Plans for Maryse’s Return


As first reported last week by the Wrestling Observer website, it’s expected that former WWE Divas Champion Maryse will return to television imminently. With last week’s Diva Trade, this sets the stage for her comeback even further as the Trade is being considered a ‘do-over’ for the women’s division, setting up brand new feuds etc.

Maryse’s return, we’re told, will likely happen in the next few weeks but she may not wrestle right away. The plan at the current time is to bring her back as a character first and wrestler later, allowing her knee injury to fully heal but will also allow WWE to utilise her again.

The former Divas Champion will likely be relinquishing her crown as top heel Diva on Raw, at least for now. Those that we’ve spoken to have corroborated earlier reports that there’s big support backstage for Jillian. The plan as of just a few days ago was to have Jillian feud with Melina over the Divas Title.

Upon her return, Maryse may once again become involved with The Miz in backstage segments but the other name being thrown around for a possible feud is Eve Torres, who joined Raw just last week. If that’s the case, this will also likely be made up of backstage skits until Maryse is ready to wrestle.

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  • RKOyou

    this is great news for Jillian,i thought once maryse came out,that Jillian would be put the backburner again but this has made me feel better,maryse should just stick to backstage segments for now,let Jillian get her very deserved push

    GO JILLIAN!!!!

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Thanks Goodness,I didnt wanna see mayrse come back and be pushed rite into the Divas Champion…Im so glad that Jillian has BIG supporters backstage. I cant wait until Melina and Jillian fued starts. I knew Jillian would get her day one day….Jillian Fan 4 life

  • spiffy

    Maryse is going to own those backstage skits.

  • Kaledrina

    To be honest, I don’t see why Maryse wasn’t still being used in backstage segments. They could even have finally paired her and Miz up and had her valeting. As far as I remember, WWE haven’t once acknowledged her since her title loss.

  • PedroPedroso17

    A Maryse/Eve feud would be nice I guess, as long as Jillian is still on the title picture!

  • Hunt-A1

    See, you work hard and you will eventually get noticed, Well Done Jillian im so proud of her. And she never gave up either :D

    As for a Maryse and Eve Torres fued, it sounds good to me….These two would be a nice pair together as enemies anyway, but it should be a nice fued, but over Miz….really?!?!

  • mah

    its great to know they didnt change thier minds about jillian -yet- and maryse’s return….i love this girl she can get the job done outside the ring..and inside…lets hope we will see more from her

  • chrisP

    Can Maryse stay gone? Please? Miz has better things to do than trying to the crowd to start reacting to her, and she’s the last person that the rapidly improving Eve Torres needs to be wrestling.

  • Luis

    im glad Maryse is coming back
    i think her and Eve would have an awesome fued now that Eve has really improved =]

  • Goodvibes

    Maryse will be HUGE in 2010, moreso than she was this year and the year before. I think the WWE is naturally inclined to push her due to her look AND her charisma so im looking forward to her stirring things up in the coming months. I say let her Valet for the Miz until the new year where she can re-enter the Title picture in time for Wrestlemania.

  • WWEDivaFan09

    As you can imagine, I am thrilled to hear this news. I’ve been anticipating Maryse’s return, because something’s telling me that she’ll return back to the wrestler that she was on Smackdown and not as the wrestler that she was on Raw, before the surgery. So, I’m rooting for Maryse when she returns and I’m happy that the company isn’t pushing her into matches right away, or I hope that what you’re reporting is true.

  • chrisP

    “I’ve been anticipating Maryse’s return, because something’s telling me that she’ll return back to the wrestler that she was on Smackdown and not as the wrestler that she was on Raw, before the surgery.”

    Was there actually much difference or did people just finally get sick of her doing the same thing over and over again? Her last two TV matches prior to the initial injury (aganist Maria and the Divas title victory over Michelle) were very similar to her Raw performances. The only difference was fans hadn’t really noticed her act being so limited yet.

  • B_Fizzle

    I’m very excited for Maryse’s return. I’ve found the women’s division to be quite stale without her, and the timing is perfect with the Diva trades. I think its a really good idea for her to feud with Eve and not be thrown directly into the title mix. Overexposure has been a big problem for potential top Divas, so a nice little feud between those two should benefit both women and build them up nicely.

  • WWEDivaFan09

    chrisP – In my opinion, there was a difference. Maryse, when she was on Smackdown, had more moves on her move-set because she could perform them. However, when she was injured, she was limited to only a select few of those movies. Maybe in your opinion, there wasn’t much of a difference, but as I compare and contrast her matches to the Divas on Raw to that of her on Smackdown, it’s obvious that Maryse was a better wrestler on Smackdown, when she wasn’t injured. She didn’t just do the same ol’ three moves when she was on Smackdown.

  • chrisP

    “She didn’t just do the same ol’ three moves when she was on Smackdown.”

    Her injury added some limitations to someone who was already limited when she wasn’t wrestling with a bad knee, which is why I said the difference isn’t much. If she comes back as the wrestler she was on Smackdown, that means she’ll being doing 5 moves again instead of just 3.

  • B_Fizzle

    Yet some of us find Maryse far more excited than her peers. Maryse has something called charisma that the majority of the Divas (and the Superstars for that matter) are lacking. As far as her moveset goes, every match is planned out with a road agent beforehand. We only see what they tell her she’s allowed to use. If you haven’t noticed, all of the Divas from Mickie James to Melina to Kelly Kelly to Jillian often do the same moves. It also doesn’t help that the Diva matches are so short that they have to cram their signature moves in such a short amount of time. So I don’t really know why you signal Maryse out. I do know however, that Maryse is coming back and its about damn time.

  • chrisP

    “So I don’t really know why you signal Maryse out.”

    In this case, it’s merely that I don’t think her injury really affected her wrestling as much as people say, especially when it comes her to moveset.

    I was a pretty big supporter of Maryse. But watching some of her old stuff recently and really paying close attention, I’m mostly indifferent to her return now. I never thought I’d say that, but I now just find her much less talented than I previously believed and no longer someone to get excited about.

  • WWEDivaFan09

    chrisP – Must you constantly comment on my comments? Lol, maybe in your opinion, Maryse only had a few moves to begin with, but as I watch her Smackdown matches and compare them to her Raw matches, I see a difference. You don’t have to agree at all, but I, obviously, shouldn’t have to continue restatign the same ol’ thing. In my opinion, there was a difference and that’s that. Don’t agree? Fine, but re-stating the same ol’ thing over and over again about how you don’t see a difference is not going to change my opinion, I saw a difference.

  • chrisP

    “maybe in your opinion, Maryse only had a few moves to begin with, but as I watch her Smackdown matches and compare them to her Raw matches, I see a difference.”

    Since this isn’t going anywhere, I’ll say nothing about Maryse, but I do want to say this: I don’t see how the number of moves a wrestler used in a match or a group of matches is an opinion. How well or how poorly moves were executed is subjective, but the number of moves executed is a fact.

  • Jim Molloy