Women of Wrestling Podcast Episode 3: Jackie Haas


The Women of Wrestling Podcast returns with an epic third episode featuring former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Jackie Haas. Jackie may have had an abbreviated career, but it was an eventful run. Here she talks about winning Tough Enough 2, that match on Raw, Ohio Valley Wrestling, Rico, love and marriage with Charlie, her run in TNA (just where was that blackmail angle going?), returning to WWE for the WrestleMania battle royal, family, friends and the future. She’s done well for a ‘Diva Search’ girl (listen to the show…)

You can learn more about Jackie at her official website www.justjackiehaas.com, and please visit www.custommuscle.com for all your sports nutrition needs.

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  • http://s8.zetaboards.com/WWE_Rivals/index/ Hunt-A1

    ” She’s done well for a ‘Diva Search’ girl ” you mean Tough Enough?
    anyway, guess im gonna have a listen now :)

  • MarBu13

    As with all of these interviews, I love Jackie ten times more.

  • Macho Madness

    whats with the “she’s done well for a ‘diva search’ girl” ?? she wasn’t in the diva search.

    and you guys totaly riped off your women of wrestling banner from the beautiful people entrance video

    anyways, good interview. too bad her career was cut short, but understandably her family is more important.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie Rob

    If you listen to the interview you’ll know why it says “‘Diva Search’ girl.” That’s why it says in brackets: “(listen to the show…)” As in listen and it’ll explain why we wrote that.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com Erin

    @ Macho Madness – I created the banner, and I’ve never paid any particular attention to TBP’s entrance video. I’m guessing they’ve cornered the market on female silhouettes or something?

  • leeburton

    I guess I can wade in… seeing as I’m on the damn thing.

    The Diva Search thing is a lovely bit that we managed to throw in there – have a listen to the show and you’ll see what the write-up is all about.

    As for the font, Stew and I think it’s awesome, because The Beautiful People are awesome. It’s not designed to be a rip-off, I’m sure – but the connotations with TBP is fantastic, as they’re the best faction in TNA. No bullsh*t.

    Damn, I miss Angelina Love. :(

    Thanks for your feedback though, Stew and I keep track of it all to make each show better than the last. We’re really proud of this interview, especially since it’s our difficult third album. Hopefully this wil lead to even greater things in the future. We have some fingers in some pies (damn, that seems rude, but it’s not) so we’ll see what happens, but we’ve got high hopes for the future of this podcast.


  • Gina22

    I would disagree with saying its wrong and superficial of WWE to want to lose weight because of their looks.

    The role of the diva is heavily based on looks. And the girls knew that. And thery’re well paid to look their best. Heck, Mickie maybe only got a contract in the first place because she was attractive and can wrestle (if she looked liked ODB, she probably wouldn’t have gotten one.)

    Mickie’s not fat. But it is obvious to me she’s gained weight and is out of shape. I don’t think it’s wrong of WWE to ask her to shape up.

  • Mickey_Beck

    Why not have all shapes and sizes of women to set a good image for kids? Have all these skinny girls doesn’t help their product. Skinny is not pretty. Kong Is Pretty.