In less than one week, WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge will premiere on Facebook watch!

In preparation for the 12 week tournament, the WWE have revealed the full tournament brackets. The first six rounds will feature a Raw team taking on a SmackDown LIVE team will be carried out as follows:

The official bracket also features an extra space in the semifinal rounds which is labeled “2nd Chance Fan Vote” which will fans the ability to give an Eliminated Team a second chance at the tournament.

WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge kicks off Tuesday January 16th at 10 ET on Facebook Watch.

Are you excited for the MMC? Which matches are you looking forward to? Which team are you rooting? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Darryl lee

    Wk 1: balor & banks
    Wk 2: Miz & Asuka
    Wk 3: Strowman & Bliss
    Wk 4: Uso & Naomi
    Wk 5: Elias & Bayley (Sorry rusev)
    Wk 6: roode & Flair

    • Mar_41

      This is what I was thinking except I see Rusev/Lana going over Elias/Bayley just because it’s a husband/wife duo

      • Darren C. #Savees

        Rusev and Lana are strangers together. WWE has not seen them as money for a long time.

        • Amy

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    • Seraphina Rosenhart

      This exactly the same as my predictions. :)

      • Felipe Gutierrez


        • Sara morgan

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    • Maddox

      Uhm, Shinsuke Nakumara ?

      • Darryl lee

        Sorry. But the be done nakamura no favours in 2017, and natalya is just so hard to care for at this point.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Rusev and Lana will get the fan vote if they lose.

    • Matthew Rivers

      So, who wins the 2nd chance? Based on your picks, I gotta say Sami & Becky.

    • Jose Antonio Atienza Lat

      Wk 1: Nakamura & Natalya
      Wk 2: Miz & Asuka
      Wk 3: Sami Zayn & Becky
      Wk 4: Uso & Naomi
      Wk 5: Elias & Bayley
      Wk 6: Roode & Flair

      Wk 7: Nakamura & Natalya
      Wk 8: Sami Zayn & Becky
      Wk 9: Roode & Flair

      Wk 10: Sami Zayn & Becky
      Wk 11: Roode & Flair

  • Royalty ?

    12 weeks? 2 months?? Oh my..

    • Dana Del Rey

      3 months, basic math lol

  • Mar_41

    I see the finals being Balor/Banks vs Roode/Flair. Alexa takes the pin for her team and Miz/Crews take the pin for thier teams so Strowman Nia & Asuka monster personas are protected

    • Maddox

      Miz is more valuable than Finn Balor so i doubt that would happen

  • Matt

    Hmm…I think that Bàlor & Sasha will win the contest, so:
    Week 1: Finn Bàlor & Sasha Banks over Shinsuke Nakamura & Natalya. Sasha will pin Nattie.
    Week 2: The Miz & Asuka over Big E & Carmella.
    Week 3: Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss over Sami Zayn & Becky Lynch.
    Week 4: Jey or Jimmy (idr who’s Naomi’s hubby sorry?) & Naomi over Goldust & Alicia Fox.
    Week 5: Elias & Bayley over Rusev & Lana (I really hope they’ll defeat Elias e Pam because All Day is Rusev Day and Lana is the best, Lana number 1 ????). Bayley will pin Lana.
    Week 6: Bobby Roode & Charlotte Flair over Apollo Crews & Nia Jax. Bobby will pin Apollo.

  • Ronline

    1: Balor & Banks (either could win honestly)
    2: The Miz & Asuka (I mean they’ll win the whole thing anyway, so yeah)
    3: Strowman & Bliss
    4: Uso & Naomi
    5: Rusev & Lana (The E have ‘given up’ on Bayley (NOT PAM, BAYLEY) apparently)
    6: Roode & Charlotte

  • Neutral

    Why tf is this tournament lasting so long?? 2 months really??

    • B.A.D. & Blonde

      ikr unnecessary stretching

  • BLKLTR05

    Wk 1: Nattie and Shinsuke
    Wk 2: Miz and Asuka
    Wk 3: Strowman and Bliss
    Wk 4: Uso and Naomi
    Wk 5: The only one I can’t seem to get any read on from WWE.
    Wk 6: Flair and Roode

    Wk 7: Asuka and Miz
    Wk 8: Bliss and Strowman
    Wk 9: Roode and Flair

    Wk 10: Asuka and Miz
    Wk 11: Either Roode/Flair or Balor/Banks (Fan Vote Winners)

    Eventual Winners: Asuka and Miz all thanks to Asuka. If they happen to lose at any point, it’ll be Miz eating the pin and it’ll be later in the tournament.

  • FiguredRetro

    Hoping for Alicia/Goldust or a Lana/Rusev win. Of course neither will happen :(

  • -V

    Clever of them to make the finals during Wrestlemania week.
    I hope Sasha & Finn win this, they make a great team! xx

    • conan_kun

      I don’t see they get past Braun and Alexa.

      • -V

        It’s easy actually. Banks submits Bliss.

        • Mar_41

          That’s how I see them losing, only way

  • conan_kun

    Miz may not enter the match and let Asuka do all the match.

    • Darren C. #Savees

      Yes, he will be promoting on the mic while Asuka does the rest of the work. Then when Miz finally gets into the ring he will be pinned. WWE is using Miz to put Asuka over.

  • PeppermintButler

    I really love Nattie with the cat ears hair ?

  • Kelly/Asuka x Kairi ????

    For the Mix match challenge. First round of winners:
    Finn & Sasha wins w/ Nattie taking the pin.
    The Miz & Asuka wins w/ Carmella taking the pin.
    Strowman & Bliss wins w/ either Sami or Becky taking the pin.
    Goldust/Fox vs Uso/Naomi – either team could win tbh, i’m on the fence.
    Rusev and Lana win w/ Elias taking the pin or Bayley getting rolled up.
    Roode & Charlotte wins w/ Crews taking the pin.
    My predictions for the first round

  • Buffyrocks

    OK, first off, we all know that 12 weeks = 3 months, right? Not 2 months.

    Second… dang. No way they are going to have Bliss or Strowman lose the first match. Dang. I really wanted Becky to do well in this.

    Fingers crossed it is Becky who wins the Rumble!

    • conan_kun

      Only if Becky winning the vote for 2nd chance.

  • Omar Zaal

    It’s time to see Asuka Kick some dude’s head in.

  • Glitter Bliss Banks

    I’m rooting for Charlotte and Bobby to win this thing tbh, them or Sasha and Finn!

    I’m hoping these will be fun and playful matches like Live Event matches since it’s a Facebook thing? Less controlled and talent are able to have fun and show extra character to spice things up!

  • #GODBless?InsaneHippy?#NaoMob

    These brackets are interesting..

    I would want Sasha/Finn to win but I also want Sasha vs Asuka first encounter in a ppv match rather than in a mixed tag

    Alexa/Braun most likely to win but I rather becky/sami to win …nao/uso vs becky/sami is way more less predictable and interesting than alexa/braun vs nao/uso

    Elias/bayley vs char/roode is the best option but i want lana/rusev to advance over elias/bayley

  • Donny Donny ?
  • Wicked Bliss

    One match per week? Basically, they have a week to build the match.

  • Wicked Bliss

    Looks like Asuka/Miz vs Bobby/Charlotte in the finals.

  • Maddox

    Pairing Asuka with a talkative like Miz was smart

  • B.A.D. & Blonde

    Brauman/Bliss vs Becky/Sami lolololololol yeah ok ? good luck and we all thought fox and goldust we’re to be eliminated first.

  • NoWayHoeSay

    Very obvious of winners for each one

  • mckenzie

    The winners for each week I see are

    1. Shinsuke and Natalya (hard fought battle) but Shinsuke pinning Balor
    2. Asuka and miz asuka lock to carmella
    3. Strowman and bliss strowman dominates zayn
    4. Naomi and uso ( although I want fox to upset that anticipated win) uso finishes goldust
    5. Rusev and Lana (Rusev dominated Elias)
    6. Rhoode and Charlotte beat crews and nia roode finishes crews
    7 Asuka makes nattie tap
    8. Strowman pins uso
    9. Charlotte makes Lana tap
    10. Miz distracts strowman Asuka Makes bliss tap
    11. Finn and banks get voted back. Finn pins roode
    12. Hard fought battle for Sasha between asuka Finn beats miz for the finish

    Mix match challenge winners are Balor and Banks!!!!!

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I don’t care for the out comes in this. I believe we are going to get some good matches out of this. I can’t wait to see this.

  • Darren C. #Savees

    My Prediction:

    Bálor and Banks def. Nattie and Nakamura
    Miz and Asuka def. Big E and Carmella
    Strowman and Bliss def. Zayn and Lynch
    Uso and Naomi def. Fox and Goldust
    Elias and Bayley def. Lana and Rusev
    Roode and Flair def. Nia and Crews

    Miz and Asuka def. Banks and Bálor
    Strowman and Bliss def. Uso and Naomi
    Roode and Flair def. Elias and Bayley

    Miz and Asuka def. Uso and Naomi / Roode and Flair

    * If Miz and Asuka don’t win then it will probably be Sasha and Bálor
    * Damn it, we had a chance to see Maryse vs Sasha!

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Right I’m kind of a lil upset they had to do this now. They could’ve waited til Maryse came back so Maryse can team with The Miz and get in the ring. I hope when she do return she gets a lil more involved. Give her those valet storylines that lead to single matches, cat fights and mixed tag matches. Same for Maria.

      • Gerg

        Speaking of Maria, WWE’s youtube channel posted a video of her baby gender party. My response when I saw it in my subscription feed “Wtf?….oh yeah, I forgot she came back.” lol She’s the most irrelevant woman on the roster right now sadly

        • YonceLuvsDivas

          She really is. Her return wasn’t anything interesting really. They could’ve done better.

          • Gerg

            I wonder if they go to NXT instead or be drafted to Raw in there return bc at this point her and mike are forgotten. I saw Maria in the background on last weeks Total Divas. Everyone was getting their make up and hair did while she was in the background. Tamina got a mention and name card during that scene tho lol

          • jbrizzy

            Lol yes,she was all up in those cameras ?. I’m surprised she wasn’t added to Total Divas

          • Gerg

            LMAO she was giving direct eye contact to the camera. Looking at the viewers like “bish can you see me now??!!”

    • Jose Antonio Atienza Lat

      so RAW almost wins every match again? No way

      • Darren C. #Savees

        Can you blame them?

  • Jack square

    Sounds like Paige is going to stop wrestling permanently

  • ssilva872

    Sasha just ended Paige’s career (inadvertently but still).. Wow.

    • MK126

      Damn I feel sad for the girl. She finally gets cleared and after a kick she wasn’t ready for she’s done. I just hope this doesn’t lead her to some drastic stuff

      • ssilva872

        Reports are Paige is getting the Edge treatment and must retire. ?

        • MK126

          This is definitely a good time for her to retire. She made her triumphant return, pinned 3 former champs and had an entire storyline dedicated to her return. She can be the mouthpiece to Absolution if they’re thinking of putting her in a backstage role or even make her a trainer at NXT. Sadly not everyone recovers the same after an injury like hers. Even with reports saying Sheamus has the same condition his workload has been cut down. When the body says enough its a good time to listen

          • Super Mateo

            It’s sad and unfortunate, but in the long run, this may be the best thing for Saraya. There’s no sense in her continuing to punish her own body for the entertainment of fans.

      • ssilva872

        Yeah it is just heartbreaking. She is so young and I know she wanted to redeem herself.

        I hope she gets help because this can easily send her into another period of depression. Last time she told Lilian she contemplated suicide so I am worried. ?

    • Summer_Slay

      Now i like her even more if only she can do the same to bliss.

      • ssilva872

        I don’t like Bliss but nobody deserves to have their career ended due to injury.

      • Nun Ya

        That is so nasty of you to say. You always been nasty like that. Since you’re insensitive let me be the same. That’s why your fave has no said career to speak of. Summer who? It’s winter. Girl Bye!

        • Summer_Slay

          lmao who the hell are you some random person with 140 commets “You always been nasty like that” k, glad you know my bio. Girl hi Summer has never gotten the chances Paige has. Remember when she was the top heel of NXT yeah its not her fault they didnt use her at all. Plus she has done more for herself in the year she has been out than WWE ever did for her. Maxim, countless photoshoots, red carpets… and lets see come royal rumble if you want be hearing her theme and watching her making her return. She still goes by Summer Rae on twitter so you never damn know.

  • FlawlessMickie ?

    I wish Mickie and Dana could have been participating as well. Oh well, i’m Team Charlotte and Bobby!!

  • I think Balor and Sasha will win this Challenge or maybe Braun and Alexa.