Natalya Reveals Dream Survivor Series Team


Ironically, the most notable Diva not involved in this Sunday’s Surivor Series pay per view is the Diva contribution to’s new ‘dream Survivor Series teams’ article. Pretty simple: the Superstars and Divas pick the four stars they’d pick to be on their team in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match.

Third-gen Diva Natalya unsurprisingly picks Diva legends such as Trish Stratus and Sensational Sherri but also opts for current Diva, Beth Phoenix and rounds it off with Japanese legend, Manami Toyota. Explaining to her selections, Natalya says:

“I’d pick Trish Stratus,” Natalya said, favoring a fellow Canadian Diva. “I think that she brings everything to the ring as far as strength, beauty, power, grace and poise. And I’d pick the person I respect the most as far as females today — Beth Phoenix.”

With two strong, modern-era Divas on her side, Natalya added a WWE Hall of Famer to the mix. “Then I’d pick Sensational Sherri, because she has so much charimsa, so much energy. Plus, she has a couple of extra things up her sleeve.”

“And I’d pick Manami Toyota,” Natalya said, showing respect for the legendary Japanese star. “She’s one of the greatest female wrestlers of our time. I think she’d bring a worldy skill to the team and we could get a different flavor of ice cream.”

A fun little game, no? Which leads us into… Who would be on your Survivor Series dream team?

It’s a hard one but I think I’d go with Trish, Lita, Mickie, Melina and Gail Kim.

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  • Glamazon in training

    Beth, Natalya, Sherri, Chyna aaannddd myself! ha

    or Angelina Love lol


  • PedroPedroso17

    Beth, Natalya, Jillian, Victoria and Molly Holly!
    That would be my dream-team!

  • trishstratusfan4ever

    great choice natalya

  • jeremycanrana

    WELL AS A BOY ….haha !!! i would pick LITA CANDICE MARYSE VICTORIA(will never call her tara) AND ANGELINA LOVE !

  • mr_socko

    Chyna, Sable, Debra, Terri and Ivory!

  • mr_socko

    but if we wanted the team that would be the most dominant, itd have to be Chyna, Victoria, Beth, Lita and Trish!

  • Kevinmci

    My dream team – Molly Holly, Jacqueline, Natalya, Alissa Flash and Chigusa Nagayo. That team IMO is unbeatable

  • Johnyfaction3

    Candice, Lita, Trish, Victoria and Mickie
    Repalcements Beth, Melina

  • Inferno

    my dream team would have to be

    Diva Legends Trish Stratus, Sable, Lita, Chyna, Ivory

  • NT86

    So glad someone mentioned Manami Toyota or any Japanese female wrestler. That woman is incredible!

    My choices:

    Alundra Blayze, Gail Kim, Bull Nakano, Beth Phoenix, Sarita – a good variety of power and speed.

  • Michael

    Molly Holly

  • jamboslilangel

    My dream team –

    1.Lita as she is my fave all time diva
    3.Natalya (current fave Diva)
    4.Mickie James
    (Back-ups – Maryse , Beth , Gail )

    I would also love to see a dream team off 3rd Genartion divas – Natayla (as leader) along with Amy Henning and (even tho she is TNA and Cant wrestle ) Lacey Von Erich, along with two other 3rd female wrestlers, i mean come on , that team would be unstopable!

  • Dan

    If I could pick anyone, I’d choose Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Rey, MsChif, Nattie Neidhart, and Lacey (NOT Lacey Von Erich, the original Lacey… the one that can actually wrestle).

  • RKOyou

    my dream survivor series team would be me,Maria,kelly kelly,lacey von erich,and the bella twins,GO TEAM SUCKY!!!!

    I would wanna face beth pheonix,kong,alissa flash,sarita,and Natayla

    my game plan would be this,NOT GET TAGGED IN

  • http://GOOGL quirkyboy

    my dream team would be
    . LITA

  • Bdawg0701

    Here’s My Dream Team:

    Alicia Fox
    Sojo Bolt
    Awesome Kong


  • Rebecca

    Manami Toyota?! AHH Nattie, I have so much love for you! I would probably put her in my dream team too, she’s amazing.

    Trish Stratus & Molly Holly would have to be on my list, they’re two of our generations best female wrestlers to walk through WWE’s door.Then I’d have to have Sara Del Rey the best female wrestler in the usa at the moment (imo), then I would probably put in Sherri & Manami Toyota like Nattie. She has an epic list.

  • Kaledrina

    if it was purely wwe/f associated women, it’d have to be aja kong, alundra blayze, ivory, bull nakano and molly holly.

  • Lita-Sault-666

    Mine would be ….
    Dream Team:
    Lita, Victoria, Gail Kim, Chyna & Maryse/Eve

    Dream opponents:
    Trish, Michelle, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky & Jillian

  • stephens61086

    Thtas such a hard one!!

    Trish, Lita, Molly, Luna and Victoria

    But if somehow one of them gets injured i’d have Sable, Stacey Keibler, Melina, Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Jacqueline, Ivory, Torrie Wilson and Chyna on reserve! With Mae Young as Cheerleader being helped to ringside by Maryse, Eve, Alicia and The Kat

  • jamboslilangel

    Just thought off another Dream Team or should i say match. Have Team Canada vs Team USA.

    TEAM CANADA – Trish (Captain of course) with Natalya , Marsye , Gail Kim and Rosa Mendes (YES SHE IS CANADAIN).

    TEAM USA – Lita (as captian , just like long time rival Trish) with Mickie James , Beth Phoniex , Michelle McCool and Melina.

    Okay the Canadian Divas would get riped if the PPV came from the US and vise – versea if from Canada. But i think it would be very cool to see.

  • Ashleigh

    okay i think:
    Gail Kim Trish Stratus Lita Victoria Angelina Love

    Gail cuz shes my fave
    Trish probably as a heel cuz shes a great heel and Lita and her could have some tag issues
    Lita as a face and the thing with Trish
    Victoria probably as psycho Victoria cuz i loved that gimmick
    Angelina as a heel (or tweener)

    for current divas ot be
    Gail, Melina, Maryse, Mickie, Natalya
    Gail same reason and as a tweener to set up stuff with Melina
    Melina as a face or heel (depending on what Mickie is)
    Maryse as her current gimmic
    Mickie as psycho Mickie or 07 Mickie (Depending on what Melina is)
    Natalya as a heel

  • THETommyTommy

    Trish, Mickie, Melina, Sable and Lita!

  • Mikas

    My dreamteam is: Mschif + Cheerleader Melissa + Sara del Ray + Serena Deeb + Daizee Haze, probably the 5 best female wrestlers in north america right now.

    But if we stick to just WWE i’d go for:
    – Jacqueline: while Sable/Sunny/Teri got the spotlight, it was Jacqueline/Luna that brought the wrestling to WW(F/E).
    – Molly Holly: probably the best wrestler of the golden diva era
    – Trish Stratus: not the best wrestler, but she has been a big influence on modern female wrestling.
    – Bull Nakano: Just to have 1 pre-diva era “diva” on the team.
    – Beth Phoenix: Just to have 1 of the current roster divas on the team.

  • adifferentsame

    Ugh. Natalya just stole my heart. I bet the likes of Rosa Mendes, the Bella Twins and Kelly Kelly haven’t even heard of the great Manami Toyota. I see shades of Toyota in wrestlers like Gail Kim and especially Melina today — women who have that ability to get you to emotionally invest in matches. I urge people if they haven’t already to seek out her epic battles with Aja Kong. They both make wrestling look like a thing of pure (brutal) beauty.

    My ultimate Survivor Series team? Off the top of my head, I’d go with a classic heels vs. faces and here would be my rundown:

    Gail Kim, Tara/Victoria, Trish Stratus, Lita & Melina vs. Awesome Kong, Molly Holly, Alissa Flash, Beth Phoenix & Natalya.

    Really there are so many amazing possibilities I could be here forever trying to decide. Mind you, I think TNA could easily benefit with the Survivor Series format, providing the Beautiful People were kept to a minimum. Imagine Awesome Kong, Alissa Flash, Daffney and the Beautiful People (say Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) up against Tara, ODB, Taylorita and Hamada. Could be fun viewing. The last elimination tag match the Knockouts had on Impact a few months ago was reasonably entertaining.