Armchair Creative Team: Earning Bragging Rights

Armchair Creative Team is back! This time, we are booking Bragging Rights, the brand vs. brand PPV that takes place a week from this Sunday. This event offers rare opportunities for Raw and SmackDown Divas to go toe-to-toe, and the landscape is even more completed given this past Monday’s drafts. We’ll try and sort that out and offer you some interesting options. As always, read our match ideas & vote for your favourite!

Melanie’s Ideas

Jillian & Melina vs Michelle McCool & Mickie James — This match would pit the Divas Champion & Women’s Champion against each other, but just to make things a little interesting also team them up with their rivals on their respective brands. It’s all but a given that Mickie will likely be Michelle’s next challenger for the Women’s Title while we have heard that Jillian will receive a push for Melina’s Divas Title. This match would force the unlikely teams to work together to represent their brand but also could serve some storyline progression in their individual feuds.

Beth Phoenix vs. Melina — Giving us another match between these two former rivals, this could be an unexpected surprise match for the Bragging Rights pay per view. To set the scene: Beth Phoenix, the Glamazon, comes to SmackDown and doesn’t want to play second fiddle to the Women’s Champion. Thus she takes the pay per view spot to prove that she’s the alpha female on SmackDown, going against the Divas Champion, Melina. If Beth wins, it sets her up nicely, giving her something to brag about on her new home and brings her out of Michelle’s shadow as a co-#1 heel rather than #2 heel.

Melina vs. Mickie James — Melina vs Mickie would be a battle of the babyfaces. There’s a lot of brand pride at stake for the Divas, but there’s also the chance to establish either one as the top babyface Diva in the entire WWE. They could it explain it as WWE’s two most popular Divas battling it out to determine who is the best Diva in the company as well as fighting for their brand. This one would likely draw a big reaction also, as both Divas have proven to be highly popular with the crowd — put them together in front of a live crowd, and they may just tear down the house.

Erin’s ideas & reader poll after the cut:

Erin’s Ideas

Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown: Melina, Alicia, & Eve vs. Michelle, Mickie, & Beth — Why not have the Divas do as the Superstars are doing and battle in teams? I assume an easy way to crown captains would be to put Melina and Michelle–the two champs–in charge. The dynamic of the heels and faces having to work together for the sake of their brand would be pretty interesting, as would seeing these new brand-mates interacting in the ring for the first time. Of course, there would be the still-warm heat in the Melina/Michelle and Alicia/Mickie feuds, and in this we would be seeing them interact the last time for a while.

Champion vs. Champion: Melina vs. Michelle McCool — One word: closure. Yes, their feud had been going on for ages, but they never really got a fitting sendoff, i.e. a PPV match. Yes, I know they wrestled on PPV before, but it’s been a while.. This would be the cap on their feud, pitting the two brands’ respective champs against each other for the ultimate show of brand superiority. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to see them put out all the stops and try to top their last few great encounters.

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres — Many of the options we have for matches are ones that we have seen numerous times before–the recent draft kind of ruined some of the fresher options. One that we definitely haven’t seen is Beth vs. Eve, and that would make for an interesting David vs. Goliath dynamic. Eve’s star was rising on SmackDown, so a way to prevent that being all for naught would be to allow her to have a great, strong match with Beth and show people that her streak on SmackDown wasn’t a fluke. Also, it’s been a while too since Beth has gotten PPV face time, so she’s overdue for it. As they both were involved in the brand switcheroo, would people consider Eve to be more team Smackdown, and Beth team Raw? Kind of a unique dynamic..

Now you’ve read all the ideas. Have your vote below:

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