Perfect 10 of 2009: Sarita (#9)

The Perfect 10 is back for a year-end special, counting down the top 10 Divas and Knockouts from the year gone by. Last year, Michelle McCool was #1 on the Perfect 10 of 2008, can she make it a repeat performance? Who has had the most memorable moments & matches of 2009? Check back over the next 10 days to find out how the countdown will unfold!

The second entry on this year’s year-end Perfect 10 is another newcomer — TNA Knockout, Sarita. They say great things come in small packages and Sarita is like pocket dynamite. Like many wrestling greats, Sarita — real name Sarah Stock — hails from Canada but has spent much of her career in Mexico where she picked up the art of lucha libre and has identified herself as an aerial assaulting, high flying badass.

Joining TNA in April, there was some serious buzz around this girl. There was talk that she would be pushed as the Knockouts division’s new top babyface — filling the spot left behind by Gail Kim. In an unlucky coincidence for Sarita, former WWE Diva Victoria was signed a month or so later and was eventually given the spot. But still, Sarita’s debut on Impact was much hyped with weeks of video packages leading to her debut match in July against fellow newcomer, Alissa Flash. The match was well acclaimed by fans and critics alike.

In August, Sarita was thrown together in a tag team match with former Knockouts Champion, Taylor Wilde against Flash and Traci Brooks. Again, the chance teaming of the two was much praised and led to TNA management putting them together permanently — Saritaylor was born!

The duo became the first ever Knockouts Tag Team Champions in September after making it to the finals of a tournament to determine the inaugual champions. In the months since, Sarita and Taylor have staved off competition from The Beautiful People in several pay per view matches. Meanwhile, Sarita has also shown her own individual prowess in matches with the likes of Alissa Flash again in November, as well as Hamada.

The talented Knockout was perhaps the most successful of a slew of new girls brought in by TNA in ’09. Where the others have fallen by the wayside due to TNA not giving them much to do, Sarita quickly found her feet with tag team partner, Taylor Wilde. The champions look to go into 2010 with the titles firmly around their waist but if Sarita’s singles matches are anything to go by, she could have a good shot at the Knockouts Title too.

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  • PedroPedroso17

    Sarita had a great year, not a single non-great showing inside the ring, she got an amazing team partner and pretty good feuds. Her matches with Alissa Flash and Hamada were perfection and I like to call myself a Sarita fan after all she proved this year. Let’s hope she does even better next year, if that’s even remotely possible.

  • mamai

    She has a chance to be #1 next year. While Angelina Love might be the complete package, Sarita has the most talent of anyone in the world. I’ve never seen any woman work that fast, but seem in control. Like pretty much all the rest of the KOs and Divas, her problem is the ability to cut a promo to sell a match.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Good choice,I guess.Her promo skills need A LOT of work,though.

  • MarBu13

    I hope TNA makes Sarita their top babyface in 2010. I don’t know how they were unimpressed with her work before she made her debut, but the work I’ve seen so far seem to catch the fan’s interest at heart. They need to turn ODB back into some cooky, village idiot, give Awesome Kong bigger opportunities competing with the men, and give Tara the biggest, baddest heel bitch spot.

  • kirstygrahamx

    i would much rather of seen Sarita as the top babyface than Tara.. as sarita is fresher and tbh i dont think Taras anything near as good as she once was..

  • Jim Molloy

    Sarita is very talented. Her match with Hamada was the best I ever watched. TNA Divas do have the talent.

  • Hassam

    sarita is one of the best knockouts and yes shes is a top knockout cause shes the KO tag team champ.but she deserved 6 or 7 not 9

  • The Crying Light

    At the risk of perhaps overrating her, I think that Sarah Stock (Sarita) has the potential to be one of the best in ring performers in the world. She just has it all. She is strong, she is agile, she is very athletic, she is willing to give a lot to the industry (bleed for it literally if you will as she has done so in the past) and on a lighter note, she’s not that hard to look at. I think that her only weaknesses, as far as her first year in TNA is concerned, is that I have yet to find her mic work impressive. Apart from that, I also think that her current finisher is lame. I think that those two elements are the only things stopping her from being the number 1 female in mainstream pro-wrestling. I think she needs to be more arresting during her mic work (though I know that there aren’t a lot of them yet) and I think that she needs a stable finisher… something devastating or impressive enough to influence people in seeing her as a possible champion. The Tiger Bomb is OK but come on, she can do better. I’d even settle for the La Reienera. Anything is better than that Belly to Belly suplex. It’s just not believable in my opinion.

  • The Crying Light

    And as much as I am impressed with both of them, I’d much rather see Taylor and Sarita competing against each other than as a tag team. I don’t know. Even when they’re dressed alike or even when they perform alike, there are still so many elements in that tag team that yell “odd couple” which is weird considering the fact that I’ve always been comfortable with seeing Roxxi and Taylor as a tag team. The pairing seems all too random. But anyway… again, that’s just my opinion. There is absolutely no need to condemn me to hell or anything. ;)

  • Jamal

    If anyone can fill the role Gail Kim had, I think it’s Sarah. She’s talented and quite charismatic. While I love her with Taylor Wilde, I can’t wait until they eventually unleash her in the singles division. The girl can seriously go.