2009 Most Memorable Moments: The Debuts of Gail Kim and Tara

2009 is nearly at an end! As with our Christmas Classics last week, over the next few days, we’ll be turning back the clock and picking out most memorable moments from the year gone by. Each day, a different team member will be sharing their most memorable moment for all of you guys to enjoy. Add your thoughts in the comments and be sure to tell us what your most memorable moments were.

Today’s pick is from Melanie: This year, fans got to see two exciting debuts in both of the companies that were much buzzed about. Both of these talents, Gail Kim and Tara, are much loved around these parts so it was interesting to see how their respective companies handled their debuts. Tara’s perhaps was most memorable, we saw her come out of her WWE shell and be the badass icon we all knew she could be. Meanwhile Gail Kim’s SmackDown debut was perhaps one of the few memorable things that WWE got right with her this year. Both of these moments stood out to me and despite how they may or may not have followed through, I thought they were both great and of course, memorable.

Watch below:

Gail after the cut:

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  • PedroPedroso17

    Both these moments are very memorable indeed!

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Wait,didn;t Gail come in in late 2008?No?Oh well.Yes,both were very memorable.

  • ReyStyle94

    I didn’t like how when Tara came in, they attacked her one by one. Legacy for example, would’ve all jumped at them, still a great debut.

    Gail’s was good also but I felt the announcers could’ve gone a bit more OTT if you know what I mean. JR is like “That’s Gail Kim!” Big deal. What about her is threatening to them?

    He could’ve former Women’s champion, won the title on her debut etc.

    There still pretty memorable, but I have a feeling the Divas landscape will change completely in 2010, with some greats retiring possibly (Mickie, Jillian) and some new FCW chicks coming up.

  • Weirddork

    Gail Kim’s Debut memorable???
    yea i kinda forgot what she even did,

  • theregoeskitty

    i liked both
    victoria looked so pritty in that return

    it still annoys me that they built Gail up so much on SD pushing her to the title, then it ended and she moved to raw

  • asd

    Yeah, I don’t think Gail’s re-debut was memorable at all…

  • ReyStyle94

    Tara’s debut was also way more obvious than Gail Kim’s.

  • FELO.

    I didn’t really like Tara’s. It was after a squash match against Sojo so it was kind of expected that something would happen, and Angelina extending a challenge to someone she hadn’t beaten.. and Tara magically appearing in the iMPACT zone.

    Gail’s on the other hand was good because it was a feud that was already happening, Michelle vs. Maryse because the week before Michelle had let Maryse get pinned by Melina (Maria & Melina vs. Maryse & Michelle) so it was completely unexpected for someone who didn’t read the spoilers (duh!) and also that Gail didn’t just attack one of them, she attacked both and made a statement by gabbing the Divas title and holding it.

  • SheamusNoKoibito

    I think the setup for Tara was much better than for Gail. The latter was more forgettable.

  • vonVile

    Gail’s re-debut wasn’t memorable. It was just another generic Diva added to the roster to the audience. If Gail’s return was like Christian’s ECW return then I’d agree.

  • http://orkut.com Hassam

    agree with you melanie this is great memorable

  • xDivaMedia

    Tara’s Debut Was More Memorable Cos She Went After The Title And Got it.. While Gail Kim Had To Job To That Bimbo Maryse.. She Is Better Off In TNA Going After Tara!

  • Ryo Saeba

    Tara s debut was much more impressive.
    Gail kim s debut was just there and after 2 weeks she began to job to the others,unlike tara who after her debut killed her opponents.
    Gail just did a dropkick to the champ and that s all.Tara finished all the beautiful people and even did her trademark finisher in front of passionate fans,unlike gail that come to wwe,in front of a dead crowd….

  • http://www.myspace.com/331676803 SereneAndTranquil

    I was so happy to see these two back.