Gail Kim Out with Ruptured Breast Implant

No, your eyes are not deceiving you — a second breast implant has been ruptured, this time belonging to Gail Kim, reports the Wrestling Observer. The former Women’s Champion, whose disappearance from Raw has led to a whirlwind of speculation, ruptured her implant at a house show last month.

As reported, Divas Champion Mickie James also suffered a ruptured implant last month.

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  • astrozombie50

    I didn’t even know Gail Kim had implants, she always looked pretty natural to me… of course when I think of implants, Jillian comes to mind..

  • B_Fizzle

    Lol. That’s messed up.

  • MarBu13

    I think real boobs have a natural sag to them (aka Alicia, Maria) and don’t look like skin rocks propped up in a halter top (Michelle McCool, Jillian, majority of Diva Roster).

  • faux.brit

    Save the bossoms!
    A good sign of whether they’re real or fake is if there is a large valley/gap between the breast or they look like melon halves bolted onto a persons chest. I’m not sure where I read it, but someone said Gail Kim said she got implants when she modeled in Korea.

  • B_Fizzle

    Don’t be fooled by the sag. Gravity sure took its toll on Victoria’s implants.

  • Kaledrina

    Well, it’s about time we heard something about her status. Guess it explains why they’ve been forced into having so many singles matches lately, which is good as if anything it gives the chance for feud to develop.

    She’ll hopefully be back next week, if not tonight – afterall, mMickie wasn;t out that long with the same thng, was she?

    These Divas really need to learn how to look after each other in the ring. How many injuries is this now, in the last couple months alone, that we know of?

  • Shan

    They just look weird sometimes; like they were just stapled on there as an after thought. Implants I mean. I hope Gail heals quickly.

  • RKOyou


  • Mikas

    Glad we finally know why she was MIA. This doesnt look good for RAW though, they dont have any face diva that is 100% healthy right now.

  • LisaJane_Ox

    Maybe thats why she was the ref during last nights match