Impact Spoilers For Thursday Night: December 10th, 2009

Spoilers for this week’s Impact taping are below! The show airs December 10th on Spike. Click the ‘+’ to read:

Impact - December 10th, 2009
- Scott Steiner and Awesome Kong defeated Bobby and Kristal Lashley. Steiner pinned Kristal and then he did push ups over her after the match.

– Eric Young defeated Hamada. Hamada dominated the match but Young got the win after putting his feet on the ropes.

– ODB defeated Tara in a Drunken Street Fight. The women in the match had to drink a number of beers before the match. ODB pinned Tara after an X Factor onto the chair.

– Velvet Sky defeated Lacey Von Erich in a mud wrestling match. (Source: PWInsider)

Thoughts after the cut:

Erin’s Thoughts
Sooooo much Knockout action! Awesome Kong and Steiner teaming up is pretty random, but the more Kong the better, I say.

I’m really interested in seeing Hamada dominate Eric Young. Intergender matches are great as long as they aren’t played for the “goofy” effect.

I think this is officially the first time inebriation was a stipulation for a women’s match.. Actually, I don’t think I’ve seen such a thing for the men either, so innovation~ all around!

The mud wrestling match is pretty much everything TNA claims to be against, but I guess everyone contradicts themselves. But hey, not even Divas do mud wrestling matches anymore, so they in fact aren’t acting like the Divas. See what they did there? Yeah..

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  • SoRandy4Rosa

    Mud Wrestling? Really??!

    And why is the only team to contend for the Knockout Tag Titles (TBP) now fighting each other??

  • Thomas

    i’m so confused by these results lol.

  • Pat

    Holy cow! Knockouts galore! Hamada Pwns

  • xxChristinaxx

    LOL, I can’t wait to see Steiner pinned Kristal lol that man is funny. But Kristal is freaking GOLD on the mic.

    Can’t wait to see the Hamada and Tara match. But 9 out of 10 their matches would be better than the divas this week.

    Velvet Sky + Lacey = FAIL.

  • ciaraciara

    i have some issues:
    1.nvr put kristal in a ring
    2.what happened to the spike tv rule tht mean vs females should not happen
    3.a mud wrestling match? thanks for setting women’s wrestling 50yrs back TNA

  • Rebecca

    A mud wrestling match?! Oh how the mighty have fallen. Come on TNA, you push your women as better than the divas, but then you go and put them in this degrading match that WWE hasn’t even done since 2001. Wow.

  • Kaledrina

    for those who don’t read complete spoilers – mick foley is on the hunt for jeff jarrett nashville. because of that, kevin nash (with the help of eric young – and without the ville) takes over. that basically explains the crazy booking.

    actually, in a weird sort of way i enjoy that booking. it totally feels like a big mind fuck directed towards the IWC (us) because everybody is worrying what it’s going to be like when hogan (and his gang) finally “takes over” and many will consider this a preview of sorts – which it won’t be.

    either that or vince is trying to get one huge pop (hello, four knockout matches? especially one involving muddy boobies?) before hogan does “take over” as a huge ratings spike should be enough to save his what seems to be waning time left in tna.

    as for the spoilers themselves.. i hope they do somehow insert hamada into world elite. even if it means a title change, it’d be good for her to be in a group of sorts. especially considering her troubles with portraying a personality. also, there aren’t that many men associated with the kos in tna (or wwe anymore) and to be honest, i sure do miss them days.

    the mud match.. at the end of the day, lacey CAN NOT botch that. or can she?

    the 6pack challenge is a bit odd. i wasn’t expecting the champion to go over the challenger one and a half weeks before their title match.

    awesong kong/kristal.. she’s great on the mic, here’s to hoping miss lashley can sell, too.

  • Kaledrina

    “2.what happened to the spike tv rule tht mean vs females should not happen:

    it’s a no-no to male on female violence. which sure makes any intergender matches pretty, pretty pointless. although i’d rather not see kong getting slammed or a steiner recliner on kristal regardless.

    i do hope that mud match doesn’t get a high rating. the last thing we need is for tna/dixie to realise that sex does indeed sell sell sell. because of that, if you do watch it on a teevee set and don’t stream it like most.. turn over when that match happens, please?

  • Macho Madness

    mud wrestling? wow, hopefully they have a good storyline reason why they did this

    I hope this isn’t the start of things to come….these are the knocnkouts not the diva

    BUT if they had to pick two knockouts to put in a mud wrestling match, they picked the two hottest possible hah

  • Kaledrina

    “mud wrestling? wow, hopefully they have a good storyline reason why they did this”

    is nash being a pervert reason enough? ha.

    i think this is the second time kong has now teamed with steiner. pretty sure she and him were up against aj and christy around this time last year.

    i think instead of the mud match they should’ve done traci vs alissa, but as traci and nash are old (at least in his case) MEM pals, some form of stipulation eg. alissa blindfolded could’ve been a nice, kayfabe touch.

  • Kaledrina

    wow, i’m on a roll, but according to tweeters who were there, the mud match was absolutely terrible. madison served as special referee. there were no moves, just a pin and it ended with all three rolling about hugging it out. i hope they do have some form of protest from tbp considering they weren’t too keen on shovelling manure a few months back, let alone dressing “normally” or being, um, gunked(?).

    and from the same person, the “trailer park throw down” (tara/odb) contained such weapons as caution tape and tiki torches!

  • Mikas

    A mudfight, 1 week after the Tara interview where she bashed the Divas? Nice timing. In a few weeks we might get a triple threat pillow fight with the 3 TBP members if we are lucky.

    A drunken streetfight? 2 women who have to drink alcohol before stepping in a ring to fight eachother? Great role models. Naturally they didnt want ODB to defeat Tara cleanly in a regular fight, so they let her win while Tara is drunk. Nice credible Knockout Champion.

    And personally i dont like intergender matches. It’s nice that they made Hamada look strong (at the expense of Eric Young), but i rather have them make her look strong against ODB, Tara or Kong. And what are they planning to do? It looked like they were setting her up for a new tagteam in the previous weeks, guess those ideas are canned already?

    I miss the 2007-2008 Knockout division :(

  • shannymac

    All of that is so confusing and random and…really bad. Kong/Steiner vs Kristal/Lashley will tank because Kong is the only one of that foursome that can actually wrestle. Hamada vs Eric Young has potential, but we’ll have to wait for it to air to see what they do with it. Tara vs ODB in a Drunken Street Fight is kind of stupid. I’m sure it will be an awesome match, but the “drunk” stipulation will come off as unnecessary and pointless. LVE vs Velvet in a mud wrestling match is just…there are no words.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Ok,WTF TNA?!Knockouts take over this week,but mud wrestling?Mmmk…

    Tara vs ODB sounds promising,but why in the blue hell do they have to drink before the match?

    I hope Hamada owns the match,when done well these inter-gender matches can turn out great!

    Kristal was a promising future in ring competitor in WWE,so I’m interested in her match this week.

    All in all,a random ass Impact.

  • Kaledrina

    “I hope Hamada owns the match,when done well these inter-gender matches can turn out great!”

    unfortunately the men can’t harm the ladies, so really it should be hamada vs punching bag who happens to win. nevertheless, it was apparently a great showcase from ayako, even hitting a diving hurricanrana (which i don’t think i’ve seen on mainstream women’s wrestling since gail’s tna run). as much as i like the idea of some of the tougher knockouts, even divas, hanging with the men, it seems dead pointless considering their male on female violence policies. but definite props to eric young for letting hamada kick his ass. still hoping she somehow turns out joining world elite.

    as for the drunk stipulation, nash was indeed official “booker”. ’nuff said.

  • xxQOXxx

    Some reports are saying that Madison Rayne was the ref for the Mud Match so i guess it’s just a silly match with them showing how hot they are.

  • Matt

    This sounds pretty bad. Why are the Beautiful People wrestling eachother in mud? Even though they’ll try to explain it in a segment, why would the match happen on the same day? And isn’t it crazily out of character for them to want a mud match? I mean, I guess I’m glad it’s the two worst wrestling talents in the company going at it there and not anyone else but no thanks either way.

    Intergender matches in TNA are also pretty lame since the network will not allow male on female violence and thus they all work out the same way -woman tosses man around like a ragdoll for the entire match until some awfully booked ending causes him to win. Also, Kristal obviously shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a ring. Actually, that probably makes Velvet the third worst wrestler in TNA. Congrats on the promotion, girl!

    I’m sure Kong & Hamada will still be as impressive as usual regardless and I’ll wait and see what happens with Tara/ODB. It sounds pretty wacky.

  • RKOyou

    TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE,not one match interests me,WWE divas have my vote this week

  • Looking Glass

    Wow seems pretty bizarre, almost like some attempt to ‘push the boundaries’ even more and get over the fact that they’re so much superior with their Knockouts they can even fight men, meaning that they are in no way shape or meaning ‘Divas’. It seems like more cheap shots, typical TNA. Mud Wrestling? Well I suppose its all Lacey can actually achieve in the company and as for Kristal, well this should be interesting seeing as she was never that good a wrestler anyway.

    Crazy storyline explanations or not, seems pretty weak for a company hyping themselves up for the Monday Night War.

  • ebmich

    *waits and sees what happens*

    Remember when Cody Deaner had that match with Tara and everyone lost their heads over it because Deaner won? Well, when the match was showed, turns out Kong came out and killed Tara before Deaner pinned her.

    Remember when Cody Deaner had that match with Alissa and everyone lost their heads over it because they thought TNA was making a joke of the division? Well, when the match was shown, turns out the entire Knockout roster laid the boots Deaner and showed him you can’t take them lightly.

    I ain’t saying the mud match will be worth a damn. I am just saying 9 times out of 10, whoever sent in the spoilers forgets BIG details.

  • Macho Madness

    apparently from what I cant tell the mud wrestling match went down because Nash was “in charge”, and wanted to see two hot chicks wrestle in the mud.

    I guess that sort of plays into Kevin Nash’s “big sexy” gimmick and the way he has been using it as of late, but still, as hot as it will probably be, I don’t want the KO division go in that direction.

    I think a bikini contest with Kevin Nash as the judge would have been a better way to go….mud wrestling just seems kind of degrading in a way.

  • Macho Madness

    apparently from what I can tell*

  • Kaledrina

    “apparently from what I can tell the mud wrestling match went down because Nash was “in charge”, and wanted to see two hot chicks wrestle in the mud.”

    that’s totally it and people should realise that even though the last thing we want to see is a mud match, it makes sense storywise. hell, even the men’s matches are gimmickified this week.

    i feel like i’m trying to justify it, which i don’t want to, but it does make sense. if anything i’m thankful that it isn’t as totally random as people are making out. a bit like the beauty pageant between taylor and angelina either earlier this year or late last, i don’t want to see it, but it’s all sense-worthy kayfabe, rather than some random pillow fight. although i do wish there were actual moves involved! i remember years ago when the gravybowl/mud matches were a too often seen thing and you’d have the likes of ivory, tori or whoever actually pulling off suplexes and shiz in the darn things.

    hate to admit it but the mud fight is more interesting to me than the kong/kristal thing.

  • TNAFan80

    I was pissed when I first read an un-detailed report of the Impact taping, following a more detailed report I’m not nearly as pissed. I heard that Hamada comes off looking AMAZING in her match with Eric Young.

  • xmelissaa

    Literally all of these matches confuse me.
    Why is Hamada facing Eric Young? Why are The Beautiful People facing eachother? And why the hell is Scott Steiner doing push-ups on top of Kristal Lashley? The thought is slightly gut churning…

    Even so, I’m really excited to see what happens :)