Spoilers for this week’s Impact taping are below! The show airs December 10th on Spike. Click the ‘+’ to read:

Impact - December 10th, 2009
– Scott Steiner and Awesome Kong defeated Bobby and Kristal Lashley. Steiner pinned Kristal and then he did push ups over her after the match.

– Eric Young defeated Hamada. Hamada dominated the match but Young got the win after putting his feet on the ropes.

ODB defeated Tara in a Drunken Street Fight. The women in the match had to drink a number of beers before the match. ODB pinned Tara after an X Factor onto the chair.

Velvet Sky defeated Lacey Von Erich in a mud wrestling match. (Source: PWInsider)

Thoughts after the cut:

Erin’s Thoughts
Sooooo much Knockout action! Awesome Kong and Steiner teaming up is pretty random, but the more Kong the better, I say.

I’m really interested in seeing Hamada dominate Eric Young. Intergender matches are great as long as they aren’t played for the “goofy” effect.

I think this is officially the first time inebriation was a stipulation for a women’s match.. Actually, I don’t think I’ve seen such a thing for the men either, so innovation~ all around!

The mud wrestling match is pretty much everything TNA claims to be against, but I guess everyone contradicts themselves. But hey, not even Divas do mud wrestling matches anymore, so they in fact aren’t acting like the Divas. See what they did there? Yeah..