WWE Signs Sarona Snuka

WWE has signed the daughter of Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka, Sarona Snuka. Snuka received a tryout with the company last Sunday in Florida.

WXW, which is led by Afa the Wild Samoan and where Sarona competes, announced on their Twitter page: “CONGRATS to WXW’s own Sarona Snuka who has just signed a WWE Contract!”

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  • xOxONic


  • RKOyou

    congrates to her,man FCW is starting to get filled up with a lot of divas,they should start calling some of them up to the main roster now,AJ lee please….

    i’m really happy WWE is being more diverse with signing their divas,we’ve never had a samoan diva before:)

  • http://www.stratusfacts.com C-Ray

    Congrats to Sarona!

    Hmm, it does seem like WWE is actually “gasp” trying to diversify themselves as far as Divas are concerned (thank goodness). We’ll see where it goes from here.

  • xxChristinaxx

    YAY! I’m so happy for her. I am so sick of WWE signing white and Hispanic women so I’m happy they have a Samoan diva.

  • nicorette

    she has a cool unique look to her! hopefully she can wrestle!

  • Inferno

    Sarona doesnt have the the diva look she is very bulky and bigger than a typical diva and she kind of reminds me of Bertha Faye

  • http://www.youtube.com/jillfan1 Jillfan1

    FINALLY! OMG so TNA isn’t the only ones having diversity with their knockout diviosn WWE has stpeed up lateley savannah, mia, ajlee, and othe FCWdivas aren’t your typical babrie dolls nice and she has some experience her cousin being The Rock! LMAO anywho some diversity i a breath of fresh air we don’t really hav barbie dolls anymore just Kelly, tiffany,maryse and micheele (this indicates on their looks not ability) yay hope she wrestles to the maxiun and she’s different like Beth and Nattie thats good

  • darkmarvel

    I’m interested in seeing how the WWE will use her. I hope they give her a good push.

  • ahlanthony

    Im happy for her. I hope she trains well in FCW

  • spiffy

    Hope she gets a better gimmick than Deuce

  • MPBPLover1

    Nice! Congrats! I hope WWE treats nice and knows how to use her.

  • Looking Glass

    Deuce? Deuce was only ever used and did well when he was Deuce, when he reverted to Sim Snuke he went down like a lead balloon and got his ass hit by the door on the way out. But enough about him. Its nice to see her get signed, though people should probably wait and see her first, someone just said about Sarona obviously being good because The Rocks her cousin as if all famous wrestling families talent rubs off on eachother. Three Words: Lacey Von Erich.

    And people muttering on about race and blondes like Tiffany, Michelle, Maryse, Beth, Natalya and Kelly Kelly are exactly the same just because of the fact that apparently men prefer blondes. Each woman is shown differently, they’re not all running round in bikinis, not even Kelly is doing that as much these days. WWE do use stereotypes, but people need to stop creating their own to conjur up some sort of point. Same with race, its not as if TNA are any better especially at the moment, Kong is the only black woman on the roster, despite Sarita wrestling the majority of her career in Mexico, Hamada is the only Mexican in the company (from a Japanese family) I don’t see by criticising the use of Latin Divas is a bad thing, surely some diversity is better than no diversity at all?

  • xmelissaa

    Congrats to her! I agree with RKOyou – time to call up some new divas to the roster (AJ Lee, Serena…)

  • SheamusNoKoibito

    They don’t seem quite so diversified to me (some people wouldn’t know the Hispanic Divas are Hispanic if it wasn’t for their ring names, etc.)…I thought I was gonna be rude to say so but then I read xxChristinaxx’s comment. lol I have to say in all honesty it would be nice to see much more diversity in the Divas. I’d wondered if there are hardly any darker women who are interested in wrestling. In any case, I hope she is good and not another LVE. I look forward to seeing what she can do.

  • kirstygrahamx

    you do know that they could easily put a bit of make-up on her and do her hair all fancy and she will have the diva look*-)? just because she doesnt look like a diva just now doesn’t mean they won’t make her look like one.

  • PedroPedroso17

    She actually got good reviews from her matches @WXW, in particular on her debut match.

  • xxChristinaxx

    @SheamusNoKoibito: If you can’t tell Melina,Eve, Bella Twin, and Rosa are Hispanic something is wrong with you. lol

    Tna only have Kong who’s black now but they use to have more black women than WWE had in years.

  • Inferno

    I have to say cosidering all of WWE divas (Smackodwn, Raw, ECW< FCW) they are doing pretty good with diversiy, they have two black girl Trinity and Alicia, Hyspanic, Melina, Rosa, Bellas, and more and Japanaese: Savannah, Samoan: Sarona

  • Jamal

    Congrats to her! Hopefully, she turns out to be pretty good. Personally, I love that she doesn’t have the so-called “diva” look and I hope she pretty much gets to stay the way that she is. I don’t see anything wrong with her look at all. If anything, she’s a throwback to what “real” women wrestlers used to look like back in the day.

  • spiffy

    Savannah/Angela Fong is Chinese, not Japanese.

  • darkmarvel

    Bertha Faye??? She weigh like almost 300 pounds. Sarona is no where near that. Sarona is built like Beth Phoenix.

  • SheamusNoKoibito

    @ xxChristinaxx – Yeah, I can tell they are Hispanic, but I was more referring to what I’ve heard from other people when I tell them.

  • Spike7000

    yeah Sarona joins AJ Lee (Miss April), Aksana (Zivile Raudoniene), Courtney Taylor, Jillian Beyor, Liviana, Mia Mancini (Serena Deeb), Naomi Night (Trinity McCray), Jemma Palmer, Jenny Cash as the New Divas from development

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrstaceywood MrStaceyWood

    Looking Glass – Tna has Krystal aswell.. = Black.

    And for those of you who are saying ‘Lets hope she dosen’t end up like LVE’
    Lacey didn’t have any training.. It’s quite obvious her uncle didn’t teach her much, as her dad is deceased, and probably would have Helped her in some respect if he was still alive. Don;t forget she took her self away from wrestling ever since her dad passed away.

    Sarona’s dad is alive AKA Jimmy Snuka so im thinking hes gotta have trained her to some extent, p.s plus the cousin of The Rock?.. she’s got it in the bag.. the Fans will like her just becuase she’s The Rocks cuz, alot of people even non diva fans ‘who don’t watch the women’ will be intersted to see what she’s capable of. The Rock next to Stone Cold is one of the most popular men to ever step foot in the ring, someone to be proud of for sure having as a cuz as well respected wrestler as The Rock.

  • Anca

    Haven’t seen her wrestle, but let’s not get our hopes up. WWE have been keeping Miss April and Serena Deeb in FCW for months, but they sent Rosa, the Bella Twins and other of that sort on the main roster immediately… Vince will never promote good wrestlers.