Awesome Kong to WWE Too?

Wow. Talk about hot news tips! More of you have e-mailed into let us know about this rumour than I’ve eaten Skittles today! According to one report former Knockouts Champion, Awesome Kong could follow Gail Kim by leaving TNA and joining WWE. Apparently, Kong signed a one year contract with TNA that is expected to expire in October and WWE is planning to put in an offer for the monster.

Initially when I read this, I rolled my eyes – and rightfully so. One person that I spoke to says that the chances of Kong winding up in WWE are highly unlikely and I tend to agree. Should Kong’s contract expire, given Gail’s departure, I’m sure TNA would try and keep Kong on their books. Furthermore, last year Kong admitted that she’d received offers from both WWE and TNA and obviously opted for the latter. One must wonder though, since WWE had already offered Kong an opportunity, just what did they have in mind for her? She is definitely a departure from the norm in WWE. Anyhoo, I would expect Kong will continue to terrorise the rest of Knockouts, October and beyond. But it is an interesting prospect, Kong in WWE…

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  • Jennifer

    It would be my dream match to see Awesome Kong face Beth Phoenix. I would love to see Kong in the WWE. Just wondering if WWE would let her in…

  • Cameron

    I want TNA to keep Kong. At least for now. I think the WWE doesn’t need anymore Diva’s, and that TNA needs to keep some Knockouts. Although it would be funny to see Kong do some photo shoots. Imagine her doing summer skin. hahaha

  • Jennifer

    LOL to Cameron’s comment!

  • pat

    WWE: “Oh yeah…Cherry’s too fat, not slim enough…Let’s hire Awesome Kong!!”

  • Luis

    i agree with pat lol

  • Francesca

    LOL I agree with Pat & Cameron

  • marco

    thats gonna happen (not :P)
    @ cameron LOL
    i mean eww if she did summer skin there would be tubb a lubb flying all over the place LOL :D

  • Erin

    Yeah, I think the WWE is so goddamn superficial that Beth is the most “masculine” a Diva is going to get this side of Chyna or Nicole Bass. Awesome Kong is staying the TNA, I’d say..

  • Maurice

    HECK NO!!! Awesome Kong is a true wrestler and while going to WWE would boost her popularity (and her $) it would decrease her true wrestling potential. If anything TNA should make offers to Beth Phoenix and bring that manly chick on over to TNA. I’d rather see her and Kong dominate the TNA tag team division along with Raeesha Saeed of course!!!

  • Riverwind

    Kong would injure every WWE Diva just with the powerbomb! It wouldn’t be fun to watch her in WWE, so let her stay in TNA where she can kick everyone’s ass.

  • Daniel

    WWE would ruin Kong.

  • mah

    i dont think wwe fit kong….even beth is hot n can do defferent types of moves but kong is just a powerhouse n her wrestling style doesnt fit wwe’s….thts wht i think

  • jojo

    It’s true Kong’s powerbomb would injure some of WWE’s more fragile divas. I’m not sure WWE would want to take that risk.

    AND the weaker Divas would complain that she’s 2 aggresive. That’s what happend when Linda Miles aka Shanequa dominated SD.

    It lead to tension backstage and ultimately the departure of one of the most powerful athletes women’s wrestling ha s ever seen.

  • yannick