rather not see Melina and Beth being made to look like fools.

      • BLKLTR05

        They wouldn’t look like fools if they eliminate a couple of girls each or if they eliminate each other. I for one would just die if Melina came back and eliminated Sasha Banks. I’m sure Sasha would love it too since she’s a huge fan.

        • Jaded

          Really, she never mentions Melina on any interview. How did you come about that knowledge?

          • Jorge Hernandez Moran

            Well she has tweet it Melina and also uses alot of Melinas moves

          • BLKLTR05

            I remember interviews in which she says she molded her character like Melina’s and her moves as well. i may be confusing her with someone else but I think it’s fairly obvious how similar they both work in ring.

        • #RiotWithRuby

          Lol. Well, Melina most definitely ain’t a fan.

          • BLKLTR05

            Really?! She said something to the effect? I love me some Melina!!!

          • #RiotWithRuby

            She called out Sasha for trashing the divas era. Saying they worked just as hard as today’s women and that they weren’t given the chances they are.

          • Jorge Hernandez Moran

            I dont think that Melina doesnt like Sasha i think is more like ahe didnt appreciate all those promos Sasha was doing about the divas era and the divas title but she did say on periscope that she like Sasha

    • Jaded

      That would bring back a nostalgic feeling. I can’t even imagine, like 2007 to 2009 .

      • Jorge Hernandez Moran

        Yeah those were the good years of the diva era alot of people like to trash talk that era but it really wasnt that different from the Golden Era the time that really give the diva era a bad name was the like 2010 to 2014 era thats when it became all about looking good legit 46 second matches i remember in 2012 there was a whole month when all divas matches on Raw were 45 seconds they were all distractions then a quick roll up

        • Neutral

          And all of them involving Kelly Kelly scream.

    • Sha95

      You’re talking my Era right Thur! I see Beth making an appearance possibly, not so much Melina unfortunately..

    • disqus_JNw5yZs71K

      If michelle is really in I will honestly die

    • Beth will most likely make an appearance since they LOVE to use her in an attempt to whitewash Chyna’s legacy (also, her husband probably put in a good word for her). Although it’d be nice to see Melina, I don’t think it’ll happen; especially after she joined the #MeToo movement.

  • Matt J

    9 Women from NXT ?

    Billie Kay
    Peyton Royce
    Nikki Cross
    Kairi Sane
    Candice LeRae
    Serena Deeb
    2 girls from MYC (Toni Storm and Mia Yim i hope)
    Bianca Belair (to cement her as THE one to watch in 2018)

    • Ronline

      Serena ain’t in NXT though, as much as I’d love her to be there.

      • BLKLTR05

        It’s rumored that she signed as she was seen in Pittsburgh to get her medical clearances done.

        • Ronline

          Seriously? Good for her if that’s the case. I always thought she deserved more after silently retiring awhile back.

    • Diva_Fan

      No Ember ? If that many NXT Woment end up being in it I can’t see her not being in it either

      • Matt J

        For me, it’s the only reason Shayna has the title match for Takeover instead of Sane, Iconic Duo, or Cross. So I don’t see Ember or Shayna in the Rumble.

  • BLKLTR05

    I believe the article states they are looking at 9 from NXT but that doesn’t guarantee that we’ll get 9 girls from NXT. I think for sure The Iconic Duo, Nikki, Shayna (ugh), Kairi and Bianca all have the best odds of making it to the Rumble. That’s only 6 plus the 17 already confirmed makes the list go up to 23. I’m assuming they’d let Alicia and Dana in on the action so that makes 25. Molly Holly makes 26, Michelle McCool makes 27, leaving 3 slots that are complete random entrants, depending on how negotiations go with former Superstars, they might just go with NXT women which would up the total of NXT entrants from 6 to 9, like they said they were looking at doing. I can easily see the WWE bringing back Trish as the 30th entrant but then I would want them to bring back Lita as well.

    • Sha95

      Agreed. I think the idea is it “could” be up to 9 NXT Women, depending on how many women from the past agree to appear. Don’t forget The Bella Twins will likely be entrants too. Tbh, I think it’s better to try to get more former stars than future ones because I think having too many NXT appearances in one night is a lil messy. I’m here either way though! I’m very excited.

      • BLKLTR05

        Yeah, like let some of the women from past eras who were amazing in ring and never got a chance be a part of this amazing night! So obviously no Kelly Kelly. Just saying.

        • Sha95

          LOL. I honestly wouldn’t mind K2 being an entrant too much. She was popular during her era despite not being the best wrestler and there was a rumor she was supposed to return last year.

          • BLKLTR05

            I guess but I don’t want mediocre girks with no passion for wrestling in the ring on such an historic night. I can honestly say that all of the women in the match as of right now have some passion for the business and respect it. K2 never showed either of those things. Bring her back sure, but not at the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble.

  • Jaded

    Is Trish having problems with WWE, I see they barely mention her anymore. And why is she not among the women contacted, they didn’t even repost her tweets on raw and didn’t show her pictures but showed Lita’s and Beth

  • TheMissingIconicMember

    Shayna’s gonna be one of them isn’t she, ughhhh

    • BLKLTR05

      I’m right there with you.

    • Ronline

      She won’t win if she’s even an entrant. Calm yoself.

  • Ronline

    Molly Holly is confirmed?!? YES!!!!!

    As for the other 8 (I’ll assume Molly & McCool do show up, and Dana & Alicia make it. Also including Paige just in case she’s cleared in time)

    Ember Moon
    Iconic Duo (Billie AND Peyton)
    Kairi Sane
    The Bellas (may announce their entrance on the 25th Anniversary Raw?)
    Ronda Rousey (so long as she doesn’t win the damn thing)

    And the extra surprise? Fantasy picks…
    Kharma? Serena Deeb? Trish? Lita? Beth Phoenix? Melina? Victoria? Just make it someone good/shocking.

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    • ?too litty?

      Serena Deeb is actually rumored to return in the rumble to be brought up to main roster!!

  • Mr. Giem

    Love to see Molly Holly is somewhat confirmed for the Rumble, she’s my all time favorite and I bet she’s as great as she ever was.

    As for the spots for the NXT girls I would only like to see the Iconic Duo in the Royal Rumble but no any other women, they just called up 5 girls and I wanna see more returns than call ups.

    If Brie and Nikki return at RAW 25th anniversary I think their appearance in the Royal Rumble is assured. If they’re returning I wanna see them feuding against the Icons

    The other 6 remaining spots should be for Michelle McCool, Trish Stratus, Lita, Beth Phoenix, Kharma and Melina.

    I can only dream of having the 4 top women from the diva era in the same match: Michelle, Melina, Mickie and Beth.

  • Diva_Fan

    I think the Rumble will end up being something like this :

    Becky Lynch
    Liv Morgan
    Mandy Rose
    Mickie James
    Nia Jax
    Sarah Logan
    Sasha Banks
    Sonya Deville
    Ruby Riott

    Then the 11 surprise spaces:
    Molly Holly
    Beth Phoenix
    Michelle McCool
    Nikki Bella
    Brie Bella
    Billie Kay
    Peyton Royce
    Ronda Rousey
    Then either Ember Moon , Nikki Cross or Shayna Baszler for the final spot but I could see maybe one of the legends that I mentioned not making the list either.

  • koumorid

    Victoria is scheduled to appear at Icons of wrestling on the 28th in Philadelphia… Maybe she will be a surprise entrant??