Lauren Mayhew and WWE Part Ways


Actress and singer, Lauren Mayhew has ended her run with WWE. The ECW ring announcer’s profile has been removed from the WWE website.

According to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, the split was amicable and Mayhew had only been under a short term contract. The two sides couldn’t come to terms for an full term contract. WWE were happy with Lauren’s work and may collaborate with her on a future project.

ECW Diva Rosa Mendes may take over announcing duties for the brand.

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  • Erin

    So much for replacing Lilian. I’d be disappointed if I were Rosa and was relegated to announcing. I know she’s not a good wrestler, but stuck doing announcing on ECW? Even the Bellas got a better deal than that.

  • Rhawk [Thee AJ Styling, Torrie loving, Diet Coke consuming maniac]

    Good, she’s not a good voice and isn’t sexy to boot (although that doesn’t matter since she’s an announcer). I’d prefer Rosa be the announcer, her voice is better as I heard her annouce in FCW, plus she pratically useless in ECW now so I say … why not? =)

  • xxChristinaxx

    WOW! That was quick.

  • Christie

    I actually thought she was a good ring announcer, sucks but oh well. =/

  • Mikas

    With Katie Lea going to RAW, Rosa doesnt have much choice. It’s either announcing or valetting. I’d probably choose announcing (if i was in her shoes).

  • Mandy

    Her voice was annoying :/

  • Kaledrina

    an eight week contract doesn’t sound right. six maybe, but eight is weird. i wouldn’t actually be surprised if it had something to do with her topless movie coming out soon.

    if they are going to replace her with another diva, i’d prefer savannah/angela taking over rather than rosa. yes, angela is a much better wrestler but rosa’s already established as a wrestler on wwe (however bad). or maybe courtney taylor could come back?

    they should just give the job to howard finkel, really.

  • gavin harvey

    i hated her she was so bad glad shes away

  • Mikas

    If the Fink comes back, it will be for RAW, not for ECW ;-)

  • Lee

    I actually think Rosa would end up in one of the best positions within WWE. Ring announcers are more vital, have longer careers (not lauren obviously) and get more screen time. if a big release comes up pre or post mania, Rosa would more likely be spared as an announcer than she would as a valet or “wrestler” (I put quotations because what rosa does cant really be described as wrestling).

  • Johnyfaction3

    Oh Well I am not gonna miss her! She sounded like a Robot!

  • RKOyou

    at first,she did sound like a robot but she eventually started coming into her own,she started showing personality in her voice but oh well now,see ya

  • shannymac

    Well, that was quick.

  • ciaraciara

    goodness can anyone stay employed longer than a month in wwe these days

  • badromance

    I would prefer watching Rosa feud with Savannah.

  • spiffy

    Lauren was cringe-worthy on the mic. She never knew how she wanted to pronounce the names or which part to accentuate. Like “Your WIN-ner and STILL E-c-DOUBLE-u champi-ON, CHRISTIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!”

    Rosa was a hundred times better at announcing, but I think she does have a knack for skits and valet, and always an emergency diva for multi-tag matches if someone’s out. Plus she just started a program with Zack Ryder and it’d be bad to just drop it, especially when they’ll see each other whenever he wrestles.

    Savannah could slide in easily, but I’m guessing they want to eventually transition her to wrestling. Tony Chimmel probably does double duty until WWE finds a replacement.

  • ianmaurice

    I really liked Lauren! =/ Maybe Savannah could take her spot. Or have Courtney Taylor come back!

  • Evan

    Yay I thought Rosa was much better anyway :D Let’s hope she doesn’t screw it up..

  • xmelissaa

    I found Lauren’s voice kind of annoying too actually… it was like she’d had a few too many Red Bull’s before she came out.
    Good luck to her in the future :)

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    I don’t really care about this xD. She wasn’t a good announcer and she didn’t have Lilian’s personality. So whatever.

    About Rosa. I think it would be insulting to put her in such a role. She trained for a few years to be a wrestler, not an announcer. But anyways, they probably put some dude in the role.

  • Garouix

    I thought she was horrible lol.

  • Looking Glass

    I’m no Howard Finkel or Tony Chimel, but I alone could do a better job than Lauren Mayhew when it came to ring announcing. She seemed really out of rhythm when it came to pronouncing names, when you hear Tony or Lilian or even Justin introduce a match it seems to flow really well, however Lauren’s just seemed like she had to put strain on every word and half the time seemed like she was announcing for some sort of jumble sale than a wrestling match. Plus, Jillian’s voice is whiney when she sings because its a gimmick, what was Lauren’s excuse?

    I’m glad they’ve parted ways, I think there’s more to it than wanting to focus on her career. WWE came down on her pretty early when she began the job on SD but was removed after the dark match to take notes due to not doing too well. I hear that they might be rehiring Sean Mooney (Who?) apparently he worked there before, but anything is an improvement from her. I’d like to see Courtney back on ECW, but to stick her in a announcing role is career suicide for a wrestler, same applies to Savannah and Rosa.