Perfect 10 of 2009: Mickie James (#4)

The Perfect 10 is back for a year-end special, counting down the top 10 Divas and Knockouts from the year gone by. Last year, Michelle McCool was #1 on the Perfect 10 of 2008, can she make it a repeat performance? Who has had the most memorable moments & matches of 2009? Check back over the next 10 days to find out how the countdown will unfold!

Mickie James became part of an elite band of Divas in 2009, when she along with two other Divas became the first women to hold both the Divas and Women’s Championships.

The fan favourite began the year on the sidelines as the returning Melina had the spotlight on her. However, Mickie, who had been in a quasi-feud with Layla and William Regal, saw action too, teaming with CM Punk against the aforementioned. Heading into WrestleMania, Mickie defeated Santino in an intergender match.

It was post-WrestleMania that Mickie’s luck picked up however, as the 2009 Draft saw Maryse, the Divas Champion, move to Monday Night Raw. And with Melina traded to SmackDown, Mickie was once again the top babyface of the show. In one of her first outings on Raw, Mickie handed the Divas Champ a loss and put herself directly into title contention.

The feud between the Divas lasted through the spring and early summer months with numerous tag team matches and battle royals. Mickie won a #1 Contenders four-way match and earned a shot at Maryse’s Divas Title at Night of Champions. The feud took a turn just before the event, when in an interview, Maryse came out attacked Mickie with hairspray to the eyes. Mickie exacted her revenge six days later however, when she defeated Maryse for Divas Championship — making her the second woman in history to hold both belts.

After her loss, Maryse disappeared off television while Mickie’s reign as Divas Champ began. Over the next few months, Mickie successfully defended her belt in matches on Raw against Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix. Mickie then faced a brash new Raw upstart — Alicia Fox. Their brief feud led to a Divas Championship match at October’s Hell in a Cell pay per view.

Shockingly just a week later, Mickie lost her Divas Title on Raw in a match against Jillian. Mickie was subsequently traded to SmackDown for the first time in her career after four years on Raw.

As part of SmackDown, Mickie has seen competition against the likes of Layla, Beth Phoenix and Natalya and entered into a feud with the brand’s Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool. The rivalry turned personal as Michelle and Layla taunted Mickie, calling her ‘Piggie James’. At November’s Survivor Series, Mickie led a team of five Divas against Michelle McCool’s team — Mickie, with assistance from Melina, picked up the win. A month later, Mickie challenged Michelle for the Women’s Title at TLC. After a hard fought battle however, she failed to win the belt.

Mickie’s career changing move to SmackDown in October has seen her career somewhat rejuvenated. With lengthier matches and juicy storylines, Mickie has had a jam packed end to 2009. And going forward to 2010, the possibilities seem endless for the 4-time Women’s Champion.

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  • RKOyou

    very obvious now

    it was an okay year for mickie,i have to say her divas title reign was her best title reign in WWE but I honeslty think mickie will retire in 2010 and head off into the sunset

  • vonVile

    Michelle McCool will be #1 because she dominated 2009. She’s the first Divas and Womens champion, which she didn’t deserve. The WWE are trying to make her the next Trish Status, but have been EPIC FAIL’g. No matter how many accomplishments they give her it just won’t amount to a hill of beans, because 99.9% of the WWE Universe don’t care about her.

    Melina will be #2, because she was moved to SD! to lose the Women’s title and her momentum was stopped with McCool completely dominating the feud. After McCool was done with her they moved her back to Raw.

  • JuicyJuiceBox

    Even with that Divas Title reign that last a few months, I really didn’t think this was too good of a year for Mickie. I mean, there was nothing really memorable about it as compared to 2008. The feud with Maryse really wasn’t all it could’ve been and after that it was just mini-programs. Her current stuff on Smackdown is intriguing though so there’s a little bit of redemption in there. I guess it goes to show that Mickie shines best when she works with certain divas, Beth we know about, but know we can add Michelle and (to a lesser extent) Layla to the list. Here’s to a strong 2010 for Mickie!

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Wait,what?!Mickie’s number four?Ummm,alrighty then.

    Well,seeing as how this list is more based on accomplishments than anything else,I see Michelle picking up the win.

  • Jamal

    Hmmm. I think this placement is about right. Although she had a few lackluster matches, no one can deny that this was a good year for Mickie, winning the Divas Title and becoming one of the few women to hold that title and the women’s title.

  • Thomas

    while mickie has had a good year, i found her to be quite stale for most of 2009, and it felt like the titles she held were just given to her really for no particular reason, probably due to the lack of buildup. i think mickie deserves this spot, but what she has accomplished this year doesn’t really stick out to me.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    As long as Mickie is in the Top 5 thats good for me. She had a good year a few ups and downs

  • The Crying Light

    vonVille: Your “opinion” is… um… noted. ;) That’s all.

  • xflygurlx16

    im suprised mickie made it to 4 she hasnt exactly done much this year! and why doesnt michelle deserve those titles? you all just want the same boring people to be champs, melina, mickie, beth, yawn! im glad michelle made history twice! just another slap in the face to her haters haha

  • MPBPLover1

    Mickie deserves this spot.