On this day in history:

January 14th, 2003 | Raw celebrated its 10th anniversary with Raw X, an award show that honored the biggest figures in the show’s history. When it came time to name the WWE’s Diva of the Decade, Trish Stratus bested the likes of Chyna, Lita, Sable and Sunny to win the crown. It was a controversial choice, as Trish was less than three years into her run with the WWE, but it certainly didn’t jinx the rest of her career.

Also occurring today in history:
* 1/14/14 – Mae Young passes away at age 90.

What are your memories of this moment? 

  • Gayomi.

    Queen ending the 4 trashwomen

  • John Finnie

    I remember this & it was one of the first cases that fans called wwe out because Lita, Stacey came before Trish. But it was preplanned as we know now

    • ssilva872

      Stacy before Trish?

      Please elaborate.

      • John Finnie

        When this came out wwf.com was newish & the real results came out…. i maybe wrong about stacey but i do remember Lita & Torrie had more votes defo will try find an article for you

      • John Finnie

        I can NOT find an article so im putting it down to my own wish lol my bad… i am sure i read about it at the time

        • ssilva872

          NP I was just confused.

  • ssilva872

    I loved most of the nominees (but the slore should have for sure been replaced by Alundra Blayze or even Stephanie McMahon) and this video package.

    Obviously they wouldn’t have given it to her but I think Chyna deserved it.

    • jcott3

      Slore? :) I’m going to have to remember that one.

      Alundra/Madusa and WWE weren’t on speaking terms after what she did with the women’s title belt on Nitro. Even though she has said Bischoff forced her to do it, I think Vince was still sore about it.

      As for Stephanie, she was GM of Smackdown after the brand split, so she wasn’t going to be nominated, but I could have seen her showing up to mess with Bischoff.

      • ssilva872

        Remember it and use it since it is the perfect word for her..

        I understand why my picks were snubbed but hell if not one of them then Jacqueline or Ivory would have been better picks than Sunny because they actually had talent in the ring.

  • Royalty ?

    If they ever have another diva of the decade I think Nikki Bella is rightfully so.

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      I would be ok with that but i think mickie would be a better pick. She had a really good run with the company most of her first time around then she was able to make a comeback after years away, kids, etc. But a case can also be made for sasha and charlotte as well. Charlotte is a 7 time champ already and with all the historic matches her and sasha had i think they would be the four contenders. Charlotte or nikki would probably win.

  • #Hooligan ?

    Not @ y’all forgetting about the 20th anniversary of Raw with Eve vs Kaitlyn which also happened on January 14th.

  • Steven5812
    • ssilva872

      RIP fallen queen. ?

      • Ella

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      • Celia

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    • Gayomi.

      and her name is Trish Stratus

  • jcott3

    For better or for worse, it was going to be Trish, the one WWE wanted to promote all along in the early 2000’s.

    – Chyna (IMO the most deserving of the nominees) was persona non grata with WWE, and remained so for the rest of her life.

    – Sunny was a basket case by then, not to mention for a large part of her time in the WWF/E, she was “brand ambassador” appearing at other shows and functions rather than on WWF/E TV.

    – Lita was at the halfway point between breaking her neck (spring 2002) and her return (September 2003). She has said that she gained 20 pounds during that time period because she couldn’t work out, and it’s possible she and/or WWE didn’t want her to be seen looking like that.

    – As for Sable, who knows? It’s possible that she was already in negotiations to return on SD and WWE wanted to hold her off to make her return more of a surprise.

    Last year, someone posted the fan voting for this. It’s been a while, but I think Trish was third with Lita and Chyna ahead of her.

  • TrishStratusIsQueenDiva

    Although I do feel as though it was premature, if you look between the decade 2000 and 2010, Trish WAS Diva of the Decade. She dominated 2000-2006 tbh. And like everyone else is saying, Trish was the only logical one to win the award between the competitiors.

    • jcott3

      The time period for this is 1993 (when Raw debuted) to 2003.

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      That wasnt the time frame for the award though. The time frame was from the start of raw in 1993-2003 so only the first decade of raw not the second, which hadnt even happened yet. How do you award someone for their accomplishments they havent even accomplished yet? Sable, even though i wasnt a fan, was the only logical choice for the time frame.

      • TrishStratusIsQueenDiva

        True, I see what you’re saying. An argument could have been made for any of these ladies. Trish just was the future and Sable was the past ?????

      • Joan

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  • Mark?

    Don’t care what anyone says, Trish deserved it. She revolutionized Women’s wrestling in the WWE. She already had that hardcore feud with Victoria by the time this aired, which simented her status.