Random Observations from Last Night’s Raw

The random observations column is back with a bang, as I take you through Raw by way of my brain!

* Gail Bella, anyone? All she needed really was a matching outfit.
* Speaking of her outfit, I can’t help but feel there may have been a little more on show than just her legs in that initial backstage segment with Timbaland.
* The Bellas wearing pants is new.
* I couldn’t help but stare at Kelly Kelly’s hair… it was like a bad perm from the 80s.
* Maryse’s hair on the other hand, how is that practical for a wrestling match? I have wondered ever since she returned. It’s so long and always in her face.
* Did Michael Cole really say, “What a 2009 Kelly Kelly’s had?”  Am I missing something? Does she have another profession?
* Remember when you were kids and you had two action figures fight each other? Malibu Barbie vs French Barbie.
* Maryse’s pin on Kelly is a wrestling geek’s wet dream. Ain’t she thoughtful?
* Maryse’s sinister laugh however, is a wrestling geek’s nightmare.
* I was hoping she would sneak in an “A-wooo” ala Shakira in She-Wolf.
* Oh hell to the naw with those crazy Kathy Bates eyes [see above]. Men, do not cheat on Maryse… this is what you will deal with.
* Why do all of Maryse’s feuds have to center around who’s sexier?
* Oh that Michael Cole, he is hi-larious isn’t he? “Maryse is extremely dangerous.”
* I can’t take the whole ~dangerous~ Maryse shtick seriously. I mean really, would you be scared if a bleach blonde, tanned-to-the-point-of-orange chick came running at you?
* Maybe if she was running at you with fake tan.
* The Miz and Maryse, huh? Who needs tanning beds when you can just rub up on each other?!
* I think that’s Miz’s idea of foreplay.

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  • theregoeskitty

    well orange is the new white

  • theregoeskitty

    regarding the thing abouth there tna

  • theregoeskitty

    tan sorry ugh fail

  • MarBu13

    Maryse’s facial expressions have been on point lately. She was featured on “Ask The Divas ” and made the whole segment watchable. All the other divas actually take those idiotic questions seriously. They asked the dumbest question yet with who can win among three holiday mascots and Maryse gave the ” WTF ” face of 2009. LOL

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    I was cracking up when I saw Mayrse acting like that I think she is Bi-Polar every week we see a different Maryse LOL.

    What I cant understand is WWE is PG , Yet they have Mayrse pining Divas in Porn Positions I dont get that you know ?. But Whatever

    Kelly Kelly ‘s Hair nvr amazed me , its the same thing every week , btw has any of these Divas every heard of ponytails so there hair wont get in the way…I mean

    Mayrse never really had a decent fued and if she did they all centered around her Its all abt Mayrse Mayrse…Jeez was Sable that full of herself

    LOL When Cole said Mayrse is dangerous I just laughed , I think he was drunk when he said that.

    Anyways at least SD never dissapoints us..

  • randallsnow19

    Maryse is decent in the ring…the only problem is that she needs to add more moves to her moveset so she can look better in the ring. Kelly Kelly is just annoys the shit out of me. Maryse did a good job on the mic imo…best segment I’ve seen on Raw in a long time for a diva.

  • wwedivamadness

    No one can seem to dog on Maryse, the users on here are never looking at her matches. She was the one who held the match… Maryse doesn’t amaze me with her three hole moves. She barely even uses…
    Just throwing this out there, but… Kelly wasn’t wearing pink. ;-)

  • wwedivamadness

    I was talking about Kelly holding the match btw.. i forgot to add her name. Lol

  • johnny

    The picture of Maryse is the funniest one yet I never thought someone so beautiful could be so weird.

  • xxChristinaxx

    Mayrse isn’t decent in the ring. Maybe she was decent on Smackdown but now she’s awful. If her knee isn’t 100% she need to stop wrestling just because she going to make it worse.

    Like I said I give Maryse 2 more years and she would be done.

  • randallsnow19

    She is decent in the ring…she takes her bumps well and I rarely see her botch….You have remember wrestling isn’t all about executing a move, it’s also about taking bumps and selling them well, which Maryse does…the only problem is that moveset of hers…..Her knee is probally 100% she is just taking it easy in the ring until she gets back in the groove….I hope she suprise everyone with something new when she faces Melina sometime in the near future to make raw more watchable…idkkkk….
    She’ll prob leave when she is 30 like most of the divas do… spend 5 or 6 years with the company and then leave. But WWE should turn her face sometime so we can know if she is good….b/c she def wont be able to do the moves she does now as face besides that camel cluch thingy..

  • randallsnow19

    btw Maryse character seems to be crazy like women from movies such as Fatal Attraction, and Obsessed lls

  • xmelissaa

    Maryse’s face in that photo is priceless.
    I loved the Gail/Miz segment – ‘Ew.’

  • http://www.nostrumdesign.com Teri

    Long, straight platinum blonde hair + facial expressions + hair flipping + evil high pitched witch laugh + sexy porn pin cover + french accent = a diva character i am actually INTERESTED in.

  • JuicyJuiceBox

    I thought the same thing about Kelly’s 2009. All I can remember is her jobbing to Beth and Maryse. Fitting end to the year this Raw was for her. Never understood her popularity either. She really isn’t that hot.

  • hpnotiqxxx

    I think Maryse will be around quite a bit if her knee holds up, Vince loves her…Kelly Kelly on the other hand needs to improve her wrestling, I would be happier to see less of her. Kelly has botched more moves than any other diva of 2009. Maryse definitely takes her bumps and sells the falls probably better than any of the divas on the current roster, it just sucks cause she has had too many matches with Kelly Kelly and Maria (when she was on SD) who are not up to her caliber. I really want to see more of Maryse fighting with Melina and Gail Kim, and partnering up with Beth or Jillian since the one divas match of the night sometimes is a tag team bout. WWE needs to let the wrestlers expand their movesets, better wrestlers like Beth, Mickie, Gail, Melina and even Maryse are being held back and shit is getting repetitive.

  • GuyThatLovesK2

    is it just me, or do u guys think maryse is going insane? i mean, her laugh? that was KINDA scary.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Paparazzi8o8 Paparazzi8o8

    i think kelly was going for the classic trish stratus flips lol

  • Shan

    This segment was made because of THAT look. It was weird and with the laugh kinda scary. Michael Cole saying she was dangerous was hilarious. I mean really?!

    The segments with Gail Kim where she actually spoke were great though; she’s definitely better on the mic than I’d first thought. Her bit with Miz was pure gold.

  • johnny

    The comment from Melanie was hilarious your right if Maryse came running at me looking pissed I’d probably laugh so hard that I couldn’t breath the other divas I’d have to think about like Melina and Mickie by themselves I’d take them seriously but I wouldn’t run away but if they were together or Beth I’m not ashamed to admit I’d run.