Jimmy Snuka’s Daughter for WWE Tryout?

xmasgift_divastitle‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka’s daughter, Sarona will reportedly receive a WWE tryout tomorrow night in Orlando, when the company tapes next week’s ECW and SmackDown, reports Wrestling News World.

Sarona Snuka has been working for Afa the Wild Samoan’s WXW, Afa also had a hand in her training.

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  • RKOyou

    who is she,is she good???

  • Kaledrina

    it’s pure guess work, rkoyou, but from what the internet is saying she’s about the same level as a lacey von erich minus a maria.

    i think it’s definitely a name thing with her.

  • xxChristinaxx


    Samoan diva. AMAZING!
    But if she isn’t that great she would go to FCW and get better and better.

  • Inferno

    OMG i like her already, she reminds me of former development diva tracy taylor

    And THe Wild Samoans, Jimmy Snuka, The Rock and all the samoan family is helping her out,

  • mamai

    Yeah, Wrestling News World got confused. They thought the tryout was for TNA which made no sense since Sarona is greener than Lacey Von Erich and TNA couldn’t hide her away like Lacey or use her looks. She will need a long time to be decent. She only started learning this fall! She’ll have to stay in FCW for a good while if WWE signs her. Her chances of making it are very low since she is already in her 30s and just starting, but I wish her luck. While WWE prefers models, they do like 2nd and 3rd generation female wrestlers for their name value. Remember they were the ones to hire LVE and Curt Hennig’s daughter.

  • Inferno

    mamai, Amy Hennigs is not signed by WWE yet, she was begin scouted by WWE this year, but nothin came of it.

    Also at this rate with womens try outs have not been a succes, Becky Bayless, Amy Hennig, Women at the FCW try out, none of them have been signed. sso it doesnt look good

  • Mikas

    Ah, a WWE tryout, that makes more sense than a TNA tryout.

    But if i was WWE i would let her stay at Afa’s WXW for a year. Afa is considered to be one of the best trainers in the business nowadays, so why send her to FCW where she will likely learn the same moves all other divas do?

  • Looking Glass

    Do TNA even offer tryouts? I just thought they used established talent from the indies (and usually rival companies)

    Re: Amy Hennig, the officis werent impressed with her unlike brother Joe, who as we know is already with the brand. They said whilst he work was okay, she had a bad attitude or something. I remember reading it back along.

    As for Sarona, well we’ll see what comes of her. But they don’t do all the same moves as eachother in FCW. Mia Mancini’s style is completely different to say Courtney Taylor or AJ Lee.

  • ahlanthony

    She’s still green in the ring but she aint that bad at all.

  • xmelissaa

    Forgive me for being skeptical, but with second generation divas, you’ll either get a Natalya or Lacey Von Erich. I’m not hoping for the latter… Hopefully Sarona’s good (with training)

  • Mikas

    “Do TNA even offer tryouts?”

    Yes, but they usually go for established names because unlike the WWE they dont have a developmental territory. They really need something like the WCW Powerplant in the future. I know that Daizee Haze had a tryout once (but TNA wasnt interested). And rumors say that The Young Bucks will get a tryout tonight (bad news for ROH if they loose both the bucks and the briscoes).

    “But they don’t do all the same moves as eachother in FCW. Mia Mancini’s style is completely different to say Courtney Taylor or AJ Lee.”

    You can’t compare Serena and April because they learned the basics elsewhere. But the FCW divas that had no wrestling experience prior to signing with FCW all look the same in the ring. Alicia Fox is an exception, but she started in OVW i think (which had different trainers). But take a good look at Tiffany, Courtney, Rosa and the Bellas. All the same moves except for maybe 1 or 2 signature moves.

  • Mikas

    “Forgive me for being skeptical, but with second generation divas, you’ll either get a Natalya or
    Lacey Von Erich. I’m not hoping for the latter… Hopefully Sarona’s good (with training)”

    Natalya: excellent wrestler
    Lacey von Erich: never finished her basic training
    Rachel Summerlyn (Putski): good wrestler (if she looses some weight she could be WWE/TNA material)
    Melissa Anderson: One of the best in the business
    Britani Knight from the UK (daughter of Sweet Saraya): Only 18 years, and already a good wrestler
    Amy Hennig: Still too early to judge her, but she is already better than Lacey will ever be.
    Sarona Snuka: Only started training a few months ago, so pointless to comment on her.

    With other words, sofar all 2nd/3rd generation women are doing an excellent job (and i didnt even include the Joshis & Luchadoras). So saying “you either get a Natalya or Lacey” doesnt really make sense because sofar Lacey is the only talentless 2nd generation.

  • Kaledrina

    agree with mikas on the generation game. and to be fair to lacey, as far as i can tell, she’s the only one of those women to grow up without a permanent wrestling figure close in her life. didn’t she say she was shielded from the whole wrestling thing until not that long ago?

  • ebmich

    Yeah, Kaledrina. When Lacey’s mom left her dad, his life went down like it was made of lead. Lacey admits that wrestling when she was little wasn’t her big thing because of what happened to her dad and that her mom was worried for Lacey’s mental well being. I mean, who wouldn’t be affected by their dad’s death?

    So, back to this chick. If Mickie gets hounded for her weight, this girl has no chance. Sorry but Samoans tend to be on the much larger scale genetically. And the wrestlers in the WWE that are Samoan were no expection. Okay, the Rock was prolly the only one cuz he is part black. lol

  • Inferno

    AT 0:20 there is a Sarona Snuka promo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgLP5skxflw , she is very pretty but, you can tell she doesnt have the model body and looks more like a beth phoenix body.

  • eros

    i have read all these comments, and i wanted to contribute as an insider: someone who knows Sarona.

    as far as her being too green: one must understand, she is a phenomenal athlete with an intense focus and work ethic. mark my words; she will learn and grow at a rapid pace. another words, her greenness will not be an issue for long. she is a natural. she will not be doing acrobatic flips; however, she has the strength to body slam the men of wrestling, and she has the speed and athleticism to wrestle with the smaller and more agile divas. i would argue that Sarona is one of the most phenomenal female athletes to have ever stepped into the ring. granted, athleticism without skill is pointless in the ring, but like i said before, she will earn and gain that rapidly.

    as far as her not having a models body. this is true, her body is not that of your typical model. however, her body is more like that of a Serena Williams. she is not an unattractive muscle-bound beast. she is a unique blend of muscle and athleticism. and as you will soon see, she is also exotically beautiful.

    another factor is her look. this will be a huge factor. the hair, the eyes, the intensity: unlike her brother, she looks a hell of a lot like the offspring of the Superfly. if she can learn to go off the top-ropes, it’s all over. all you nay sayers will be choking on your words.

    all things said, it is a business and you never know what will happen, but my prediction is an explosive but brief career in wrestling. she will probably transition into something else after that.