SmackDown Redux (January 1st, 2009) – New Year’s Day Dominance

The first Divas match of 2010 ended in a fight for dominance for the SmackDown Divas, as three of the Divas tried to show the others who’s boss. But before that, we got to see another match between Beth Phoenix and Mickie James. It may be a new year but some things never change! Watch below:

Anyone who has followed this blog from the early days will know I am not a fan of Beth-Mickie matches so I can’t say I was looking forward to this one. Thankfully, it was kept short and sweet.

We begin with Layla and Michelle McCool [now with their own amalgamated nickname, ‘Laycool’] at ringside, lapping up Beth Phoenix’s entrance — complete with Beth-like headbands! I loved Layla’s attempt at doing the Glamazon pose. Mickie is out in her new jeans attire again, I guess this look is sticking, huh? Subliminal messaging for her country album, perhaps? Mickie has her emotions in control this week, last week’s knock off the announce table must have taught her that big girls don’t cry… or Beth Phoenix will fuck you up.

As the bell rings, Beth nudges Mickie straightaway signalling to a distracted Mickie, who’s looking towards McCool at ringside, that she should be focussing on her. Mickie hits Beth with some forearms followed by a leg-scissors attempt that Beth counters into a backbreaker. Near fall.

Beth throws Mickie into the corner but she manages to stop herself and uses the ring ropes to launch herself at Beth, going for another legscissors. This time, Beth throws Mickie’s legs over the top rope. On the apron, Mickie fights back with forearms and knocks Beth into the turnbuckle before going up top for a Thesz Press. Mickie hits a few more forearms but is distracted by Layla who has gotten up on the apron. Beth shoves Mickie into the ropes, where Michelle is just getting up on the apron. Beth runs at Mickie, but she uses the ropes to dropkick Beth. Beth runs at her again, this time Michelle is getting ready to kick Mickie from behind, she moves out of the way and Michelle inadvertently kicks Beth. Awesome facial expression from McCool when she realises what she’s done! Mickie with a quick rollup to end the match.

Layla storms the ring after the match and is fought off by Mickie until Michelle comes in and attacks her. Team Laycool double team Mickie and Beth makes the save, grabbing Michelle by the waist and throwing her across the ring. McCool runs at Beth who picks her up and runs into the turnbuckles with her. Meanwhile, Mickie rips the shirt of Layla’s back and attacks her before throwing her out of the ring. Beth now grabs Michelle into an overhead powerslam but then drops her to the side. Michelle’s long legs fly everywhere. Beth then kicks Michelle in the ribs for good measure.

Things get interesting here as the long time rivals realise that they just worked together. Beth begins to walk out of the ring, slapping Mickie’s hand non-chalantly but when Mickie’s back is turned, she creeps up from behind and hits her with the Glam Slam. Beth makes it clear that she’s a lone wolf and proves to be the dominant Diva of SmackDown… at least tonight.

Once again, I thought SmackDown was on point this week with great storyline progression and as we’ve seen in the past few weeks, lots of character progression for Beth Phoenix. It really does seem like just when you know what might happen next, they swerve us with her. I guess at this stage she’s more of a tweener than a heel or babyface. I like that the SmackDown writers have for once, successfully written for a character where she’s not black-and-white but has shades of grey. It’s very rare for the WWE Divas but I think they’ve done a great job with Beth.

Michelle and Layla came across really well tonight, selling the comedy without actually speaking which is probably a hard thing to do. This duo is really working.

Another good week for SmackDown and a great way to begin 2010.

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  • gmosoto

    this was a freakin mass killing 4 real

  • theregoeskitty

    i loved everything about the match and segment it was so cool

  • LovelyLovie1

    lmao LOVE Layla! she’s so funny xD

  • Cryssi

    LOL Beth Phoenix is perfect. Michelle and Layla were hilarious.

  • ChrissyL

    This was the best match ever. I LOVE that Michelle got PWNDED! Finally!

    Can’t wait ’til next week. I don’t know who Raw thinks they’re kidding. Smackdown is DEFINITELY NOT the “B show”.

  • SophStar-x

    LOVED this.

    I still want a face turn for beth :D

  • javiousmckenzie

    smacdown is def serving it i loved this even though itskind of funny that michelle has always been in your face kick ass super strength chick and here shes flopping all around the ring like a white rhaka khan lol beths bench press on on michelle akward cuz of her long legs but hey i loved it smackdown is really giving me flashbacks of the old trish lita molly jazz victoria gail days keep it up

  • RKOyou

    OMG WHAT A GLAM SLAM,I think it’s the best one EVER,Mickie sold PERFECTLY,she’ll definitly gave alicia fox a run for her money in the selling department

    SD still doesn’t interest me though,I just don’t like any of the divas there

  • chrisP

    If there is a face turn planned for Beth Phoenix and WWE doesn’t want it to fail, they must stop having her beat up Mickie James, especially in the sneak attack way she did it last week and this week. As long as Beth is aganist Mickie (and Maria, for that matter), she’s not getting cheered.

  • Paparazzi8o8

    Michelle McCool and layla are to funny you gotta love em both did you see when layla did what beth does when she comes out lol. i just wish mickie would lose that RODEO outfit…smh. but good smackdown!!

  • PedroPedroso17

    You know people love your work and they put your character on a role that no other would portray as good as you. Beth Phoenix is now the most interesting personality on WWE, and not only did they use this segment to make an attempt of putting Beth “back on track” but also to give Michelle and Layla the deserved right to show personality, which they did, I’m mostly surprised by this two girls for beeing comedic, yet, realistic. This just proves that Michelle is indeed the most improved in terms of charatcer. Here’s to Beth having the best 2010 possible!

  • JuicyJuiceBox

    The Glamazon stands tall in the end, I love it! Smackdown’s awesome!

  • ReyStyle94

    Only the Divas entertained me on SD!, everything else was subpar.

    I have never been more interested in a 5 min segment.
    When Beth & Mickie realised what they did, it made me feel so nostalgic, and when Beth GlamSlamed her, I’m like, take that BITCH! I just hope that she does turn face so she doesn’t fade, but I’m sure she won’t on SD!

  • Teri

    The beatdown at the end was INSANELY AWESOME. Happy day, HAPPY DAY!

  • Undi

    Smackdown is doing all the right things as of late. The writers deserve some serious credit here. Sure, the Piggie James stuff might rub some people the wrong way, but it’s flat out working. McCool is getting more heat than ever and Mickie is more “over” than she has been in a long time.

    Everyone is really thriving in their respective roles, which can really only be described as “Wrestling 101″. The top babyface, Mickie James, has been great since moving to Smackdown, playing the underdog to perfection despite her history of success. The dastardly heel, Michelle McCool, is really starting to get to the fans with the “Piggie James” jabs. Layla is perfect as the annoying lackey, and you could really say this feud is just as much her vs. Mickie as it is Michelle vs. Mickie.

    And of course there is Beth Phoenix, the tweener who is being booked to near perfection. She’s turning face. No doubt. But the writers know that any successful alignment change requires patience. It was exciting to see herself and Mickie team up for perhaps the first time in their careers (besides the brand vs. brand tag matches). However, in a great display of “Wrestling Foreplay”, the WWE jerked Beth back over to the darkside with an attack on Mickie, just when the fans were ready to cheer their heads off for her.

    And most importantly, as inevitable as Beth’s turn seems to be, we don’t know exactly how it will all play out. In other words, we have a reason to watch next week.

  • ReyStyle94

    agree with everything ^

  • MarBu13

    Another good week for Smackdown. :O)

    But wasn’t there a mixed tag team match featuring Maria & Natalya? Was that a dark match?

  • JuicyJuiceBox

    Just saw the match on TV and I had a thought. Michelle can really solidify herself as a dominant diva if she can take out the unstoppable Beth Phoenix. And I mean mean streak attack fashion. There’s major heat to be had if that can be pulled off.

  • ReyStyle94

    MarBu13 – I saw on that there was a match taped “The Hart Dynasty vs Maria”. I thought Maria pissed off Vickie or some shit, so she put her in a 3 on 1 match. What happened?

  • ReyStyle94

    Here’s a fan video of the SD! match between the Hart Dynasty & Jimmy, SMJ & Maria.

  • mffl413

    I loved Michelle’s facial expression when she hit Beth!!! haha and layla cracks me up

  • TrishMelinaFan

    ReyStyle94-LMFAO @ “Take that,BITCH!”.
    I totally said that too!I was like,AND WHAT,BIOTCH?!WHAT NOW?!GLAMAZON FOREVA’,BITCHES!!!!!!!

    Great Smackdown.Layla is perfect as the annoying ass lackey.Michelle’s expressions were on point,and her getting pwned by Beth made my night.Beth is now officially my favorite Smackdown diva.And please,let us not forget the major ownage of Mickie James! She sold that GlamSlam like her life depended on it!Overall,short as hell,but awesome,awesome,awesome Smackdown!

  • chrisP

    Undi, I couldn’t disagree anymore regarding Michelle and Beth, but I am with you 100% regarding Mickie James’s role in this.

  • Johnyfaction3

    Wow WWE is doing a diva storyline which the fans do care about!

  • TheHartDynasty

    lol was a great way to start 2010 i love the way Beth looked at Mickie right before she gave her that GlamSlam and BTW @4:20 mickie james is looking hella pretty he face is looking really thin and well toned wow she is real gorgeous i was really taking a back by her skin tone and the way her hair looked wowza yeah they can make fun of her weight but she will always be naturally beautiful