D3: Questions for the Mailbag & Krissy Vaine

This week on D3, we are going to be celebrating the New Year with our very own Diva — Krissy Vaine! Krissy will be joining us on Friday’s show to discuss a number of topics and will be answering your questions.

If you’ve got a question for the former WWE Diva, leave it in the comments!

You can now also follow Krissy on Twitter: twitter.com/krissyvaine13.

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Also, on tomorrow’s show we’ve got the Diva Dirt Mailbag. Got a question [it can be about anything!] for myself or Erin? Leave that in the comments. We’ll pick our favourite question and enter the questioner into a prize draw at the end of January.

Feel free to copy and paste the following into the comments:

Question for Krissy:
Question for Erin:
Question for Melanie:

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  • http://youtube.com/user/LeightonProductionz adamleighton

    Name: Adam
    Question for Krissy: If you stayed with the WWE, and basing this question off of today’s Women’s Division.. Which Diva would you most like/want to work with and possibly have a feud with and why?
    Question for Erin: Erin because you do the RAW Redux, my question will be based on the RAW brand. If you could change one thing about the current RAW Diva roster, what would you change and why?
    Question for Melanie: Melanie because you do the SD Redux, my question will be based on the SD brand. If you could choose to book ONE feud on Smackdown, what would it be and why?

  • Kevinmci

    Name: Kevin
    Question for Krissy: Who do you think is the most underrated and the most overrated women in wrestling today?
    Question for Erin: Do you think people overrate Melina?
    Question for Melanie: If you had a Diva Dirt Hall of Fame who would you induct first and why.

  • PedroPedroso17

    Name: Pedro Pedroso
    Question for Krissy: How do you feel when you’re recognized by people? Are they nice or creepy?

    Question for Erin: How do you feel about Alicia Fox possibly beeing a second thought diva, with Maryse as the top heel do you think A.Fierce will get other opportunities?

    Question for Melanie: Do you think Michelle McCool can be considered an avant-garde fashionista? Based on her latest edgy styling choices she has become quite fashionable. Do you agree?

  • http://www.youtube.com/xdivatoxic xDivaToxic

    Name: Tom

    Question for Krissy: If you could go back to when you debuted on Smackdown, how would you of liked to debut on the show?

    Question for Erin: If you had to choose, to either have the ‘golden era’ (Trish, Lita, Molly, Jazz, Ivory etc) divas or ‘present day’ (Mickie, Melina, Beth, Eve, Maryse, Kelly etc) divas, in the world of WWE today, which era would you have?

    Question for Melanie: On a scale of 1 – 10; how good do you think michelle’s womens championship reign has been doing?

  • RKOyou

    Question for Krissy:which WWE diva do you think you can beat easily in a match?
    Question for Erin:if TNA impact went live,would diva dirt make a post impact audio on diva dirt
    Question for Melanie:why do the TNA knockouts always play second fiddle to the WWE divas here on diva dirt, examples are why the knockouts never get a live blog for PPVs,why sometimes the knockouts don’t get a redux when the matches were great etc.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/jaymack101 ThEE JaY

    Name: The Jay
    Question for Krissy: If you got a chance to go to TNA would you take it.
    Question for Erin: What do you think about Bret Hart saying Melina is the greatest wrestlers in the world.
    Question for Melanie: Out of curiosity, what would be your dream match with divas and knockouts

  • JuicyJuiceBox

    Name: Bob

    Question for Krissy: Can you take us into the mindsets of divas like Layla, Alicia and Eve? All three women have made visible strides in the ring since their debut but haven’t caught their big break. Are they taking it all one day at a time waiting in line for their shot or would they be wondering when it’ll come?

    Question for Erin: Smackdown has been for a long time now the better brand for the divas (and for the superstars as well I’d argue). Any insights why this is?

    Question for Melanie: What are the pros and cons of having divas on ECW at all?

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=1316433062&ref=profile ICROFT

    Question for Krissy: Why were you released so quickly? (sorry if everyone already knows, i dont)

    Question for Melanie: If you had to pick One diva dirt user to join the diva dirt team, who would it be?

  • TrishMelinaFan


    Question for Krissy:Looking back on your departure from WWE,what is your one biggest regret about leaving?Why?

    Question for Melanie and Erin:The site has blown up this year,especially after that one Live
    Blog on I believe the Bragging Rights 3 on 3 match.As big as it’s gotten;

    How much bigger do you see it getting in the future?

    How much longer do you see yourselves working on it?


    What is one personal goal you each have for the site?(Such as being a link on another certain popular website,etc)

  • bluejay

    Name: Bluejay

    Question for Krissy: Which diva in the current roster do you have faith in helping bring the woman’s division in WWE to a new level.

    Question for Erin: Do you think that WWE should go back to the pattern of putting rookie wrestlers on SD and putting the advance wrestlers back on RAW like back in 2008. It seems like the roster at that time was stronger and SD is a good development ground for the divas.

    Question for Melanie: Do you think Layla does not give enough credit for helping bring credibilty to Michelle McCool’s character as a heel.