Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling taped tonight (January 12th) from Orlando.


Impact Wrestling

* El Hijo del Fantasma defeated Braxton Sutter. Post-match, Sutter cuts a heel promo and says he isn’t out here with Allie because she ruins lives. He’s says the biggest star in the company, Brian Cage comes out and destroys Sutter.

* Rosemary defeated Hania. Post-match, Rosemary cuts an in-ring promo, calling Hania a puppy dog while she is still the alpha. Rosemary says she is taking back what rightfully belongs to the shadow, the Knockouts Championship. Taya Valkyrie returns and confronts Rosemary and lays her out on the ramp.

* KM in the ring, says he’s an ordained minister and is going to marry Laurel Van Ness to the Knockouts Championship. Sutter comes out and objects, saying he made the biggest mistake of his life a year ago and proposes to Laurel. She says no. Allie comes out and beats up Laurel.

* Allie defeated Laurel Van Ness to win the Knockouts Championship.


* Sienna defeated Kiera Hogan.


  • TheMissingIconicMember

    Well that was fast, Laurel just got that championship, hope Allie has a good reign tho

    • Malcolm James

      Because she leaving this is her last week

  • Allie vs Laurel was a pretty good match there was some cool spots!

    • TheDawsonOne

      You were there?? What was the reaction to Allie winning??

      • Had a big pop for a few seconds and slightly started to get quiet

        • TheDawsonOne

          At least she got that first big pop, but yeah, they should have put the title on her long ago.

  • Omar Zaal

    So far so good.

    Still waiting for the rumoured Su Yung to show up………

    • Juan

      You’re going to be a happy guy with today’s spoilers if that’s the case ;)

      • Omar Zaal

        I swear
        Your comments always makes me happy for some reason.

        Idk maybe cuz you’re always positive.

        • Juan

          Haha thanks! With the current crop of Knockouts, i don’t see how anyone could find a reason to be negative, especially after the recent tapings.

          • Omar Zaal

            Always count on me for positivity

          • KatyaMenelli

            LOL Ikr you’re one of my favorite people here, Juan. You always have something good to say, even to people you’re not fond of.

  • I was wondering what happened to Braxton. I didn’t see him since Slammiversary. I’m glad he’s still signed, but the whole post wedding angle with him, Allie, Laurel and Sienna was a huge mess and killed Allie’s popularity.

    I’m also glad Sienna is still signed and that Taya is back. The build up to Laurel vs.Allie was weird but I’m excited for their match and for Allie’s big moment.

    • Amy

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    • TheDawsonOne

      They waited a long time to do anything with her & it killed her momentum. The odd couple with Rosemary was a ton of fun, but they seem to have dropped it on TV, sadly. Thankfully, she’s the main focus again, so this should work.

  • Ronline

    Better taping results for sure. Shame this seems to be Laurel’s exit, and how Braxton’s turn all seemed anti-climactic for all the storyline build him & Allie had to begin with.

  • MK126

    I guess when she meant that her contract expired in June 2018 she meant it but didnt mean that she wasnt gonna request her release before that…

    • John Finnie

      Didnt she say it was at the end of january 2018 her contract runs out?,

      • MK126

        I thought she said June…?

  • Malcolm James

    Also if anybody is wondering Diamante will be clear next month for in ring return

    • Summer_Slay


      • Elaine

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      • KatyaMenelli

        lol right!

    • Konstantinos Manolakis

      What about Ava Storie?


    She should have won it at Bound for Glory of last year against Gail Kim. Now, it’s meh… They waited too long with Allie.

  • Summer_Slay

    LOL so Sutter now wants to marry Laurel when she has gone insane instead when she was a millionaire. Because logic.

  • Summer_Slay

    Ok, so things aregetting slightly better Allie, Sienna, RM and KC are active, Diamante and Taya are back and the 2 new girls finally debuted. Does anyone have info on Madison, Ava and Alisha’s statuses. Alisha is always posting on twitter saying she wants to be part of the division but they seem to not want her for some reason. IMO she’d make a great KellyKelly/Tiffany/MichlleMcCool type of face. And what about FLOPBD and Amber Nova…

    • KatyaMenelli

      ikr Alisha can play a character, whether face or heel. I’ve seen it firsthand.

  • Juan

    Face: Allie, Rosemary, Kiera Hogan, Ava Storie

    Heel: Taya Valkyrie, Hania, Sienna, Su Young, Diamante, Amber Nova

    Someone needs to turn face to balance things out! With Laurel leaving, at least it’s a little less lopsided. I say turn Diamante face, her moveset is tailor made for a face.

    • KatyaMenelli

      well LAX is kinda slowly turning face now so most likely she will be too.