Kelly Klein Interview Diva Dirt

Diva Dirt Interviews Kelly Klein

If you have been following Women of Honor you’ll know that Kelly Klein is the “Gatekeeper” of their fast-growing women’s division. Kelly Klein is a favorite to go far in the WOH Championship Tournament and for a while was undefeated in WOH matches. Kelly Klein was gracious enough to give some of her time for an exclusive interview. During this interview, you’ll realize that Kelly Klein has a great head on her shoulders and that we should all be more like Kelly Klein.

In this interview, Charley from Diva Dirt and Kelly Klein discuss the following topics:

  • How Kelly Klein defines the term “success”
  • How Kelly Klein defines her character and nickname
  • The WOH Championship Tournament being a significant milestone for women’s wrestling
  • Her time spent working for Stardom
  • How she sees the world of women’s wrestling evolving and what her role will be in this evolution

Audio courtesy of 2 Heels And Face Wrestling Podcast

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