Sojo Bolt on Her TNA Release, Knockouts Title Push and More

Former TNA Knockout, Sojo Bolt — also known as Josie — talked to Monday Night Mayhem this week, revealing that TNA had plans to give her a shot at the Knockouts Title. She also reveals what led to her release:

On plans for a Knockouts Championship opportunity:

[Once] I parted with The Kongtourage, they didn’t turn me face, and I was just another heel in the company. When I was scheduled for a title run with Angelina after she won, that was put on hold when they signed Tara, and when they signed Tara, that was a coup for TNA & for the Knockouts, and they had to run with that.

Sojo also reveals how she got lost in the shuffle within the division due to the influx of new talent and her eventual release:

I got lost in the shuffle of ‘Well she’s a heel, so we could use her for anything, but we got all these new girls, and we need to get them debuted,’ They really never saw me as a face, and I did talk to them about going face, but they were not interested. And as time went by, creative didn’t have anything for me, so when my contract was coming to an end, I was like you’re not using me now, and I’m under contract, let’s just see what happens in the future, and if they use me, bring me back.

As mentioned at the time, Sojo’s departure from the company was left open-ended for the company to use her in future. To listen to the interview, click here.

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  • Looking Glass

    I absolutely adore Josie, I’ve followed her since OVW and I loved her tenure on TNA as Sojourner Bolt and was gutted to see her go, though to be honest the reasons for doing so don’t surprise me one bit. Sure Tara deserves a good career after she was misused in WWE, but it just really shows that at the end of the day TNA are more about cashing in on their former WWE stars then pushing their own talent. Sojo made a rather sassy heel and it was refreshing to see her (I’d have never wanted her to turn face) but instead of prioritising talent they’ve created they’d rather hand the goods over to Tara who essentially is Victoria with a new name.

    I know people will start going on about how they don’t prioritise former WWE stars but if you look at all the ex WWE stars’ gimmicks, none of them have changed. Their names might have, but their gimmicks haven’t. I enjoy TNA but I don’t think they do themselves any favours by just continuously relying on what they had instead of what they could be. Its good to see Josie back in OVW though, though I wish she was given more of a chance in the more mainstream companies.

  • xxChristinaxx

    I’m also a fan of Joise and her character in TNA as Sojo. Imo, she wasn’t that bad in the ring.

    But she seems like she a go getter and a hardworker so I praise her for that

  • TNAFan80

    I think TNA could have kept Sojournor Bolt under contract and tried to find a full time tag team partner for her, and added another “tag team” for the Knockout’s Tag Team Division besides reining champions Sarita & Taylor Wilde, and the Beautiful People. They could have found another African-American independent superstar, renamed her “Latonya Lighting” and had a duo known as “Lighting Bolt”!

  • NT86

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Josie’s TNA work, but TNA made absolutely no effort to establish her. She has good mic skills and charisma but she wasn’t properly packaged and didn’t get a gimmick of any sort. Her release was unsurprising but she could have still been around if they maybe made her a valet or something.

    Her SHIMMER ringwork was, however, better than this.

  • Kaledrina

    i did and still do like sojo, and i’d love to see her back in the future. it’s a shame that tna had nothing for her, but sometimes that’s just the way it is.

    she had the potential to become a top knockout as well as being somewhat seen as “homegrown” rather than just another ex wwe star.

  • Jamal

    I agree that her work in SHIMMER was wayyyy better than what was showcased in TNA. It’s sad really, but I wish her much success and hope to see her again in SHIMMER soon.

  • mamai

    @Looking Glass – everyone says they want to see new stars. They don’t to rely on the past. But then the ratings come back and we learn the past still draws. TNA has been heavily featuring a bunch of homegrown stars on Impact the past 4-6 months and ratings still are about 1.0 to 1.1. Here comes Hogan! Smackdown featured a number of young wrestlers, but the ratings are horrible. So here comes the Undertaker and Batista! ECW is now drawing less than Impact when it use to do better. Why? ECW has no stars. RAW has relied on every gimmick possible and now they are dragging Bret Hart back in total desperation. This is the nature of the business.

    If TNA brought Tara in and didn’t do anything with her than others would wonder what was the point of signing the misused former Victoria? If I was a booker I would try to squeeze everything I could out of her before using Tara to put over a younger star like Alissa Flash, Hamada, or Roxxi. She’s in her late 30s and wants to try MMA. She might not have another 6 months in TNA.

    I never found Sojo Bolt to be a promising talent. She never looked that good in any of her matches. Certainly they are better girls who work the SHIMMER tapings out there. A perfect example with the match when Christy Hemme came back. Instead of making Hemme look good, Sojo botched a number of stuff and made them both look bad. Christy was pretty much finished then. I think it’s important to have proper enhancement talent in any division. And Bolt never could even cut it as that. I wish her well though.

  • Ed

    I haven’t seen her work in Shimmer, but anyone who thinks her run in TNA was any good needs their eyes checked. Bolt was HORRIBLE. People say they just didn’t give her a chance, which is ridiculous. They gave her several chances and she never impressed. In her entire run in the company she did not have a single good match. Not one! Her match with Kong at Destination-X was the worst title match in the history of the Knockout division. Even Kong and Taylor Wilde couldn’t carry her to good matches. She couldn’t even get over working against the Beautiful People for God’s sake. There’s something wrong with that.

    It frightens me that she says she was scheduled for a title reign. WHY?! She was AWFUL! I agree that the writers did her no favors, but she didn’t hold up her end either. As mamai pointed out, she was even worthless as enhancement talent. She couldn’t make her opponents looks good; she couldn’t even make herself look good. She added nothing to the Knockout division and they’re much better off without her.

  • MarBu13

    I’ve always found it incredibly strange when the top tier of the blame falls on the veteran ( or “enhancement talent” ) for not making a match with someone looks good. Clearly, Christy Hemme shouldn’t have been in the ring when she returned and for someone like her, with a few years of basic wrestling experience under her own belt – that match was part fault as well. She’s not just some new girl whose completely out of the water. It takes two people to make a match. Even if you’re Gail Kim, who can walk a sack of potatoes through a decent match, you still need communication. The Sojo-Hemme match was a wreck and I can count several other wrecks among the Knockouts in their talent and matches after that. Sojo Bolt is good enough to come back to TNA and replace 3 Knockouts (including Tracy Brooks) if they are willing to actually give her a chance this time around.

  • Jamal

    I agree with you MarBu13. There are easily more than a few Knockouts that Bolt is better than or at least equal to (I’ll throw in ODB as another). Plus, I don’t think there’s a wrestler alive that can make a Christy Hemme match look good. Hell, even Kong couldn’t do it!

  • Kaledrina

    other than that semi-infamous match with kong, and those couple botched moves with (with, not against!) christy, i can’t remember another single thing that sojo made look rubbish.

    and for those who dread the alternate reality of sojo being a knockout champion, let us remember that tara only held the title for a week back then.