Diva Trade Rumours: Beth Phoenix, Bella Twins & Melina


More rumours on each of the Diva trades has circulated. This time, NoDQ.com reports why Beth Phoenix, the Bella Twins and Melina were moved:

Beth Phoenix was moved to Smackdown because it was felt that she lost momentum on RAW. It’s been rumored that she could be paired up with Dolph Ziggler.

The Bella Twins were moved to RAW because Vince McMahon was said to have “fallen in love with them” following their guest host skits on RAW several weeks back. They are expected to be featured in guest host segments on a regular basis now.

WWE is said to be high on both Jilian Hall (McMahon likes her act) and Melina (which is why she was moved to RAW).

In the case of Beth possibly being united with Dolph Ziggler, we can somewhat corroborate. Not to say WWE will go that route, but if they do it falls in line with what we’ve heard. As expected, it doesn’t sound like the Bella Twins will be wrestling much.

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  • Kaledrina

    I think it goes without saying that Vince likes Jillian. Otherwise I’m pretty sure she would’ve been released two years ago at the very least. As for him being high on The Bellas? Liking what they did several weeks ago on raw? That doesn’t happen to be the time they were jacuzzi-ing it up for Mr Barker, was it? I still don’t understand how with Stephanie in the business and all that, they’re still fine with placing looks first. Well, maybe I do understand it, I just don’t like it.

    As for Beth losing momentum on Raw? Yeah, that’s your creative team’s fault (with their lack of creativeness!), Vince, not Beth’s. Ziggler isn’t a comedic Santino type, is he? Hope not.

  • mah

    beth with doplh….does it mean a beth/maria fued??

  • shannymac

    The Bellas don’t even do anything in those guest host skits! They just stand there in matching outfits. Forgive me if I don’t understand what there is to “fall in love with” about that.

    A Beth/Maria feud may actually be somewhat of a good thing. Trust me, I’d much rather see Beth either working with Natalya or going for the title. However, Beth is so awesome in the ring, I’m sure she could make even Maria look good. If I have to watch Maria wrestle, I want it to be with someone who has enough experience to make the match watchable.

  • theregoeskitty

    so maria will prob feud with beth,
    maybe if mcmahon likes these divas
    we will see better things diva wise,
    i hope jillian will get a push leading to the title again lol
    jillian for 2 time divas champ XD

  • jaj

    wow im so so so happy for jillian. i dont even care about her winning the title, its not about that, its about her getting a shot and getting her chance to shine, regardless of stupid gimmick…

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    All I have to Say is Jillian your time is finally here…see all we had to do was wait for the right time for Jillian…

    Im happy Beth moved to Smackdown but dont pair her up with Doplh Ziggler thats retarted start a heel vs heel fued with her and Michelle or Natalya hell even layla

  • spiffy

    Vince is all about skits and the variety show aspect of Raw. I understand his affinity for the Bellas. Like I wrote somewhere else on the board, the Bellas don’t affect the other Divas as far as wrestling for the title and feuds.

    Jillian, I understand Vince liking because kids still find her bad singing funny and boo her (which is not the same as heel heat). But her same lame 4-year gimmick is so old now. Pop music trends comes and goes very quickly. Jillian’s “music” is way gone. Why not update her act a bit to make her a little more relevant. Related note: Slam Master J is also doing an expired gimmick. Good thing Eve is away from him.

    As stupid as creative books the divas, it’s still up to the girls to sell the material they’re handed. The Santina angle definitely killed her. While mostly creative’s fault, in their eyes they probably viewed Santino has holding up his end more than Beth. All in all, Beth was on Raw long enough. It was time to let the SD writers have a crack at her. They write far better than the Raw writers.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Beth didnt loose momentum…The Creative Team killed her character…they killed the Glamazon by putting her in that stupid Santina storyline. When she could have been in the fued with Mayrse and Mickie at that time. She could have been facing guys going after the IC Championship. But Nah The Creative Team thought it was better to put her in a storyline with a some guy who dressed up as a lady. So no beth didnt loose a thing. Then they try to bring it back by having her crush Gail & Kelly and getting Title shots…No I hope on Smackdown she Regain that crown

  • Paul W

    I don’t mind The Bellas moving to Raw. It’s pretty clear that their going to be used as valets to the Guest Hosts. I hope Beth Phoenix turns face over on SD! I know her current “Powerhouse” gimick dosen’t work so well as a face, but there is a lack of face Divas on SD! It’s Mickie and Maria, so I see a face turn coming soon. I’m so thrilled that Jillian is finally getting a push, shes been jobbing for 4 years. Jillian gets the most heat out of any Divas in the WWE, and I hope she regains the Divas Title within this year or early 2010.

  • Evan

    Woohoo a Jillian push. :D

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Shaneomaniacs Shaneomaniacs

    why is Beth getting Maria leftover again

  • RKOyou

    YESSSSS GO JILLIAN,she 100% deserves this push,Jillian for 2x divas champion,lol

    it is true,jillian does get the nost heel heat out of all the divas,yes her singing does have to do with it but ALL HEELS IN WWE have to do something that the crowd doesn’t like

  • mr_socko

    i wonder if the wwe are going to give jillian a push because theyve seen how much support she gets on this site.. ;)

  • Mr.Glamazon

    SD could be good for Beth b/c she needs to compete for the Women’s title, not the Diva’s title. I agree with many of you, the Eve move seemed strange b/c she was actually building a decent character on SD.

  • Blacklighter05

    Like i said before, as long as the bellas arent wrestling too often im completely fine with them being on Raw.

    Beth going to Smackdown is a good thing. Obviously she needed to be paired with Divas who know how to wrestle and are veterans. With such a small amount of divas on Smackdown, she gets to be highlighted more often. The only Diva that would probably ruin this move would be Maria. Even then, Beth could carry her the entire match and it would be ok.

    As far as Melina goes, shes getting rewarded for doing such a good job on Smackdown. Hopefully Jillian gets another title shot, or atleast catapaulted into the higher echelon of divas, where she belongs.

  • Mr.Glamazon

    I am kind of surprised about all the love for Jillian, but now that I see how many folks are behind her I would like to see her get a push. I guess at Survivor Series we’ll get another diva team match? A fatal four-way or something would be cool to mix it up.

  • cobrastyle

    “WWE is said to be high on both Jilian Hall (McMahon likes her act)”

    Reading that alone made me laugh, since well…If I remember correctly that singing gimmick was made to mock Brooke Hogan’s career.

  • Undi

    It isn’t surprising that Vince likes Jillian’s act, since he was the one who helped come up with it. It never translated into a serious push, but she always got pretty good screen time for being a jobber. And Melina was basically his new heel Trish Stratus for a while there, playing the role of his backstage sex toy (and earning a slap from Linda as the result).

  • Goodvibes

    ISNT IT WEIRD…the WWE had that online survey as to WHO the fans thought should face MICKIE next for the title and Jillian won by a landslide?, it looks like those mini polls actually do have some standing in the WWE. Jillian and Melina have good in ring chemistry, they had a match back when Jillian was a face and it was definitely decent.

    The Bella’s are neither here nor there, KELLY should have gone to Smackdown, she could have done well there. Maryse VS Melina before the year is out, bet on it!

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    It was also said on Wrestlinginc.com that Mickie was Unhappy with the way she lost her Divas Title and her MOve to SD.

    Mickie shoudnt be upset with how she lost her title, I do agree the way it happened was grimy but that’s wwe for you. Maybe now that Mickie isnt wwe’s right hand anymore we can see other divas get the oush they need. Mickie will still be one of the best no matter if she isnt in the spotlight anymore

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Also she was very unhappy with how wwe was booking her as of late