Mickie James Speaks on Weight Jibes


Four-time Women’s Champion, Mickie James has bitten back at weight jibes made about her saying that ‘the example being set [to young girls] is pathetic’. The comment was made as Mickie responded to a concerned fan who wrote to her on Twitter. The fan writes:

I’m really offended right now with the WWE making jokes about your weight. I really worry about girls who watch wrestling, see this kind of thing, and fall victim to hating their bodies. Because honey, if you’re not a perfect 10, I’ve never seen one. Why are they letting this charade happen?

Mickie’s response:

Awe! Thank you, sweetie. And I agree. I think the example being set is pathetic. Giving the youth a warped perception of beauty. After all… one has to love themselves first. Society makes that hard. No worries. I love myself and my body. 130 is hardly fat.

All I can say is GO MICKIE and how right she is. Mickie is looked up to as a role model by young girls watching WWE television and the example being set to those girls truly is pathetic. I admire Mickie for speaking out, even though she could get into trouble for her comments. In the words of the powerful Oprah, “Good for you! Good for you!”

EDIT: In respect of Mickie’s wishes, we have edited this post. Apologies to Mickie for the misquote, it was an error in judgement on our part and we mean no offense to Mickie.

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  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Go Mickie! I love that women so much! Im glad she is standing up for herself and pointing out what’s wrong and for everyone who has been calling her fat. Yeah she might get in trouble for her words but who cares its patheic for wwe to even go that far. Mickie is grown women she dosent have to sit there and hold her toungue for wwe so she wont get in trouble. If she does get in trouble and wwe takes away her push or her fued with Mccoool who cares b cuz we all know and they know they need Mickie as the top face on SD.

  • shannymac

    Yet another reason why I love her.

  • Ryo Saeba

    Wow,Mickie james is a very respectable woman.I love so much what she says here.She seems a very intelligent girl.I was already a fan of her work,but now i even more a fan.
    Go mickie,don t let vince and his crownies hurt your moral.
    Otherwise,that s why i love tna.They have not very beautiful women like odb or hamada,but at least they based on their in ring skills not their beauty.This is wrestling not modeling.
    Wwe does not have respect with women and i hate that(yeah,i m a guy but i hate to see girls the bella twins doing their bullshit with the guest hosts).
    At least tna respect women,minus this mud bullshit of last week.

  • Teri

    I DARE management to act on this. They fucking NEED Mickie for the sake of Smackdown’s womens division.

  • mpezza

    Good for her! :) Maybe not the most intelligent thing to say publicly while still under contract though.

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    Technically she didn’t answer the question why are you doing this, but either ways, i liked her answer. However if she thinks that way she shouldn’t have done the storyline. Kristal was way below in importance in the company and yet she said no and walked out of the WWE, Maybe she should have said no to. However, I understand she wants to keep her job in WWE. After all, we all know how she loves the fans and the industry.

    Lets just hope stupid WWE don’t make her career worst after her saying this.

    Actually Im going to do a petition demanding WWE to stop humilliating her and apologize to her. At first I was okay with this, because I didn’t knew the malevolent reasons behind the storyline. When I’m done with the petition, I will post the link here.

  • http://johnreport.wordpress.com/ johnreport

    Couple of things. I love the site, first of all. Long time reader, first time poster. My name is John Canton and I write a column called The John Report. I’ve emailed in the past about some kind of collaboration (I write at Rajah.com among other places), which got me no response, but I keep coming back. I think you do a great job of covering the women in wrestling and you’re pretty fair about it. It’s a daily stop for me. Once the holiday season is over and I’ve got my money situation in order I’ll likely donate some money to the site too.

    However, I’m not a big fan of this. At no time does Mickie call WWE “pathetic” in her message. She says “the example being set is pathetic.” She never said “the example being set by WWE is pathetic.” You’re saying that she said it when she did not. To me, I take it as a comment that she’s talking about the example being set by society is pathetic that women have to look like supermodels. All you ever seem to see in ads are the 100 pound (or less) anorexic looking girls. That’s what she’s talking about, at least to me. You’re putting words in her mouth (or in her tweets?) by saying that she called WWE pathetic. Somebody could see this headline and get her trouble because of it. There’s no reason for it. I realize you’re congratulating her for what she said (and she should be congratulated), but I think it’s poor journalism on your part in putting WWE in that headline when she makes no mention of it at all. She’s talking about society, not the company she works for. Regarding the Piggie James stuff, she never complains about it. She does her job with her head held high. She’s not complaining about it here.

    On a personal note, I wrote an Awards column myself. Got thousands of votes. Mickie won the female of the year award. Even though I don’t know her personally I sent her a tweet about it, asking her to give a “tweet speech.” I didn’t expect a response, but I got one from her saying thanks. That showed me a lot about this woman and her character. She really does care.

    Don’t be like the National Enquirer or some trash mag like that. You’re better than that. Please change the headline in some way to reflect what she really said rather than what you want people to think she said. I know how the internet works. You want headlines to get people to visit the site, but in this case putting the words in somebody’s mouth isn’t the right way to go about it.

    Keep up the good work. God bless.

  • Mikas

    Kinda misleading title (is this FOX news?), she didnt really say WWE is pathetic, just the example being set. Thats not entirely the same thing.

    But still nice to see a diva say SOMETHING, usually they keep quiet in the media. But personally i still like the whole ‘Piggy James’ angle, for the first in a long time fans start caring about Mickie James again, so it definately payed off for her ;-)

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie

    johnreport — Thanks for the comment, but I respectfully disagree. It’s open for interpretation and you have obviously read it a different way than we have. We’re not putting words in anyone’s mouth nor are we trying to make something seem different than it is for hits. Mickie is clearly responding to someone who has implicated WWE as setting a bad example to which Mickie has agreed, thus inferring her ‘pathetic’ comment towards WWE.

  • theregoeskitty

    GO Mickie!
    i’m happy she spoke up
    lets just hope WWE don’t watch over her tweets

  • http://johnreport.wordpress.com/ johnreport

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have to respectfully disagree with you. You say you’re not putting words in her mouth, but when she says “I think the example being set is pathetic” you’re adding in “WWE” there when she did not say that. To me, that’s putting words in her mouth. Maybe I’m wrong.

    I don’t think you intended to do anything harmful and your explanation to me makes sense. I love what your site is about. I just didn’t love the headline, that’s all.

    On a selfish note, Mickie’s by far my favorite in WWE. Trish is my all time favorite and Mickie’s right there. They’re my 1A and 1B. Now that she’s signed her country music deal and WWE is inserting these smart ass comments (they made multiple comments about her getting her dress on Monday from stores known for having clothing for overweight women) about her weight it’s really sad to see considering the awesome work she’s done for nearly five years now. If she ends up leaving whenever that is, then fine. I’ll miss her big time, but I don’t want to see her get buried on her way out…if she’s on her way out.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie

    Well like you say, Mickie is your favourite Diva, I can’t help but think your fandom for her is what makes you scrutinise that much more. Everyone is guilty of doing so when it comes to their favourite.

    I can think of a handful of websites off the top of my head that have clearly misrepresented a situation ["Michelle McCool slaps fan!", "TNA invades Raw" was just one from yesterday] as something that is not there, perhaps for hits. I have clearly explained myself and I stand by it. And I think you’ll be hard pressed to find those sites as willing to explain their decisions, so if we’re so Fox News-like, so be it.

  • http://johnreport.wordpress.com/ johnreport

    Your explanation is noted. I appreciate that. I hope this doesn’t get me “heat” with the regulars around here. I’ll try to post more comments in the future although it probably won’t be to criticize because I generally have a lot of praise for what you do here as I’ve said previously.

  • ebmich


    For the women, they clearly want them to look fit and/or firm enough to make them look like athletes. Even if they aren’t athletic. As someone who does watch other sports, I rarely see positions that require constant movement filled by someone who looks bloated or “oh, maybe he needs to loose a little weight”. I am not calling Mickie fat, but I am pretty sure every WWE contracted wrestler (male and female) has a clause in their contract that pretty much gives up their right to look how they want to look. Mickie lookin’ all bloated and a little heavier than usual probably has the same effect as if she was to cut her hair.

    Maybe the company is just viewing this who weight thing about Mickie is her lack of commitment or something. There was a rumor that they wanted Rosa to lose weight. She did. I can’t imagine how hard that was for her since she was already relatively thin before the rumor came out.

  • xmelissaa