Perfect 10 of 2009: Angelina Love (#3)

The Perfect 10 is back for a year-end special, counting down the top 10 Divas and Knockouts from the year gone by. Last year, Michelle McCool was #1 on the Perfect 10 of 2008, can she make it a repeat performance? Who has had the most memorable moments & matches of 2009? Check back over the next 10 days to find out how the countdown will unfold!

She may not be seeing out the year as a TNA Knockout, but her electrifying eight month run in TNA is undeniable. Angelina Love, in 2009, rose to the top of the Knockouts division and proved to be a modern day total package. With the looks & wrestling ability already in place, it is Love’s charisma that really put her on the map and by many, she was considered not only one of the best heels in the women’s division but one of the best heels in TNA, period.

The Beautiful People’s prominence came into full effect this year, as they overtook the top heel role of sorts from Knockouts Champion, Awesome Kong. Their entertaining feud with Roxxi, Taylor Wilde and ‘The Governor’ [Daffney] at the beginning of the year saw them add a new face to the group — Madison Rayne.

By April, Angelina Love had become a star in her own right and followed by her TBP teammates, she won the Knockouts Championship in a triple threat match at Lockdown against Awesome Kong & Taylor Wilde. The moment had been months in the making for many fans and the culmination of a dream for Angelina. With the Knockouts Title firmly around her waist, this only added even more fuel to her already dynamic character. Love defended her Knockouts Championship in May against the former champion and the other top heel in the division, Awesome Kong, who had already picked apart the other members of The Beautiful People. Love retained the belt and then found herself challenged by a newcomer — the veteran Tara.

After successfully defended the Knockouts Championship against the former WWE Diva at Slammiversary, Love then lost the belt some weeks later on Impact before regaining it just 10 days later at Victory Road in July. This marked Love’s second title reign and along with her fellow Beautiful People, she entered into a feud with ODB and Cody Deaner. Love controversially lost her title at August’s Against All Odds in a tag team match with the duo.

Shortly after, TNA announced a Knockouts Tag Team Championship tournament with Angelina & Velvet, the company’s first Knockouts stable, becoming firm favourites to become the first champions. The duo made it all the way to the final until Love was released in early September 2009.

Despite being inactive in TNA for the final four months of 2009, Angelina Love’s accomplishments in the past year have made her a commodity to the company even in absence. With fans eagerly anticipating her return and rumours that it may happen in early 2010, Love should have no problem picking up where she left off.

Check back later today for #2

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  • BulgarianAngel

    Angelina <3
    I can't wait to see her back! <3333

  • xmelissaa

    Definitely a deserving number 3, she had an amazing year.
    Hope to see her back in TNA soon :)

  • ReyStyle94

    So what will happen to Tara, Michelle & Melina? What, one of them doesn’t get a spot?

  • ReyStyle94

    My mistake ^

  • Implant DDT

    Great year for Angelina! So glad shes back next month

    Happy new year to everyone too! Have a great time :D

  • megagary


    i dnt mean to sound argumentative, bt i was jst wondering why Layla isnt on the list? (or have i missed her?)

    i jst feel layla has been a steady improver in 2009 with her feud with Eve Torres and more recently her work with Michelle McCool. And despite she didn’t do much her work on Raw was also good, what with Noble/Regal Storyline. she showed good promo skills and her in ring work has been amazing this week and is clearly the second best Diva Search Contestant in terms of wrestling but THE best Diva Search in terms of Mic Skills.

    I jst feel tht Layla deserved a spot over Maryse… i am not saying im right and the diva dirt are wrong, im jst wondering if Layla at least came close to the list :S

    and good choice, Angelina Love was very deserving of this spot (i am shocked, shocked i say tht Lacey isnt here =O)

  • Mikas

    I’m curious about the top-2. With Tara (huge comeback, 2x Knockout champion), Michelle (top heel, first person to win both titles) and Melina (another big comeback, with both titles) still left i expect a lot of people are going to complain if 1 of those 3 are left out ;-)

    I would’ve placed Angelina on #4 (inbetween Michelle and Mickie).

  • Ryo Saeba

    it s pretty clear that the beautiful people do miss her.She can talk and wrestle,unlike the others who can t do both.Velvet can t wrestle,Rayne can t talk and Lacey can t do nothing……

  • Lee

    I am also pleasantly surprised that Angelina made #3. When I saw Mickie at number four, I was certain that Tara, Michelle and Melina had the top three. Maybe Michelle and Melina are tied for number one?

  • MPBPLover1

    I can’t wait to see Angelina Love back in TNA.