D3 Wednesday: Melina’s Injury, Match/Moment of the Decade, Mailbag

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On D3 Wednesday this week: We discuss last night’s breaking news that Divas Champion Melina is injured, Sarona Snuka’s signing, our match and moment of the decade and we answer your questions in the D3 Mailbag.

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  • http://youtube.com/user/LeightonProductionz adamleighton

    Great D3 guys :)
    I’m happy you answered my questions ;D
    And I agree with both of you, I would love to see Beth vs. Michelle at Wrestlemania!
    I hope we get some news on Melina’s injury soo.

  • appleman58

    As much as I like melina i would actual like for wwe to push eve

  • RKOyou

    I want Gail to be divas champion SO SO SO SO BADLEY

    wait Erin,you know melina?????

  • KrissyVaineLurver

    The site is awesome guys and it definitely has a spot on my bookmark/favorites tab. It’s awesome to be able to visit a site solely for the divas/ko’s and not having to scroll through news about batista’s 20th title match or DX’s lame comedy. Ignore the haters out there as their opinion doesn’t matter =]

    As for moment and match of the year

    Moment: Mickie James debut since you knew it would lead to something special, which it did.
    Match: kind of a forgotten but Trish vs. Stephanie from NWO just because it was a huge shock that it wasnt as bad as everyone thought, and it was actually pretty damn good, especially for two untrained girls who hadn’t really done much in the ring.

  • JuicyJuiceBox

    First off, thank you very much for that segment, you girls are workhorses putting in 40 minute long discussions! Seriously, much kudos.

    The Melina situation is really alarming because if the news is true, as you mentioned, there isn’t anyone who possesses BOTH the in ring calibre and popularity as Melina on Raw. What comes to mind for me is rotating that top babyface spot between Eve, Kelly, and Gail. For me, like appleman alluded, I am a MAJOR Eve mark so I’m excited to see what this’ll bring for her! Hopefully this could be her big break.

    Interesting pick of a favourite diva moment Melanie. I remember it well but haven’t thought of it well. For me the optimal Jazz/Trish moment (and quite possibly diva moment as a whole) is the beatdown following the Chicago Street Fight between Trish and Victoria. There have been diva on diva assaults since it (Michelle McCool’s mean streak comes to mind) but this one was most effective. It wasn’t drawn out and boring, Trish sold it amazingly, and because it was part of a preexisting feud it made it that much more significant.

  • litafan123

    moment of the decade, lita return to save trish as it was an epic return also when molly had her head shaved as that was shocking as everyone thought she would win the title

    match of the decade: two spring to mind lita vs trish 2004 main event of raw lita won the title and lita vs trish unforgivven as it was the best divas ever having one last moment in their historic carers togethor

  • Lita-Sault-666

    Awesome D3 guys xD
    Now dont go judging me cus im a Lita fan but Memorable Decade Moments which spring to mind would be Lita Vs. Stephanie McMahon – Sp.Guest Referee The Rock which was the first ever female Main Event on Raw! The Hardys, Triple H & Kurt Angle were also featured.
    Another would be Lita Vs. Trish Stratus in December of 2004 when they main evented Raw – the second time Raw had females in the main event. This match was hair raising and so exciting to watch :).

    When i think about it more indepth though, Melina Vs Phoenix at the RR was a great match – another for Melina would be her maches (in general) against McCool.

    Its saddening to see Melina injured once more as i have been a fan of hers since her SD! debut along with Nitro & Mercury. Her carear has soared upwards from the getgo, even when she started out as a heel she managed to woow the audience. Im a major mark for Melina and it hurts me to see her out once more form what she loves doing best ….. and i hope she doesnt put the blame on herself too much if that is what shes likely to do =/ ….. Though Melina has been leading the way for the babyfaces of Raw, all i hope is that during Melinas time away they can build up some other popular faces in Gail Kim & Eve =/ After all, The whole point in faces is to be popular.

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie

      Thanks guys! Really pleased with today’s D3, didn’t think we’d go that long but there was lots to discuss. Friday’s is going to be awesome with Krissy :D

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Great D3.40 minutes?WOW!That proves your dedication to the site,especially taking time to answer each question thoroughly.Thanks for answering all three of my questions!

    Man,I feel so bad for Melina,especially since she’s my favorite Diva.Hopefully she’s not blaming herself too much for being injured,I hope she gets well soon and comes back with a BANG!Good luck Melina.I will forever <3 you.

    Match of the Decade-Probably Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim at Turning Point.It has such a befitting title as well,because that match really was the Turning Point in TNA's women's division.It was what put them on the map.

    Personally,another match that could take the match of the decade is Trish vs Victoria vs Jazz at Wrestlemania.This match sticks out in my head,because it represented three unique entities in their own right going at it hard.They proved that if given a chance they can be better than the men.The crowd was into the whole match,and blew up towards the end.This match,in my opinion,was the peak of women's wrestling in the Golden Era,and in North America.

    Moment of the Decade:I would have to go with Trish vs Lita in 2004,Main Event-ing Raw.Maybe not the most technical match,but it most definitely had everyone on their feet and at the edge of their seets (That was not supposed to rhyme).Everyone was going nuts,noone was thinking about the 'real' part of things,such as Trish being a great heel,or Lita not snapping her neck after an amazing suicide dive.Everyone was simply thinking,"Kick her ass,Lita!".

  • http://www.youtube.com/xdivatoxic xDivaToxic

    Hey guys, really good show today..

    You said what our match & moment of the decade was so these are mine

    Match: Trish vs Lita (Raw main event in Dec. 04)

    Moment: Molly Holly getting her head shaved bold.

  • asd

    Match of the Decade: I can’t decide on one, so these are my top picks.
    – Trish vs. Victoria (Chicago Street Fight Jan. 2003)
    – Lita vs. Trish (Raw Main Event Dec. 2004)
    – Melina vs. Beth (ONS 2008)
    – Melina vs. Michelle (NOC 2009)

    Moment of the Decade:
    – Trish pushes Lita off the ladder, onto the table
    – Jazz attacks Trish (post Chicago Street Fight)
    – Lita’s return in 2003
    – Beth’s double back-braker on Melina and Mickie

  • Jamal

    I feel badly for Melina too. I remember the last time she was injured and how badly she seemed to take it. You could tell that it hit her hard. I hope that she has a speedy recovery.

    As far as where Raw goes now, well, it would be nice if Gail moved into the top face slot, but I agree that it will probably be Kelly Kelly. And we will then be subjected to more Maryse/Kelly Kelly matches. Ugh.

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=1316433062&ref=profile ICROFT

    Do you think they’ll turn katie face?
    Or bring up a diva from FCW
    Or do you think, eve, kelly or gail will come as top babyface

  • http://www.twitter.com/Paparazzi8o8 Paparazzi8o8

    i hope melina’s not injured we need her and what is raw gonna do?? i think maryse is gonna get the title and have gail fued with her. and i agree with melanie and erin they are really being over worked because they came to buffalo on sunday and wrestled in a house show and then monday she had a match with alicia (since superstars is taped before raw) and this happens on tuesday im mean geesh can you give em a break. but GET WELL SOON MELINA!!!

  • theregoeskitty

    cant wait 4 D3 on Friday, i really hope Melina will recover soon :(

    i wonder if they will do a battle royal 4 the title….
    if so i wish someone unexpected would win like Gail or Alicia

    i don’t want a Kelly Kelly or Maryse title rain yet

    match of the decade
    TNA Gail Kim Vs Jaquelin :steel cage

  • soju81

    Thanks guys. I enjoyed listening to your discussion. I feel really bad for Melina because like you said she probably is blaming herself.

    Unfortunately like Erin said I do not see Gail Kim being pushed as the next Diva’s champion or even the #1 contender but I could be wrong. They have been putting her tv & even gave her mic time on Monday.

    I think it is much more likely we will see either Eve or Kelly Kelly feud with Maryse for the belt since both are much more popular than Gail Kim. Although Maryse, Eve and Kelly Kelly have shown improvement I just don’t think they’d make good champions yet. In fact I don’t think there is anyone on the RAW DIVA division who is both a very skilled wrestler & popular besides Melina.

    Alicia Fox is still green & does not have nearly as much heat as Maryse & Jillian.
    Poor Jillian will probably never get the title any time in the near future since she is mostly used in backstage skits.
    The Bella Twins….. I HIGHLY doubt any of them will be the next divas champ since they have not even wrestled on tv in months.
    Gail Kim… Although she is 1 of the best wrestlers on RAW, she is not popular. I’m not sure if the writers put her in a backstage skit this past Monday to give her some personality or if it was just for the sake of using her. At this point I do not see Gail getting the diva’s title unless she turns heel.

    Who knows? I could be totally wrong about all of them & we could be shocked with who the next champ is.

  • ReyStyle94

    All I hope is to see this match on RAW, no matter how unlikely it is.
    Jillian vs Gail Kim for the Divas title.

    I would love to see either one with the title, and I don’t want anyone else to be champion.

  • .MCH

    Give me Alicia/Gail please. Those two have amazing chemistry together.

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=1316433062&ref=profile ICROFT

    Match of the decade- Melina vs Candice Michelle Heat 9-16-07