Diva Dirt Style Jury: Week of November 16th, 2009


Welcome to the Diva Dirt Style Jury! No more are the separate ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ lists, instead we have come up with a scientific approach *cough* to compiling our weekly fashion column. The Diva Dirt team will weigh in on the different looks from the week gone by & mark each look with a score out of ten. The look with the highest average score will be our best look and the look with the lowest average score will be the worst look. Click each photo to see the look in full size.

Let the proverbial runway show begin!

Erin: I usually like it when Divas go with unique colors for their ring gear, but I just can’t like this pukey shade of green. Not to mention the outfit itself kind of looks like a weapon, what with all the pointy-ness sprouting from it. 4/10
Melanie: As I wrote somewhere, she looks like she could double as a bike light. Seriously, it’s like she stuck deflector stickers over a set of pants/bra. 3/10
Steven: I hated this gear when she only had the top, and I hate it even more now that she has the bottoms to match. I would suggest setting it on fire, but all those burning sequins could be dangerous… 2/10

Erin: I hate those types of tops–the tight, uncomfortable blouses that never look right on anyone. This one looks especially awkward on Beth’s build: the sleeves cut into her arms, the blouse itself is too short, and the jeans do nothing to compliment it. 4/10
Melanie: Predictable for Beth. Not an exciting look but not a bad one either. Just blah. 5/10
Steven: Go ‘head, Ms. Glamazon! Loving this look on Beth. After her ‘look-at-my-bra’ debacle, I was starting to lose faith in her. 8/10

Read on for more of this week’s outfits and to see who’s been branded our winner and loser.

Erin: Oh my God, are those jeans from the 80s? They look like something Steven Tyler wore on stage back in the day. The top and boots are cute, but the jeans are a big fail. It looks like someone went to town on them with a black ballpoint pen. 5/10
Melanie: Totally disagree with Erin here, the jeans look great for a television outfit. Now if we could get Eve in some different looking tops, always with the tanks. 7/10
Steven: The top is nothing special, but those jeans are awesome. 7/10

Erin: She kind of looks like a cowboy with the tan vest. The rest of it kind of goes against that, but it doesn’t make it any better. It’s a very “blah” look. Maybe if she was wearing a pair of cowboy chaps it’d at least be more interesting. Hideous, but interesting. 5/10
Melanie: Love it! Fierce, fabulous etc. etc. 9/10
Steven: Not a fan of the furry vest. Reminds me of some sort of animal. A llama maybe? Other than that, a great outfit. 7/10

Erin: She’s playing it safe with a modified “Divas” logo t-shirt. It matches the Divas Championship belt, which I hate, so I can’t say I like the shirt very much. That’s pretty much it for the outfit, so I’ll just judge the whole thing based on the fugly pink butterfly logo. Sorry, Jillian! 5/10
Melanie: Jeans, check. But no strapless top this time which we should be grateful for. Still blah. 5/10
Steven: Looks like Jillian took a page out of DX’s playbook and opted for a shameless WWEshop.com plug. All things considered, she looks good. I just wish she wasn’t acting as a walking billboard. 6/10

Erin: The tied-up button down shirt is cute, and paired with the black boots and dark jeans make for a pretty toned-down but sexy look. The “tied up” shirt may be a bit cheesy, but she wears it well. 8/10
Melanie: Very, very cute. The shirt tied up could look skanky but I don’t know why, but it looks polished and less trashy than it should. 8/10
Steven: I really wish K2 would bring some of this style to her ring gear, because she is looking awesome. 9/10

Erin: This is a fairly simple top/jeans combo. I like the color of the top, but there’s not much else to it. I guess I should just be happy she’s kept it simple when others tend to go all “hussy” for the Lumberjill gig. 7/10
Melanie: Layla went the Jillian route this week, but I think she pulled off the jeans and a t-shirt look much better. 6/10
Steven: Rather boring when compared to the other Divas, but decent nonetheless. What happened to the uber-stylish Layla of days past? 6/10

Erin: And what do we have here? It looks like Layla forgot her tights at home, so someone stopped by the local “adult” store and picked up a S&M outfit for her to wrestle in. I much prefer the simpler version of this, without the added details and such. The red and silver could be done so much better too without making it look like a veiny mess. Yuck, now I’ve grossed myself out. 4/10
Melanie: Hate it. Her other attires are much better. Too much detail, ugly colours that don’t mesh etc. 3/10
Steven: And wearing a piece from the Maria Kanellis Collection: Layla El. Not a fan zebra print, but Layla makes it work. 7/10

Erin: So, Michelle got into a fight with a tiger before the match? That’s what I’m deducing from her outfit. I’m not opposed to destroyed denim but here, paired with the raggedy shirt, it looks a little too faux edgy, if you get what I’m saying. Heels can dress the same as faces, you know! They don’t have to dress all dark and edgy for someone to know they’re the bad guys. Next they’ll be wearing dark hoods and cackling like the wicked witch in Snow White. 5/10
Melanie: Love this almost as much as I love Gail’s outfit, fierce as hell. If you have the confidence to pull it off, why not go for it? 9/10
Steven: From head to toe, Michelle was looking fierce on Raw this week. Love the high boots and that purple works wonders for her. 9/10

Erin: I guess this must have inspired the “country bumpkin” sick burn~ from this week’s SmackDown. A tied-up plaid shirt and jeans can look okay in the right instances, but here it looks like Mickie took a break from muddin’ to stand around at ringside for a few moments. It’s trashy, not sexy. 5/10
Melanie: Kelly did it better. 5/10
Steven: I think someone forgot to tell Mickie that you don’t actually have to dress like a lumberjack for a lumberjack match. Fortunately for her, she’s probably one of the only Divas that can pull off the look. 8/10

Erin: Purple.. satin.. *pukes*. Okay, I’m not being a snob, but I loathe that combo. It just looks cheap. The black mini skirt and fishnets (!!!) don’t help dispell that “cheap” look. I think Travis Bickle needs to come and save her. 4/10
Melanie: Looks like she’s trying to look elegant but instead looks the opposite. Fishnet tights are hideous. 4/10
Steven: The one thing I praise Rosa for is her fashion sense, but this week’s she missed the mark. Despite being a corset, the top makes her look bulky and fishnet stockings don’t do anyone any favors. 4/10

So, how did the girls score? Let’s put our scores through our highly scientific “Ensemble Classification Calculationomagraphier”® and see who we’ve deemed this week’s winner and loser. The following is in ascending order by their calculated score:

Alicia Fox: 9/30
Rosa Mendes: 12
Layla #2: 14
Jillian: 16
Beth Phoenix: 17/30
Mickie James: 18/30
Eve Torres: 19/30
Layla #1: 19/30
Gail Kim: 21/30
Michelle McCool: 23/30
Kelly Kelly: 25/30

LOSER: ALICIA FOX. Her big MSG moment was marred by poor wardrobe choice.

WINNER: KELLY KELLY. Kelly once again captured a sexy, youthful look without looking trashy.

Thoughts? Complaints? Conspiracy theories? As always, let us know in the comments!

She keeps it dark and relatively simple for her style, and I like the results. The dress is cute, though I’m not sure how I feel about the thigh-high boots.. They *almost* clash with the rest of the look. Other than that, it’s a pretty nice ensemble. 8/10
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  • http://www.myspace.com/331676803 SereneAndTranquil

    -Love Eve’s jeans
    -Like Mickie’s Lumberjill look
    -Love Alicia’s outfit
    -Think Layla’s new ring attire is interesting

  • xmelissaa

    Rosa Mendes’ corset looked like the purple one from the Quality Street packet… you know, the hazelnut one? Ha. And I’m undecided on Eve’s jeans…
    Kelly looked cute, and I didn’t think Mickie looked too bad either.

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    I loved Kelly’s outfit. I’m so glad she doesn’t hear those trashy things she did at the beginning of her career. I also loved Eve’s Jeans. They’re totally IN this season.

    In the other girls, I totally agree with your opinions, except on what was said about Mccool’s outfit. I usually like her style but this one was just blah.

  • RKOyou

    WHAT???All the TNA knockouts got the boot this week,how come,saritaylor debuted there white ring attire at turning point and TBP also debuted new outfits and in a backstage segment on this past impact,lacey von erich was wearing a GORGEOUS top with pants

    my fav outfit of these divas would have to be mickies,she looked very home-like

  • ReyStyle94

    “Kelly did it better.”

  • TrishMelinaFan

    “And wearing a piece from the Maria Kanellis Collection:Layla El”-lulz

    I actually sorta liked Layla’s outfit this week,really.As well as Alicia’s.Then again,I’m like Michael Kors,I judge people based on what their seeing.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Oh,p.s.I always thought it’d be funny if you guys pasted your faces on the judges in the head graphic,just sayin’…lol.

  • Goodvibes

    Im so over Lumberjill Matches, I think all the girls looked decent though. Gail looked stunning!

  • http://goth-goddess.org kerry246

    Have to agree, Kelly Kelly looked the best this week, loved the whole outfit and it really suited her. I’m a big fan of skinny jeans with boots and the little shirt was cute aswell.

  • Rhawk [Thee AJ Styling, Torrie loving, Diet Coke consuming maniac]

    Love Eve’s jeans! =P
    If Gail didn’t have that Llama vest then she would have looked even more ‘FINE’ that she already did. ;)
    Kudos on the promotion Jillian. =)
    Love Mickie’s Lumberjack theme. xP

    My overal outfit … a tie between Eve & Gail, most were so gorgeous on RAW. =3

  • Dameon333

    Layla #1- This is just regular Layla. 5/10

    Layla #2- This kind of looks like a mixture of Victoria’s and Maria’s attire’s. 8/10

    Michelle- I Hate it, I hate the holes in her jeans. It looks like Mickie got revenge and cut her stuff up. 3/10

    Rosa- What the hell is she wearing, is she part time wrestler part time prostitute ? 2/10

    Mickie- I loved this look. She looked sexy, VERY ! 10/10

    Gail- Her look would’ve been okay if she lost that fur vest. 8/10

    Kelly- Kelly looks awesome. I love the tied up shirt. She pulled it off again this week ! 10/10

    Alicia- It looks like someone took a yellow highlighter and colored diamonds with it. 2/10

    Jillian- Nice, just a regular old look. Like some girl that just bought some stuff of WWE.com 8/10

    Eve- Eve um, whats the word ? 4/10

    Beth- Kind of looks like what she wore last year when she commentaded a match, just different color top. 8/10